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James and Mary Guilford

JAMES GUILFORD (son of JAMES2, JOSEPH1) was b: 17 Dec 1846 in Glebe, NSW; Bapt: 03 Jan 1847, St Lawrence Parish, Sydney; Occ: Fellmonger / liquor mercahnt / hotelier;  Bur; 2 Aug 1902 Karori Public Sect. Plot Number: 31 P

Jams mar: 16 Aug 1869 by the Rev. John Moir at the residence Alex Cameron, Kai Warra, Wellington to MARY HAGAN. (age 19Y on marriage cert ie. b: Abt. 1850 in England) and d: 01 Dec 1907 in Auckland (Death cert says aged 68Y ie b: 1839...)

Children of JAMES GUILFORD and MARY HAGAN are:

i. CHARLES JAMES HOLT GUILFORD , b. 27 Feb 1871, Wairau, Blenheim; d. 06 Jan 1875, Wellington, 3Y Bur:  Bolton St Cem: Plot No: 3106

ii. SARAH JANE GUILFORD, b. Feb 1873, Wellington

iii. MARY ANN GUILFORD, b: Apr 1874 Wellington; d: 02 May 1892 in Kent Terrace, Wellington

1882 School Records: Name GUILFORD Mary A; School Te Aro; Register Number 835;Admission Date 17 Apr 1882; Parent / Guardian Mr Guilford; Address Pirie St; Birthdate May 1874; Last School Wanganui

DEATH - GUILFORD, On the 2nd May, 1892, at Kent terrace, Mary Ann, second eldest daughter of James and Mary Guilford, aged 17 years and 1 month deeply regretted

iv. JAMES STUART GUILFORD, b. 27 Mar 1877, Kaiwarra, Wellington; d. 11 Jun 1956, Blenheim. 

v. CATHERINE MARGARET GUILFORD, b. 25 May 1879, Cuda Street, Wellington; d. 15 Apr 1969, Lower Hutt.

vi. FRANCES HENRIETTA GUILFORD, b. 15 Jul 1881, Wanganui; d. 16 Sep 1972.

vii. MAUD ADELAIDE GUILFORD, b. 26 Mar 1884, Wellington.

viii. ETHEL FLORENCE GUILFORD, b. 03 Aug 1886, Wellington.

ix. IVY MAY GUILFORD, b. 26 Dec 1888, Wellington; d. 01 Jul 1957, Auckland.

x. FRANCIS HENRY GORDON GUILFORD, b. 02 Dec 1891, Wellington; d. 24 Jun 1970, Auckland.

James Guilford Jnr. was a partner in the fellmonger business with father James and brother John. The firm got in financial trouble due to unwise accelerated expansion in the 1870's and in December 1878 was declared bankrupt and a sale of assets was enforced.

Evening Post, 4 Jan 1878: At the Hutt Magistrate's Court to-day, four small children, named William, John, Richard, and Alice Apps, aged 4, 6, 8, and 9 years respectively, were charged with having thrown stones to the injury of Sarah Guilford, infant daughter of James Guilford, of the Hutt. Mr. Jackson appeared for the prosecution. Evidence having been taken, the Bench ordered the father of the children to go security for their appearance before the Court within three months for sentence, if called upon, and also to go bail for their future good behavior. Costs and damages, amounting to 3 10s Id, were also ordered to be paid.

Evening Post, 24 Apr 1878: BREACH OF HACKNEY CARRIAGE REGULATIONS. James Guildford (and others), pleaded guilty to summonses charging them with neglecting to have painted on their hackney-carriages the name of the borough and the number of their license. A fine of 1s and costs (6s 6d) was inflicted in each case.

Evening Post, 15 Mar 1879: MESSRS. JAMES GUILFORD & CO., LIVERY AND BAIT STABLES, Manners-street; Being about to open very commodious Stables and Yard, with a superior class of horses and vehicles, and having secured the services of an able Veterinary Surgeon, is prepared to treat and prescribe for horses.

Evening Post, 22 Mar 1879: JAMES GUILFORD & CO. CARRIAGE PROPRIETORS, Horse Repository and Veterinary infirmary, 1 Manners-street, Wellington, opposite Fire Brigade. Diseased and disabled horses carefully attended, under the direction and immediate supervision of Mr Langstone, M.R.C.V.S. , London ; and gentlemen residing in the country, by stating the symptoms, &c. of the disease, can have medicine forwarded without delay. Horses sold privately or by public auction. Carriages, Buggies and Saddle Horses for Hire. Medicines for Horses and Cattle carefully prepared. Horses Shod upon the Latest Principle by Competent Farriers. Front to Manners-street Sale Yards and Livery stables In connection with this is late Madder's Forge, Taranaki-place.

Evening Post,  3 Apr 1880; NOTICE. Accounts due to James Guilford must be paid in to the office of Scott, Besley, & Co., on or before" Saturday, the 10th instant, or legal proceedings will be taken for recovery of the same. GEORGE BESLEY, Attorney for James Guilford.

1881 Electorate Wanganui; Surname GUILFORD - James Jun; Nature Of Qualification - Residential; Place Of Residence - Plymouth Street; Occ: Hotel Keeper

1881 Electorate South Wellington; Number 462; Surname GUILFORD - James; Nature Of Qualification - Freehold; Place Of Residence - Berhampore; For Property Qualification - Part town acre 11 and 13

Evening Post, 12 May 1883: A decision of interest to the mercantile community was given in Chambers yesterday morning by His Honour Mr. Justice Richmond. Mr. Brown applied, on behalf of Messrs. Griffin & Co., bottlers, London, for an injunction restraining Mr. J. Guilford, of Wellington

Evening Post, 13 May 1882; NOTICE. WE have this day purchased from Isaac Plimmer & Co. the whole of their Bottling and Wine and Spirit Trade. All orders most carefully attended to. GUILFORD & MARKS. Wellington, 13th May, 1882.

Evening Post, 12 June 1882: NOTICE: I HAVE this day sold to Mr. Guilford my right, title, and interest in the business under the name of Guilford & Marks, Wine and Spirit Merchants and Bottlers, Noah's Ark. All accounts due to the firm to be paid to Mr. Guilford, and all debts due by ihe firm to be paid by him. M. L. MARKS.

Evening Post, 16 Feb 1883: CITY COUNCIL.An ordinary meeting of the Wellington City Council was held last night. Two tendors were opened for the leasing of Plimmer's wharf and store, that of Messrs. Guilford and Telford being accepted

Evening Post, 24 May 1883: WANTED KNOWN: that Guilford and Jeffery, Wine and Spirit Merchants and Bottlers, have removed from Noah's Ark, Customhouse-quay. to Johnston-street, opposite Turnbull's brick store.

WANTED KNOWN: that Guilford and Jeffery are delivering free to any part of the town, Dunedin Ale and Stout - quarts 8s 6d, pints 5s ; English Ale and stout, quarts from 12s 6d, pints 8s 6d.

WANTED KNOWN: that Guilford and Jeffery are delivering free to any part of the town, the choicest Adelaide Wines, from 27s to 38s per dozen

WANTED KNOWN: that Guilford and Joffery are sole Agents in Wellington for Heddle's red label Whisky

WANTED KNOWN: that Guilford and Jeffery are delivering free to any part of the town draft Brandy, 25s per gal. Scotch or Irish Whisky, 24s per gal. Rum, 22s ; Geneva, in case, from 64s to 79s ; case Brandy, from 50s to 72s; case Whisky, from 48s to 54s ; Old Tom, 48s; mixed dozens, about 52s.

1884: A TRIVIAL CASE. Elizabeth Sallow, a mere girl, was brought up on a charge of having stolen a lady's chemise and a jacket belonging to James Guilford. She pleaded Not Guilty. Mary Guilford, wife of James Guilford, deposed that the accused had been in her employ as domestic servant for exactly one week. Yesterday witness returned to her house and found the girl dressed to go out into the street. A jacket belonging to witness was found under the accused's ulster, and also a chemise which did not belong to the girl. When the accused entered her service she led her to believe she was a single woman, but witness had since ascertained that the accused was married. Sallow explained to the Bench that Mrs. Guilford had given her the chemise and the jacket because she (prisoner) was short of clothing. Mrs. Guilford denied this statement, and said that since the girl had left her service she had missed a number of other articles. His Worship dismissed the case.

Evening Post, 9 Apr 1885: The case of Guilford v. Guilford, which was before the Magistrate's Court on Saturday, has been amicably settled. The defendant, James Guilford, has consented to contribute 5s per week towards the support of his mother - an order to that effect has been made.

Evening Post, 27 June 1885: IN LIQUIDATION. In the matter of "The Companies Act, 1882," And In the matter of THE NEW ZEALAND LEATHER MANUFACTURING COMPANY (Limited). NOTICE is hereby given that a Dividend (the first) of 8s in the will be payable on all claims proved and admitted to date, at the registered office of the Company, Ghuznee-street, Te Aro, in the City of Wellington, on and after Wednesday, the Ist day of July next. A. D. SOMMERVILLE, JAMES GUILFORD, Official Liquidators. Wellington, 23rd June, 1885.

Wanganui Chronicle, 12 Jan 1886: OPENING NOTICE. The. well-known and old-established COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Willis street, Close to the Queen's Wharf and Post and Telegraph Offices, ia now ready to receive visitors and permanent boarders. The proprietor, Mr James Guilford (formerly in the wine and spirit trade), having purchased the lease of the Hotel, will in soliciting public patronage, endeavour to merit that support which a well-conducted house, affording every comfort aud convenience, may reasonably be expected to receive. The building has been entirely renovated throughout, and furnished in a style second to no other hotel in the colony, The cuisine will satisfy the most fastidious. The billiard-room is acknowledged to be the most commodious in Wellington, and contains two new prize tables, under the care of an experienced marker. The bar contains only the choicest and purest quality of liquors, of which tho proprietor's known experience in the trado entitles him to be a judge. Note the Address - COMMERCIAL HOTEL, WilIis Street, WELLINGTON, JAMES GUILFORD, Proprietor

BIRTHS - GUILFORD:  26th Dec, 1888 at the Princess Hotel. Holesworth-street, Mrs J. Guilford, of a daughter

1889: "Princess Hotel", Molesworth St, Thorndon established 1869 and J. CATTELL held the license in April 1873. In 1889 Arthur A. HAYWARD granted a permanent transfer to James GUILFORD

 Evening Post, 26 Feb 1892: Mr. Graham, S.M., heard Court summonses, involving charges of assault between James Guilford and Mary Guilford, husband and wife, occupied some little time, and presented the features of unhappy conjugal differences. The alleged assaults it took place on the 13th instant, in the Guilfords' house. Mrs. Guilford also applied that her husband might be bound over to keep the peace. The Bench considered the charge proved against Guilford, and ordered ir him to enter into his own recognisance in the sum of 50 to keep the peace for three months.

Evening Post, 25 Mar 1892: MAGISTRATE'S COURT. MISTOOK HER REMEDY. Mary Guilford asked for a protection order against her husband, James Guilford, and summoned him for the support of his five children, whom she also desired to have the custody of. Mr. Jellicoe, who appeared on behalf of the defendant, produced a deed of separation which had been signed by the parties, and submitted that the present proceedings were irregular. Complainant said that she and her husband had cohabited since the deed was signed. His Worship was of opinion that the complainant had mistaken her remedy. Defendant ought to have been proceeded against for violating the covenant under the deed. The proceedings were dismissed, but his Worship, took occasion to warn the defendant that he had no right to go to his wife's house and annoy her, as alleged. Defendant said that he only went to see a sick child.

Evening Post, 7 Dec 1892: Mr. Robinson, R.M., had before him in the Magistrate's Court this morning a case in which Mary Guilford sought to obtain a married woman's property protection order, on the ground that her husband, James Guilford, fellmonger, habitually failed to provide maintenance for her and her four children. The parties, it appeared, had entered into a deed of separation on the 3rd February, 1891, and the question was whether the fact of such a deed existing was a bar to the Court granting alimony. Mr. Jellicoe, who appeared on Mrs. Guilford's behalf, contended that alimony could be granted, quoting in support of his contention a case in which it was decided that where a husband had broken his covenant the authority of the Court to decree alimony is unfettered. The defendant not having paid any money for many months he had clearly broken his covenant, and therefore it was in the power of the Court to make an order under the Destitute Persons Act for the support of his children. His Worship, after hearing evidence, adjourned the case until the 13th inst.

Evening Post, 27 Dec 1892: Unreserved Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE: On the Premises, Kent-terrace. GEORGE THOMAS & CO. have receive instructions from Mrs. Guilford to sell by auction, at her residence, Kent-terrace on Thursday , 20th Dec, at 1.30 o'clock- The whole of her household furniture full particulars to be notified on Wednesday F. W. HAYBITTLE, Auctioneer

Evening Post, 10 March 1893: The only application before the Epuni Licensing Committee to-day was one for a permannent transfer of the licence of the Travellers' Rest Hotel, Taita, from F. G. Milne to Mary Guilford. Constable Cruickshanks' report was of a very favourablo character, and the application was granted.

Evening Post; 15 May 1893: NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A PUBLICAN'S LICENSE. MARY GUILFORD, of Taita, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next Licensing Meeting, to be held at Lower Hutt on the 9th day of June, 1893, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a renewal of a publican's license for the house situate at Taita, the proporty of George Buck, and known by the sign of The Travellers' Rest Hotel, containing 20 rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family. Dated this 13th day of May, 1893. MARY GUILFORD.

Evening Post, 31 Oct 1893: MAGISTRATE'S COURT. ALLEGED FALSE PRETENCES. Alfred Mitchell, a young man, who was defended by Mr. Bolton, pleaded Not Guilty to a chargo of having obtained board, lodging, stabling for his horse, and liquid refreshment, from Mary Guilford, a publican of the Lower Hutt, by means of false pretences. Mr. Bolton said the informant had no intention of proceeding with the charge. Inspector Pender said this was the first he had heard of any application to withdraw the prosecution. The country had been put to considerable expense in tracing and arresting the accused. His Worship said the prosecution was a private one, but he could not permit it to be withdrawn until all expenses in connection with the prosecution had been liquidated. The case was adjourned till later in the day.

North Otago Times, 1 Jan 1895: A bull in a china shop is the memo of might against right as the following instance from a Northern exchange goes to show the vagaries of a bull formed the subject of a case at the Lower Uutt Court recently. Alfred Buck, Taita, charged with allowing the animal to wander an land of Mary Guilford, licensee of the Taita Hotel gave evidence as to the bull rushing into the passage. It gave a roar and got on the rampage, frightening some visitors who were in one of the sitting rooms. Mr Wilford (who appeared for accused): Don't you accomodate man and beast? (Laughter). Witness : I don't accommodate bulls or do business with animals. The bull has been in at all the doors; he often pays me a visit." Mr Wilford : Wants a pint of beer, perhaps. (Laughter). If the animal were in the passage of the hotel it could scarcely be said to be wandering at large. Mrs Austice also gave evidence that the animal had got partly into her house. It roared, was frothing at the mouth, and otherwise was excitcd. Witness was much frightened for the safety of herself and child. A boy in employment of accused said he was driving the animal from one paddock to another when it got away. Constable Cruiokshank said the action was taken for tho safety of the public. The owner explained that since the animal had became dangerous it had been properly secured. There were two charges against accused, and the Bench inflicted a fine of 40s, costs 9s in each case.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 14 May 1895: Hotel Burned. The hotel at Taita, known as Honeymoon Cottage, occupied by Mrs Guilford, was destroyed by fire this morning. The building was owned by Staples and Co., and insured for 1000 in the United Office ; 750 of this amount was reinsured.

Evening Post,  7 Aug 1895: A charge of Sunday trading against Mrs Guilford, holder of the license of the Traveler's Rest Hotel, Taita, was heard at the. Lower Hutt Court this morning by Messrs. Martin, S.M., Oudly,'and'Wilkins, Justices. Mr. Wilford appeared for the defendant, who pleaded Not Guilty. Their Worships reserved their decision.

Evening Post, 8 Aug 1895: The defense urged by Mr. Wellford in the Sunday trading case at the Travellers' Rest Hotel, Taita, heard at the Hutt Magistrate's Court yesterday, was that Mrs. Guilford, the person charged, was not liable, in-as-much as Harnett was the real owner of the premises. In May last Mrs. Guilford agreed to sell her interest in the hotel to Harnett for 9 and the licence fee, 25. Harnett took possession and carried on the business, though no transfer was signed. He had given a cheque for part of the purchase, but it was dishonored. After the date of the alleged offence Mrs. Guilford wished to obtain a license at Otaki, and transferred her former license to Mr. Harnett. Mr. Martin, S M., adjourned the case till Monday, at Wellington, in order to consider the legal points raised.

Evening Post, 13 Dec 1895: The Marine Retreat Hotel, Petone, is now in the hands of Mrs. Guilford, well-known as a caterer for the comfort of the public. In another column she calls attention to the attractions which the place offers to people anxious for a change from town life.

Evening Post, 10 Jan 1896: MARINE RETREAT HOTEL, Petone. Mrs. Guilford, Proprietress. This Hotel, distant from Wellington 7 miles by railway, is a first-class resort for those seeking a change from city life. Excellent accommodation for permanent boarders, families, and visitors. Every attention given to picnic parties ; nice ground for all kind of games. Best of wines, spirits, &o. Good stabling and paddocking. The terms are most reasonable. Civility and attention given to all.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 9 Mar 1896: Hotelkeepers will be especially interested in a case which was heard at the Lower Hutt Magistrate's Court on Wednesday. Two informations had been laid against Mrs Guilford, licensee of the Marine Retreat Hotel, Petone, under section 24 of The Alcoholic Liquors Sale Control Act, 1895, which provides that no publican shall sell drink to Maori women, under a penalty ranging from 2 to 10. It was the first case brought under this section since the passing of the Act. The defendant pleaded ignorance of the provisions of the Act, and said she was unaware that she was committing an offence. She was convicted on one information, and the other was dismissed. Mr Greenfield, taking into consideration the fact that this was the first case of its kind, inflicted the minimum fine of 40s, and ordered the defendant to pay costs, 23s 6d.

Mary GUILDFORD was granted a license in June 1896 "Marine Retreat Hotel", Petone, aka Valentines.  On 2nd June 1897 the Wellington Licensing Committee granted all the hotel licenses extension to 11.00 p.m. but they refused applications for wine licenses and refused permission for licensees to extinguish the outside light at the hour of closing !!

Evening Post, 3 Aug 1900: Shortly before 1 o'clock this afternoon a fire broke out in a three-roomed cottage in Tinakori-road (near the entrance to the Botanical Gardens) rented by Mrs. Guilford from Mr. J. Kilminster. There was no one in the place at the time, and the origin of the outbreak is not known. Some neighbours broke into the house and through their efforts, with assistance from the Fire Brigade, the flames were soon extinguished. The house and its contents were not damaged to any great extent. There was no insurance on the furniture, but it is understood that the cottage is insured.

Evening Post, 23 Aug 1901: Divorce cases been filed for the ensuing sittings. Fixtures for hearing of cases have been made: 13th September; J. Guilford v. Mary Guilford

Evening Post, 13 September 1901In the case of James Guilford v. Mary Guilford and George Wilkins, Mr. liard, for 'the respondent, stated that he understood that Dr. Findlay, for the petitioner, did not intend to proceed in the matter. Mr. Wilford appeared for the corespondent. Mr. Izard gave Notice that he would apply for a dissolution of marriage on the ground that the wife had been deserted, and the case was then adjourned until Monday

Evening Post, 16 Sept 1901: The case in which James Guildford petitioned for divorce from his wife, Mary Guildford, came again before the Chief Justice this afternoon. Mr. Izard appeared for tho respondent and Mr. Wilford for the co-respondent. Mr. Wilford applied to have the name of the co-respondent, George Wilkins, whom he described as a perfectly respectable man, struck out of the proceedings. He said that Mr. Wilkins should never have been joined, and no correspondent had been located. He also asked on Mr. Wilkins's behalf for costs. The applications were granted, tho Chief Justice awarding Mr. Wilkins 16 15s costs and disbursements, as against the petitioner. Mr. Izard then brought a counter-petition by Mary Guildford against James Guildford for divorce, on the ground of desertion. Petitioner and her daughter gave evidence to the cruelty to her of respondent, who was a billiard room keeper at Pahiatua, and his failure to support his family. The Chief ,Justice granted Mrs. Guildford a decree nisi with 25 costs and disbursements.

James was living at Masterton and d: 1 Aug 1902 in Wellington Hospital, Wellington aged 55Y; Cause of death - Cancer of the jaw; In NZ 40 years; Ages of of his living children - Male 26 James Stuart, 10 Francis Henry Gordon; Female 28 - Sarah Jane; 24 - Catherine Margaret, 22 Frances Henrietta, 20 Maude Adelaide, 18 ethel Florence, 16 Ivy May. Bur; 2 Aug 1902 at Karori Cem.

Evening Post, 15 Nov 1905: The Truant Officer to the Wellington Education Board (Mr. J. Dinneen) today charged a number of parents in the' Police Court with having failed to send their children to school. In over sixteen cases convictions were recorded, and fines ranging from 2s to 7s inflicted. Information against Mrs. J. Guilford, was dismissed.