Ellen Rodger (Humphris) was b: 09 Sep 1880 to Jessie Jack Rodger at Trent St, Oamaru

NZ BDM Birth - 1880/15556 Rodger  Ellen Humphreys  Jessie Jack Father Not Revealed

At time of birth, (illegitimate) mother Jepie (Jessie)  Jack Rodger was living at Trent Street, Oamaru, birth place Kilmarnock, Ayeshire, aged 23 years. Spelling "Humphreys"

School Records - Ellen was enrolled at the Oamaru North School (Register Number 1234/2) 1 Feb 1886 - her Parent / Guardian recorded as "Mr HUMPHREYS Address Torridge St, Oamaru" She left on 21 May 1886 Destination "Country"

On 24/9/1888 she was admitted to Ikawai School (Reg. N0 82); father John Humphris, address Waitaki North;having come from last school Glenavy; last day school 9/12/1890, destination Village Settlement School, Glenavy

On 14 Apr 1890 Ellen Humphris is enrolled at the Redcliffs School, Waimate; (Register Number 105); Parent / Guardian John HumphrIs
Address Waitaki N; Last School Glenavy; Last Day 19 Dec 1890 Destination Village Settlement School, Comment Std 2

1905 Electoral Roll lived with her parents Glenavy, Waitaki; Ellen did not marry. She was taken from her home at Glenavy  (age given as 43) and died at Sunnyside Hospital, Riccarton - . Death cause cardiac syncope arising from an epileptic fit.

1880 9 Sep:   Birth Waimate, Canterbury, New Zealand

1900 14 Aug: Ellen gave birth to a son - William Humphris - he died: 19 Aug 1900

1923 31 Aug:  Ellen at age 42 was taken from her home at Glenavy to Riccarton where she died at the Sunnyside Mental Hospital, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

1923  1 Sep:   Burial Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand 
Cause of death: Cardiovascular Syncope - Sudden collapse into unconsciousness due to a disorder of heart rhythm in which there is a slow or absent pulse resulting in syncope (fainting) with or without convulsions (Ellen was diagnosed as having an epileptic fit). Onset is sudden. Fainting is the primary symptom and may be the only warning sign.

 Some people do feel the following:

•Shortness of breath
•Heart palpitations (feeling like your heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering)
•Pain, pressure, tightness, or discomfort in the chest

Cardiovascular Syncope and Long QT Syndrome is an inherited electrical disorder of the heart - LQTS is believed to be a common cause of sudden and unexplained death that sometimes occurs in children and young adults.

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