Trezise Genealogy 

JOSEPH HENRY TREZISE was born on 16 Dec 1859 in Sithney, near Helston, Cornwall, and was christened at SAINT ERTH on the 23 Dec. - his parents were John Trezise (b 18 Dec 1831 in St Kevern, Cornwall;d Jun 1907 Helston, Cornwall, England) and Sarah Jane Tippett (B:1834 in Wendron, Cornwall, England D:Sep 1899 in Helston, Cornwall) He was educated at Sythney Church, Tavistock and at the age of 19, his occupation farm labourer, Joseph sailed from Plymouth 31 Oct 1878 on the ship "Northern Monarch" and arrived at the Port of Lyttelton in Feb 1. 1879 before the ship went on to Timaru where its arrival was daily eagerly anticipated;

Timaru Herald,  15 January 1879: Fully half of the immigrants are for Timaru, and the Immigration Officer has listed their various trades and occupations:
NORTHERN MONARCH: Farm laborers, 102; general, 7; gardeners, 6; Quarryman, 1; shepherds, 2; carpenters and joiners, 11; wheelwrights, 2; masons, 2; bricklayers, 2; iron moulder, 1; shoemakers, 2; baker, 1; paper maker, 1; dyer's laborer, 1. Single women General servants, 49; cooks, 3; housemaids, 11; dairymaids, 7; nurses, 3; teacher, 1; matron, 1. Nationality  English, 201; Irish, 53; Scotch, 96; Welsh, 1; Channel Islands, 2; French, 1; American, 1; total, 355 souls.
Summary Male adults, 147; female, 124; male children, 38 ; female, 36 ; infants, 10. Total, 355 souls, equal to 308 statute adults. The list can bo seen on application at the Immigration Office. On 13 February 1879 F. LeCREN, the immigration officer announced that Immigrants from the Northern Monarch  would be available for engagement the following day at the Depot after 10 a.m. THURSDAY, the 13th inst.

Joseph found employment as a platelayer on the railway, a job he did for about seventeen years He lived in Waimate in 1881 and he settled at Makikihi in 1900 where he built a comfortable homestead. He married HANNAH (Anna) OSBORNE on 14 July 1881. Anna was the daughter of RICHARD JOHN OSBORNE and was born 1855 in St Stephens Village, Cornwall. She died 04 Oct 1927 in Waimate and they had four sons and four daughters. Joseph was a member of Court Pride of Waimate, Ancient Order of Foresters, and in the Masonic Order is attached to Lodge St. Augustine, New Zealand Constitution. For a good many years Joseph was a member of the Makikihi school committee and died 23 Sep 1945 in Morven, and was buried on 24 Sep 1945 at Waimate Cemetery.(Source: The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury Provincial District]

The Waikakahi land opened for settlement  in 1899. Joseph Trezise was not strictly speaking an original settler as he did not take over his land Block V11, Section 2 until 1900 which he farmed  from 1900-1919 when it passed to his son Edward. John Netting at the opening of the Waikakahi block, drew this 157 acre (64 hectare) section by ballot. It was immediately north of Morven, however as early as October 1899 he found he had insufficient capital to carry on and advised the Lands Department. To comply, he had fenced all his land, put a crop in and built a single room house and rough shed but said he had been "disappointed in the promised assistance" and found himself unable to pay the rent due in January, and he wished to transfer his section to a suitable man. The terms of the lease did not allow settler's to transfer ownership in the first five years without proof of a  bonafide reason being given to prove the land was not taken up as a speculation in order to obtain special consent of the Minister of Lands on the recommendation of the Land Board. Joseph Henry and Hannah Trezise

The Crown Lands Ranger recommended to the Land Board that it advise the Minister to consent to the transfer because "Netting was not the man to carry out the conditions" and the person that Netting proposed, Joseph Trezise was a 40 year old plate layer on the railways, a married man with a family who had farming experience and wanted to settle down. Trezise had the means to work the section, however he planned to keep his job at Glenavy until he could build on the section. (Joseph had put in for a section but missed out in the ballot.) The "consideration" for the transfer was 230 but this included a promising wheat crop valued at 200. The Land Board declined to recommend the Minister consent to the transfer (it suspected Netting's claims because he was reported to be proposing to visit "the old Country") so Netting applied to take Trezise in as his partner which the Land Board approved in 1900.

The arrangements quickly went sour. Trezise kept his railway job and sent one of his sons (possibly Charles) to work with Netting. Netting found the boy "impudent" and was soon describing Trezise as "disagreeable, difficult and bad-tempered." By the middle of 1900, Netting was more confident he could work the property successfully himself. Trezise (whom the ranger thought much more reliable than Netting) reported himself in a fix because although he and Netting were clearly not getting along, Netting would neither buy Trezises's share from him nor sell Trezise his share. Trezise proposed dividing the holding between them. The ranger thought Netting had taken a mean advantage over Trezise by obtaining money from him to pay his rent at a time he was likely to lose his holding "simply for the want of means to carry on with." He proposed that Netting retain forty acres (16 hectares) and that Trezise, being a married man, be given the remaining 117 acres (48 hectares) arguing that there would always be a demand for small holdings close to Morven if either lessee ever wished to sell.

The two parties eventually put their dispute in the hands of Waimate solicitors and in August 1900 the partnership was dissolved, Trezise taking on the lease on making a further payment to Netting to cover the goodwill and the value of the improvements. The Minister approved the transfer and by the middle of 1901, Joseph Trezise had built a six room house on the section.

There were obligations placed on settlers - rent for the lease of sections on which they had to reside, they had to make improvements worth 2.5% within another year and within four years, improvements to the value of another 2.5%, ring-fencing within two years, and restrictions on the extent to which they cropped - these were seen to avoid unscupulous people taking up land for speculation.  Ref. Source "Waikakahi "Fullfilling the Promise" by John Wilson

Children of Joseph and Hannah Trezise were:

i. CHARLES TREZISE, born 22 Apr 1882; d. 22 Jul 1915 from influenza at Mrs Henderson's Nursing home, Waimate and was a farmer of Waihuranga Makikihi. He married JESSIE JANE VALENTINE HUMPHRIS on 29 Apr 1908 at the Glenavy home of her parents, Jessie Jack and Valentine John Humphris

Jessie Humphris was born 18 Aug 1886, Papakaio, Oamaru and died 13 Jul 1915 of pneumonia, 3 days after giving birth Her burial was on 15 Jul 1915, Waimate cemetery
Charles died 22 Jul 1915 aged 33 years at Nurse Storey's Nursing Home, Tara Waimate and was buried 24 Jul 1915, Waimate Cemetery  They had six children - 1 male aged 6 and five female 3 days, 1 year, 2 years, 4 years and five years

ii. RICHARD JOHN TREZISE, b. 27 Jan 1884; d. 27 Feb 1955; m. EMMA; b. Abt. 1883; d. 11 Apr 1957. Theyr are buried at Waimate Old Cemetery

iii. ELIZABETH ELLEN TREZISE, b. 25 May 1885; d. 02 Feb 1956 atTimaru ; m. ROBERT FORD HENSTRIDGE in 1922, a farmer of Oamaru; b. 1888; d. 1970.

iv. JOSEPH HENRY TREZISE, b. 06 Nov 1886 farmer of Makikihi; d. 04 Jul 1976; m. DORIS MAY BENNETT in 1916; she was born 1897 and died. 24 Jan 1952. They are buried at Waimate Cemetery

v. EDITH TREZISE, b. 29 Aug 1889; d. 16 May 1978, Waimate; m. RODERICK (ROD) MENZIES in 1916, a farmer of Waimate; Rod was b. 02 Jun 1887, Lumsden, father Thomas Menzies; d. 20 Jun 1972, Southland.

vi. EDWARD TREZISE, b. 28 Mar 1891 was a farmer of Glenavy; d. 31 Oct 1931 and was buried 03 Nov 1931, Waimate Cemetery Edward m. DORIS ELVIRA BASTINGS in 1923. Doris was born 2nd February 1898. She remarried in 1952 to Thomas Loftus Jones (1893 - 1963) She died 1986

vii. MARY TIPPET TREZISE, b. 01 Apr 1893; She did not marry and at the age of 91, died 08 Nov 1982, Orokonui Home Waitati.

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