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1906 Earthquake in San Francisco

HARRY STEPHENSON SMITH was born 10 Nov 1848 in Loddon, Norfolk, England to parents John and Hannah Stephenson-Smith, He died 24 Dec 1932 in San Francisco.

He mar; MEDORA SYLSER 30 Apr 1877, daughter of SIR ANTHONY SYLSER. She was born 1841, and died 08 Jul 1882 in At sea on board SS Zealandia 41Y. (Spelling various - seen as Silvey/Sylser)

Treasury, New Plymouth,  10 Oct 1868. It is hereby notified that the Wholesale LICENSE under the Sale of Liquors Ordinance, 1866, has been granted to the under mentioned person. Harry Stephenson Smith, of New Plymouth. T. Whitby, Assistant Treasurer.

Taranaki Herald 1 Jun 1870 A Courageous Act. We see by an Otago paper that Mr. Harry S. Smith, son of J. Stepbenson Smith, Esq., Commissioner of Crown Lands of Taranaki, has been the means of saving the life of a boy in Dunedin, who had fallen from a jetty into the water. The Witness says " An accident which was fortunately unattended by any serious consequences, took place the other day. A boy, who was walking along the new jetty, by some means or other fell into the water. Mr. H. S. Smith, of the Post-office, who happened to be on the jetty at the time, immediately jumped into the water, and succeeded in rescuing the lad."

Harry rose in the Post Office until setting up in buriness in San Francisco

Harry is registered as a voter 7 Aug 1896 residing at 1228 Sacramento, San Francisc, California birth 149 England

18 apr 1906 - Src: Diary by S Percy Smith: Earthquake in San Francisco - Harry's office was thrown down and the hotel where they were staying was burnt as was the 2nd one they moved to. They camped in a house he was building until the fire reached that and they got away to Oaklands across the river, The cables were down and it was some days before we knew whether they were alive or dead.

Evening Post 30 Sep 1910: DOMINION "WIRELESS." TENDERS ADVERTISED. In several of the British technical journals of latest date appear advertisements calling for tenders for the installation of wireless telegraphy within the Dominion of New Zealand. The date on which tenders close is stated 'as "noon the 15th December, 1910." The five stations are mentioned : At or near Doubtless Bay, Gisborne, Cripe Farewell, Sumner, and the Bluff. Specifications are obtainable at two offices in America, Messrs. R. W. Cameron, New York, and H. Stephenson  Smith,  San Francisco. The London office is that of the High Commissioner. The advertisement is signed by Mr. J. K. Logan, Superintendent of Telegraphs.

Columnist 3 Mar 1914: AUSTRALIAN WOOL IN CALIFORNIA. The San Francisco correspondent of the Auckland "Star" writes on January 10th: The arrival of 1,800 bales of wool, valued at 100,000 dollars, at the port of San Francisco, from Australia, has excited much speculation on the Pacific coast, more especially as this was the largest consignment ever arriving at San Francisco on an Oceanic liner. Statements were made that this will be followed by other large shipments, and from now on it is expected that wool will he a big factor in freight from Australia to San Francisco. Profound satisfaction, amounting to the greatest optimism, was expressed by Mr. H. Stephenson  Smith, the New Zealand Government representative at San Francisco, who declared that the development of the woollen market at San Francisco was of the utmost importance, not only to Australia, but equally so to New Zealand, as the latter had the finest wool in the world. Statements had been made that a large woollen factory was to be established at the industrial centre of Richmond, a thriving city bordering the bay of San Francisco. Reference had been made to the exportation of wool from the Antipodes to America in the greasy and unwashed state of the wool, but the practice had been in such a case to send the unwashed wool across the American continent some 3,000 miles to an Eastern manufactory, where the wool went.through the process of cleaning, and was then either shipped back to California, or was here woven into woollen articles, necessitating heavy freightage charges. It was evident if the wool arrived in San Francisco ready for use, the goods could be manufactured and placed on the Western markets immediately, and a very appreciable saving in cost would ! be effected by the absence of transporting the raw and finished materials over so many thousands of miles

Hawera and Normanby Star: 28 Feb 1916 Strange and Serious Accident

Evening Post 8 oct 1923: Transit of Mails. Accellerating Services - United States and New Zealand 

AGENT AT 'FRISCO. (Auckland Star, 31 Dec 1831) AGENT AT 'FRISCO. DEATH OF MR. STEPHENSON SMITH DISPATCHER OF MAILS. The death occurred on December 24 of Mr. H Stephenson Smith, New Zealand agent at San Francisco. Mr. Stephenson Smith entered the New Zealand postal service in 1869, and, attracted by glowing reports during the Californian gold rushes, resigned in 1880 and entered business at San Francisco. He was appointed resident agent for the New Zealand Government in' August, 1893, and in that capacity he superintended the dispatch of all New Zealand mails through that port. He is a brother of a former Surveyor-General, Mr. Percy Smith.

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