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John Stephenson Smith, wife Hannah and their 5 children travelled to New Zealand in 1849 on the ship "Pekin". They settled at New Plymouth where 3 daughters were born. John was Commissioner of Crown Lands for Taranaki, Post Master and assisted at the Exchanges Court and was for a time Acting Sheriff.

His diaries, covering the years 1863-1869 and 1872, consist of brief entries recounting daily events, land grants and claims worked on.
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John Stephenson Smith mar: Hannah Hurshouse
Their children:
(1) Stephenson Percy* Smith mar: Mary Ann Crompton
(a) Maurice Crompton Smith mar: Annie Marion Powles
(c) Frank Crompton Smith  mar:  Violet Gwendoline Durie
(d) Bernard Crompton Smith mar: Rachel Mary Richmond
(e) Sydney Crompton Smith mar: Mary Margaret Ashworth
(2)Nora Mary Stephenson Smith mar: Edward Gorton
(a) Ada St George Gorton
(b) Nina St George Gorton
(c) Norman Bannatyne St George Gorton
(d) Russell St George Gorton
(e) Hilda St George Gorton
(f) Leslie St George Gorton
(g) Denis St George Gorton
(h) Edward St George Gorton
(4) Frank Stephenson Smith mar:  Florence Sarah Parsons
(5) Harry Stephenson Smith  mar: Medora Sylser
(8) Ella Maria Stephenson Smith mar: William Fitzgerald