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JECKS INDEXIsaac and Mary Jecks
The Jecks family research recorded by Murray G Jecks-Johnston and John Barrett

Isaac Jecks was born 03 Feb 1756 in Wisbech and Norwich and his baptism on 04 Jun 1756 was at All Saints Church, Norwich, England. He was the son of Robert Jecks and Ann Coleman.
Isaac married Mary Bloomar on 21st Nov 1782 at Newark upon Trent, Nottinghamshire. Mary was born 6th Dec 1759 in St Mary, Nottingham to parents Newcombe Bloomar and mother Sarah nee Barrett.
Most of Isaac's early and middle life was spent at Wisbech, a town just out of Norfolk into Cambridgeshire. In 1803 and his business partner Richard Dawbarn Banbury, he established himself as a draper and grocer in the "new Market" of Wisbech. A householder at 7 North Brink, Wisbech 1802 he also had a property in 1806 in West Walton, Cambridgeshire. Just behind the house was the yard of the first of his timber premises and another, to the north of the town was operated by sons William and Charles.
10 of his 11 children all baptised at the Baptist Chapel in Wisbech and were staunch members of the Unitarian Baptist Church for all their lives.
In their eighties, Mary and Isaac lived in Chapel Field in the Parish of St Gules, Norwich, guardians along with daughter and son-in-law Susannah and Joseph Newsham, of the motherless Hill children, Margaret, Ida Eliza and Kate.
Isaac's died at his house in Chapel Field, Norwich aged 85.
"Few men have descended to the grave with a more spotless reputation or more deservedly respected. During eighty years Mr Jecks has never known a day's illness and was walking about his home within an hour of his death. Lamented and respected by a numerous circle of friends, it may be truly said that strict integrity and universal benevolence marked his character." Isaac Jecks Will

Mary died 04 Jan 1851 at son William's home, Framingham Pigot, Norwich.

Isaac Jecks 1795
      Mary Jecks 1795

Their Children: 

1. Mary Jecks Born: 10 Nov 1785 in St Peters, Wisbech Died: 04 Jun 1829 in Tydd St Mary Burial: 09 Jun 1829 Tydd St Mary Married: 15 Oct 1806 in Hemingford Grey Parish Church, Huntingdonshire to Charles Hursthouse Born: 05 Jan 1781 in Tydd St Marys, Lincoln Father: John Hursthouse Mother: Sarah Hannah Died: 22 Jun 1854 in Okoare, New Plymouth They had nine children

2 Susannah Jecks Born: 1787 Died: 1787

3 Thomas Jecks was born in 1788 and lived most of his short life near London where he carried on a livelihood as a merchant. He married Mary Gaches who was born 1789 - she died 1852. Thomas died in Februnary 1822 in Hertfordshire mar  Their children

i Fanny Jecks Born: 1809 Died: in Ceylon mar 1849  to James Emerson

ii Mary Jecks Born: 1810 Died: 1899 in USA mar 1837 Henry Preston

iii Isaac Jecks Born: 1812 Died: 1815

iv Thomas Jecks Born: 07 Jul 1814 in St Ives, Huntington, England Died: 24 Jan 1856 in Australia His marriage 03 Jun 1837 in C/E Guildford, Western Australia was to Elizabeth Jones Born: 1810 in Wales.(Father: Walter Jones Mother: Tabitha Chaplin Daniells) She died: 21 Feb 1888 in Guildford, Western Australia where she was buried 22 Feb 1888.

Thomas Jecks came to Western Australia in 1829 by the vessel Gilmore aged 15 years.  The boat carried a total of 182 men, women, and children as passengers, in addition to general, cargo, three' horses, four cows, three calves, pigs, fowls, etc. He maried Elizabeth Jones who had arrived at Fremantle by the ship James Patterson. For some time he was employed as a clerk by a firm at Fre mantle, and while there he spent his leisure hours learning carpentry by watching carpenters at work. Later an uncle arrived with merchandise from England, and started Mr. Jecks in business at Guildford, where he built the Rose and Crown Hotel in Swan itreet. It was the third hotel to be erected in the district, and for a number of years the annual dinner of the Agricultural Society was held there. The premises were years later delicensed and then run as a boarding house by g nieces. He built at the western end of Guildford. In addition to storekeeping, he kept a small warehouse on the river's edge and had a wharf. He also constructed two boats, the  largest being four tons, for use between Guildford and Fremantle. Timber for jetty construction at Fremantle was obtained from the Toodyay and Greenmount districts, and was hauled by means of a whim and 18 bullocks to Woodbridge. Large floats were used to get the timber down the river to Fremantle, piles being loaded onto their decks and logs swung on either side in the water by winch and crane. Often, boats got stranded on the bar across the mouth of the river when taking sandlewood and other cargo for export by anchored steamers. "Thomas Jecks Commonwealth Ale" (4.5%) This brown ale is named after the original proprietor of the Rose and Crown Hotel,established 1841 at Guildford.

v Emma Jecks Born: 1815 Died: 1881 in U K mar 1842 to David Dewing 

vi Isaac Bloomer Jecks Born: 1817 in Southery North Downham, Maret, England Died: 1892 in USA mar 1857 Ely, England  to Mary Ann Stokes Born: 1831

4 Susannah Jecks Born: 1789 in Wisbech Died: 1790 in Wisbech

5 Susannah Jecks Born: 1790 in Wisbech, Cambridge, Died: 12 Aug 1853 in Framingham Pigot Henstead, Norfolk mar 02 May 1814 in St Peters, Wisbech, Cambridge County to Joseph Newsham Born: 1796 in Wisbech, Cambridge His father: John Newsham and mother Elizabeth Booth Died: 12 June 1842 in Hackney, London Burial: 15 Jun 1842 Abney Park Cemetery, London

6 William Jecks Born: 1791 in Wisbech. William did not marry and lived North Brink, Wisbech and at Framingham Pigot, until his death 1 Aug 1864 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

7 Sarah Jecks Born: 1793 in Wisbech Died: 1822 mar John Coote Born: 1786 Married: 1815 John was a farmer and corn merchant at Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire. He died 1873. Their son Thomas Coote Born: Mar 1817 Died: 1906 mar Ann Browning Green Born: 1819 Died: 1904 in UK

8 Charles Jecks Born: 1795 in Wisbech With his family Charles moved along with parents Isaac and Mary Jecks in 1835 to Norwich where he lived at Thorpe and remained listed in the 1838 directory as a timber and shipowner at North Brink, with partner brother William. William continued to live there until the brothers sold the property in 1946.Died: 1884 mar [1] Sarah Ann Wright Born: 1836 Died: 1917; mar [2] on 6 Oct 1821 in Tydd St Marys, Lincolnshire to  Maria Robertson Born: 1801 in Glasgow She died 1873, Below, their family:

Charles Jecks 1864
      Maria nee Robertson 1864

i William Jecks Born: 1824 in Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire Died: 1885 in South Africa Married: 1846 to Maria Cooper Born: 1827 in Essex Died: 1884

ii Charles Jecks Born: 1827 Charles died: 1912. He married twice: Married 1863 [1] Hannah Horsey Born: 1843 Died: 1871 in New Zealand  Charles Jecks Married [2]1878 Anna Martin Born: 1841 Died: 1927

iii Mary Eliza Jecks Born: 1822 Died: 1847 in Thorpe,Norwich mar  Wingrove

9 Ann Jecks Born: Abt. 1797 in Wisbech Died: 23 Nov 1823 Married: 1818 in St Peters Church Wisbech to James Hill Born: in Modbury, Devon (Father: James Hill) Died: 1870. Family: 

i Julia Hill Born: 1819 in North Brink, Wisbech Died: 1894

ii Frederick Hill Born: 1820 in North Brink, Wisbech Died: in Died an infant

iii Louisa Hill Born: 1822 in North Brink, Wisbech Died: Feb 1842 in Bath

10 Isaac Jecks Born: 05; Died: 1874 in Great Yarmouth Mar 1801 Sarah Ogle Born: 1787 Died: 1868

11 Eliza Jecks Born: 06 Oct 1802 Died: 28 Oct 1832 in Wisbech. She married the widow of her sister Ann.
James Hill was a banker of Wisbech and his family originated from Modbury, Devon. His father James Hill had been born in Uppingham, Rutland and moved to Peterborough in 1794 where he opened a bank which son James, eventually took over.
James was a leading advocate for liberal reform, an advocate for pro-free trade and a founder of the Unitarian School in Deadman's Lane in 1803 which was intended to carry out the educational system proposed by socialist Robert Owen - this was to fail. He and 1st wife Ann lived at North Brink, Wisbech until her death on Nov 20th 1823 at age 26 years.
James remarried Ann's younger sister Eliza on May 31st 1825. The laws of England made it illegal to marry a sibling of a spouse then, but James flouted any rules he was intellectually or spiritually opposed to.
In the autumn of 1825 the Wentworths Bank in Yorkshire collapsed and James's Bank became one of the casualities in the national financial panic that followed, bankrupting both him and his father with a debt of 14,000. After paying off creditors James turned his talents to trade and became a prosperous corn, wool and timber merchant. Eliza died and James remarried Caroline Southward Smith on 2 Nov 1832- they had 5 children. His bank reopened in the 1830's and he founded a weekly Wisbech newspaper in 1836. As part of his reform measures he fought against the current harsh justice meted out for minor crimes and founded a mechanics institute and a lending library. In 1840 he again became bankrupt in another countrywide financial panic - his family split up and daughter by his 2nd wife went to live with their maternal grandparents and Aunt Sussanah Newsham. His daughter Gertrude by 3rd wife was adopted by her paternal grandfather and James and wife Caroline went to live in Epping, Sussex.

i Margaret Hill Born: 1827 Died: 1924 mar Andrew Whelpdale Died: 1863

ii Arthur Hill Born: 1829

iii Ida Eliza Hill Born: 1831 Died: 1899 mar Francis William Paddock Married: 1862

iv Kate Hill Born: 1832