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Family Group Sheet Samuel Prosser & Elizabeth Ophelia Isabella Tidd

Prosser Family Biible

Samuel Prosser was born 5th January 1844 at 10 Blue Anchor Alley, Camberwell, London - the third son born to Samuel and Caroline Prosser.

The Prosser family had sailed on the "Hornet" from Southampton on 23 May 1857 and arrived at Melbourne 2nd September 1857. September 1862, Samuel Prosser left Melbourne with his brothers John, James and William Robert to prospect for gold first in Otago and went to the Wakamarina diggings where they were very successful and going to Wellington, they established a large livery and bait stables. Carriages from these stables were used by the Duke of Edinburgh and suite on the occasion of their visit, and Samuel Prosser several times drove the royal party. For some time afterwards took over from his brothers, the Crown and Anchor Hotel, and, later, was coach driving on the Hutt and Porirua lines. 1869: 11 Sept. 1869: The Central Fire Brigade held their usual monthly meeting on Thursday night, at which a whip was presented to Mr. Samuel Prosser, to mark the appreciation of the Brigade of the promptitude and expedition with which he had always turned horses out for them on alarm of fire, thereby conducing much to their efficiency. The whip is handsomely silver mounted, and bears the following inscription "Presented to Mr. S. Prosser by the members of the C.V.F. Brigade, in recognition of valuable services rendered by himself and horses on all occasion of fires in Wellington."


MARRIED. On the 22nd June 1870, at St. Peter's Church, Wellington, by the Rev. A. Stock, Mr. Samuel Prosser, to Elizabeth (Bessie) Ophelia Isabella, third daughter of Mr.Thomas Tidd brewer, of Stoke, Nelson. St Peters Anglican Church, Willis St, Wgtn

Wellington Independent,  17 November 1870, Page 2
 Messes Vennell, Mills & Co. - Tuesday, 29th Nov. 12 o'clock, at Prosser's Repository - Horses, traps, harness, &o.

1874 Evening Post,  1 July 1874: FOR SALE, privately, that valuable line of Coaches running between Wellington and Porirua, For further particulars apply to SAMUEL PROSSER, Crown And Anchor Hotel, Wellington

1875 LICENSING COURT. 2 Mar. 1875: Crown and Anchor Hotel, Lambton Quay — Application for transfer of license from James Prosser to Samuel Prosser. Mr. Cheeseman appeared in support of the application, which was granted without opposition.

1876 Evening Post, March 1876: WANTED, a good General-Servant, must be able to cook; Apply to Mrs. Samuel Prosser, Crown and Anchor Hotel* Lambton Quay.

Lambton Quay and the Crown and Anchor Hotel 1860's

1876 Evening Post, 30 Mar. 1876: CROWN AND ANCHOR HOTEL, Lambton Quay. SAMUEL PROSSER, Proprietor. N.B. The best stables in town in connection with the above.

1876 Evening Post, 23 June 1876:SATURDAY, 24th JUNE. to hotelkeepers and the public generally sale of the household ! furniture and effects of THE CROWN AND ANCHOR HOTEL. MR. J H. WALLACE is instructed by Mr. Samuel Prosser (who is leaving the Crown and Anchor Hotel) to sell by public auction, on the premises, Crown and Anchor, Lambton Quay, on Saturday, 24th June, commencing at 11 o'clock, without reserve, the whole of the household furniture and effects, comprising: —
BAR - 1 four-pull beer-engine, 1 bar counter, 4 spirit kegs, 1 large whatnot ; 2 crockery spirit kegs, 1 small spirit keg, 1 bar clock, 6 spirit decanters, 12 half- pint pewter measures, 13 pint pewter measures, 3 quart pewter measures, 1 hot water can, 4 wood forms, 3 sporting pictures, 8 pictures, 1 small model ship in case, Blinds
BAR PARLOR - 1 large dining-table and cover, 12 arm chairs, 1 cheffonier, Fender and fire-irons, 2 lamps, 1 pair vases, l.pair shells, 5 oil paintings, 10 pictures, Window curtains, Oilcloth Matting, Small table cover, 3 trays FRONT PARLOR— 1 cottage piano, by Llewellyn, 1 wardrobe with drawers, 1 cheffonier, 1 covered sofa Russian leather, 1 easy chair, Russian leather, 4 cane bottom chairs, Book-shelves, 1 whatnot, 8 pictures, 1 superior brass clock in glass shade, 1 pair green lustres, 2 ornaments, Vases, 2 wax fruits in glass shades, 1 musical-box, 1 three-legged stool, Lot books, 1 cushion, Curtains and blinds, 2 door mats
BEDROOM - 1 double iron bedstead, 2 flax mattrasses, 1 flock bed, 2 'flock pillows and bolster, 2 feather pillows and 2 pillow cases, 2 pair blankets, 1 white counterpane,  1 pair sheets, 1 washstand and crockery, 1 dressing table, 1 large looking-glass with marble stand, 1 toilet cover, fender and fire shovel, 1 picture
DINING ROOM - 1 pull beer engine, 1 bar counter, 1 square pier glass, 1 covered horsehair sofa, 1 telescope mahogany dining table 18ft x4ft, 3 covered arm cane chairs, 5 arm cane chairs, 1 cheffonier, 1 oval mirror, 4 oil painting's, 1 large picture, 5 small pictures, 2 model ships in cases, Curtains and blinds (3 windows), Oilcloth, Matting, 6 dish covers, Crockery Knives and forks Spoons, &c, &c.
PASSAGE DOWN STAIRS - Oilcloth, Matting, 3 door mats
UPSTAIRS. BEDROOM No. 1 - 1 single iron bedstead, 2 flax mattrasses, 3 single blankets, 1 pair sheets, 1 white counterpane, 1 feather pillow, 1 flock pillow, 1 washstand and crockery, 1 dressing table, 1 large looking glass, 1 toilet cover, Brush and comb, Window curtains, 1 covered chair, Carpet
BEDRQOM No. 2 - 1 single iron bedstead, 2 flock mattrasses, 1 pair blankets, 1 feather pillow, 1 flock pillow,1 white quilt, 1 dressing table, 1 washstand and crockery, 1 large looking glass with drawers, 1 toilet cover, 1 iron bedstead. 1 night commode, 1 horsehair mattrass, 1 pair blankets, 1 feather pillow, 1 flax bolster, Window curtains
BEDROOM No. 3 - 1 wood bedstead, 1 flax mattrass, 2 blankets, 1 flax pillow and 1 bolster, 1 wood sofa, 1 flax mattrass, 1 blanket, 1 flax pillow, 1 looking glass, 1 washstand, Curtains
BEDROOM NO. 4 - 1 iron bedstead, 1 flax mattrass, 2 blankets, 1 white quilt,1 flock pillow, 1 flax pillow, 1 dressing table, 1 small looking-glass, 1 washstand and crockery, Matting, Curtains
BEDROOM NO. 5 - 1 iron bedstead, 1 flax mattrass, 1 feather pillow, 2 flax bolsters, 2 blankets, 1 white quilt, 1 dressing-table, 1 looking-glass, 1 toilet cover, 1 washstand and crockery, Curtains
BEDROOM NO. 6 - 1 iron bedstead, 1 flax mattrass, 2 blankets, 1 white quilt, 2 flax pillows, 1 table, 1 toilet cover, 1 looking-glass, Comb and brush, 1 washstand and crockery, 1 iron bedstead, 1 flax mattrass, 2 blankets, 1 white quilt, 1 feather pillow, 1 flax bolster, Curtains, Matting
BEDROOM NO. 7 - 1 iron bedstead, 1 flax mattrass, 2 blankets, 1 pair sheets,. 1 white quilt, 1 flock pillow, 1 bull-rush pillow, 1 dressing table, 1 small looking glass, 1 toilet cover, Brush and comb, 1 iron bedstead, 1 flax mattrass

Samuel Prosser, gave up the Crown and Anchor on the 24th June and purchased the lease of Bould's Junction Hotel, Pauatahanui with the intention of running a coach between there and Wellington.

1876 - Story told by Garnet Prosser - When the Empire hotel at Pauatahanui was being built, abt 1876, the builder was bribed by the owner of the existing hotel, the Pauatahanui, across the road, to do a very slow job, so slow that Samuel's temporary licence expired before completion, so Samuel Prosser opened up as a billiards and snooker parlour. If you paid for a game of billiards (which was the same price as a drink) you got a free drink even if you only touched the cue and this filled the gap until he got a new licence.

Pauatahanui Hotel
1878/80 Wgtn Roll - Leasehold Porirua; house and 37 acres land

1878 Evening Post, 4 June 1878: ANNUAL LICENSING COURT. Commissioners present — Mr. J. C. Crawford, R.M. (Chairman), and Messrs. J. G. Holdsworth, T. Kebbel, and J. Moore.
Prosser's hotel, Pauatahanui. Mr. Samuel Prosser, for whom Mr. Gordon Allan and Mr. Buckley appeared, applied for a license for this hotel. Mr. Ollivier opposed on behalf of Mr. Hillen, of the Pahautanui Hotel. Evidence was called showing the nature of the accommodation afforded by the house. Constable Ryan stated that in his opinion an additional house would be a benefit to the district. In his experience he had generally found that two public-houses in a district were better than one, as each publican then looked after the other. Since notice of this application had been given Hillen's Hotel was much better conducted. The license was refused.

1879 Evening Post, 2 Dec. 1879: LICENSING COURT. (Before Messrs. J. G. Holdsworth, Kebbell, and J. Moore, Licensing Commissioners) TRANSFERS AGREED TO: John D. Fraser to Samuel Prosser, Victoria Hotel, Abel Smith-street

1879 - Licensee Victoria Hotel, Lower Hutt Advert. Post,11 Dec.

VICTORIA HOTEL, Abel Smith-street. MR. SAM PROSSER, having taken the above Hotel, begs to inform his friends and the public that they will find all his Liquors A1. Starting Place for Pauhautanui Coaches. A Coach leaves every Sunday Morning for  Porirua at 9.15, returning the same day.

1880: A coach built to Samuel's order in the year 1880 was so large and so noted that it was named Big Ben. It was recorded as "an interesting sight to see Mr Prosser, with Big Ben and six spanking greys, going down the Ngahuranga line, or from Wellington to the Hutt races.( After having various owners for twenty-six years, it was broken up at Taihape  in 1906.)

1881 Taranaki Herald: 6 Dec 1881: The Licensing Court: Mr Halse applied on behalf of Samuel Prosser for license to a new hotel at Opunaki to be called the Empire Hotel, which was granted.(This was built by John Prosser who had been at the Hawera Hotel.

1882 Empire Hotel Opunake - "Return of the Freeholders; Samuel Prosser, hotel keeper, Opunake; Borough Hutt; Acres 39; Value £1000

1882 Advert: Hawera & Normanby Star,18 January 1882; PROSSER'S EMPIRE HOTEL, OPUNAKE. This Hotel is one of the finest on the Coast, being fitted and furnished with every convenience, and affords superior accommodation to settlers, travellers, and private fanjilies. An excellent Billiard Table. Attached to the above is a first-class Stable, with 20 stalls, loose boxes. &c, under the management of Mr. Thomas Prosser. Buggies, Saddle Horses, etc., on hire. Also, a large paddock, well fenced and watered. No responsibility. SAMUEL PROSSER, Proprietor.
Evening Post: 9 April 1884
1884 Evening Post: 12 Feb 1884: By TENDER FOR SALE or LEASE that well known property at Pahautanui belonging to Mr Samuel Prosser. A splendid house and about 2 acres of land, cost price £1300. Any reasonable price will be accepted. Tenders to be directed to Samuel Prosser, Opunake. 
1884 Hawera & Normanby Star, 15 May 1884: PROSSER'S EMPIRE HOTEL, Opunake. This Hotel is one of the finest on the coast, being fitted and furnished with every convenience, and affords superior accommodation to settlers, travellers, and private families. An excellent Billiard Table. Attached to the above is a first-class Stable, with 20 stalls, loose boxes, &c., under the management of Mr. Thomas Prosser. Buggies, saddle horses, &c, on hire. Also, a large paddock, well fenced and watered. No responsibility. SAMUEL PROSSER, Proprietor.
1884 OPUNAKE. Hawera & Normanby Star, 7 June 1884: The annual meeting of the Opunake Licensing Committee was held at the Courthouse at noon to-day. Present: Messrs. Gordon (chairman), Burnett, Stitt. There were two applications for renewals -  In tbe case of Samuel Prosser's application, the chairman, after reading section 33 of the Licensing "Act, with reference to a private entrance, thought that the Act was scarcely complied with. Replying, Mr. Prosser stated that there was a partition with doors between the private entrance and the bar, and he considered he complied with the Act, - there was great difficulty in keeping Maoris from places to which Europeans had access.
Samuel Prosser and brother Thomas Prosser together ran the Empire Hotel from 1882 until it burnt down in 1885 (it was on the current Farmers' site.) 
1885 - FIRE AT OPUNAKE Hawera & Normanby Star, 28 May 1885: PROSSER'S HOTEL DESTROYED BY FIRE.  Prosser's Hotel was burnt down this  morning. The fire commenced about 3 o'clock at the west end of the building. Some shavings in Duffills furniture shop on the opposite corner caught fire, but it was fortunately discovered in time, otherwise there is no doubt several buildings between Duffills and Crowther's would have gone. The alarm was given by Mr. Crowther, by ringing the school bell. The cause is not known. The insurance on furniture, stock, etc., amounts to about £1200. It is stated the building is also insured for the same amount. A small quantity of furniture only was saved.
The building was destroyed with extraordinary rapidity. The fire was first noticed about half-past three, and by four o'clock the building was totally destroyed, there being a strong wind blowing at the time. Whether the fire broke out in the billiard room or the store-room appears to be a mystery. A quantity of furniture was saved, but nothing to any great value. The bar and its contents were quite destroyed, and the latter included some late letters in the coach-driver's bag, and also a number of fancy dresses being sent down to be used at to-morrow night's fancy dress ball. (The Empire Hotel was on the current Farmers' site)
1885 Fire at Opunake. Evening Post,  28 May 1885: A private telegram received in town today records the total destruction by fire this morning of Prosser's Hotel, Opunake. The insurances are as follows :— On the building —National Company, £500 ; Now Zealand Company, £500; Equitable, £250; United, £250. On stock and furniture— Victoria Company, £6OO. No particulars are yet to hand as to how the fire originated.
15 Sept. 1885: Opunake Licensing Bench - Hawera & Normanby Star, The Quarterly meeting of the Licensing Bench was held in the Court House , Opunake, at noon on 9th inst. Present - Messrs. Burnett (chairman), Wagstaff, Breach, and Cross.
The application of Samuel Prosser for the removal of his license from tbe Empire Hotel to section 11 and 12, block 87, was heard. Mr. Caplen appeared for Saml. Prosser; Mr. Cuff  for Mr. Barton for Walter W Middleton. The following-objections were read of which due notice had been given 
1. That you, the said Samuel Prosser, are now liable to forfeit your said license, as you have permitted your brother, John Prosser, to conduct the business over 14 days without consent of the committee.
2. That John Prosser was an unlicensed person.
3. That you are liable to forfeit your said license on the ground that the same was granted at the last annual meeting of the Opunake Licensing Committee upon condition that a 'suitable building should be erected upon the site ot the Samuel Prosser late Empire Hotel, to which your said license related with the least possible delay, and yet you have taken no steps whatever towards the erection of such building, and have, been guilty of unnecessary delay in the matter.
4. That you have no beneficial interest in the premises, in respect to which the license was granted.
5. That the license was void, Constable Hawke being directly interested in the premises of which the license was granted.
6. That Constable James Gentles is directly interested in the premises to which you wish to remove.
7. That you are for the reasons aforesaid an unlicensed person. 8. That you have not duly notified your said intended application by advertisement as required by law.
John Prosser was called, and acknowledged receipt of notice of removal of license.
Samuel Prosser, being sworn, stated that all notices required had been given. The reason which rendered the removal necessary was on account of John Prosser not having the means to rebuild. Both he and his brother were interested in his business. (By advice of Mr. Caplen, S. Prosser declined to answer, questions put during cross-examination.) 
In reply to Mr. Cuff, the committee were of opinion that it was unnecessary, to call witnesses to prove that John Prosser, was carrying on the business as immaterial.
On the application of Mr Cluff to have the minutes of the last meeting of the committee produced to prove ownership, the committee were of opinion that the minutes could not be produced to prove ownership by James Gentle's on statement of another person
The committee having returned into court after considering their decision, the chairman stated that the committee were unanimous in granting the removal, of the license from the Empire Hotel to the Club Hotel, being satisfied that it was through no fault on the part of Samuel Prosser that the Empire Hotel had not been re-erected, as was contemplated on the occasion of the annual meeting of 10th June. Mr. Caplen applied for costs, which were refused, on the ground that the objections were not malicious or vexatious.
1886 Hawera & Normanby Star,19 Jan. 1886: TO LET, for six or twelve months, 400 acres open land, securely fenced, plenty of grass, shelter, and water. Apply early. SAMUEL PROSSER, Opunake.
1886 Hawera & Normanby Star, 16 Mar. 1886: R.M. COURT The quarterly meeting of the Licensing Committee was held on Tuesday last at noon, at the courthouse. The only business before the committee was the transfer of the license for the Club Hotel from Samuel Prosser to James Crawford, which was granted.

Evening Post, 16 September 1886 An application for the transfer of the license of the Empire Hotel, Pahautanui, from Robort Long to Elizabeth Prosser, was granted. The Bench did not entirely approve of married women being licensees of hotels in country districts, but it was explained that her husband had business which continually required his presence in Opunake, and under the circumstances the Committeo authorised the transfer.

1887 Hawera & Normanby Star,10 May 1887; A fire at the Club Hotel Below: Club Hotel, Opunake 2014

1893 Taranaki Herald 24 Jan 1893: A business change. A very enterprising settler of the livelier early days, namely Mr Samuel Prosser has sold out of the hotel business to the 2nd earliest of the modern day settlers. The purchaser, Mr Knowles, has been farming but the life proved too quiet for his active disposition and sociable inclinations. Hence the transfer to town and a busier life.  Mr Prosser has also sold his compact model brewery.

1896 Settler of Opunake residing with wife Elizabeth

Notice: Samuel Prosser died at his residence, "the Cottage" Layard Street, Monday December 30th 1895. Deeply regretted. Age 54
1896 Taranaki Herald,  2 Jan. 1896: INQUEST ON LATE MR SAM PROSSER.
Opunake, January 2. — An inquest was held on Tuesday, before Mr G. W. Gane, J.P., acting Coroner, on the body of Samuel Prosser. Messrs Eyes v DeaForges, Muels, Hunter., R, Ching, and Golosky composed the "jury, Mr Eyes being chosen foreman. Mrs Prosser, H. J.. Newman, and Dr Pairman gave evidence. A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.
1895 Taranaki Herald, Opunake, Dec. 31. Mr Sam Prosser died suddenly at his residence at midnight last night, the supposed cause of death being apoplexy, he was knocking about town and transacting some business in his usual health until nine o'clock. Deceased was well known and highly respected along the coast for his many sterling qualities. He leaves a large family.
Opunake Cemetery: ILM of Samuel Prosser 5 Jan. 1844, died 30 Dec 1895 also his beloved wife Elizabeth born 15 June 1852, died 25 Dec 1934 also their beloved daughter Bessie* Alvira Constance, born 31 May 1883, died 30 Oct 1883 also their beloved son Rowlands Tidd born 18 Feb 1882, Died 26 Jan 1923 *earliest burial - The cemetery records were destroyed in a fire in  - it is situated Wilsons Road)

Samuel and Elizabeth's family

Elizabeth Prosser 2nd marriage to Christopher Rowlings

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