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Taranaki's early settlers:   The Veales John Veale

John Veale was born 5 Oct 1786 in Clawton, Devon, a farmer, to parents Oliver Veale (1737-1807) and Ann Cuttin (1755-1831). He married HANNAH FURZE  9/30/1807 at Clawton, Devon. Hannah was born 1788 in North Tamerton, Devon, daughter of parents George Furze (1757 1844) and Prudence Orchard (1767 ) The family immigrated on the "Amelia Thompson" in 1841 to Taranaki and on arrival, John Veale had bought one town section (one acre) and a section of rural land (fifty acres) for each of his nine children. He died 08 Dec 1851 in New Plymouth.  Hannah died 23 Jun 1858 in New Plymouth. Their children:

1. Ann Veale (1808 1871) (a) mar:  Richard Rundle (1800 - 1894) (Obituary) They had 12 children - John,  Jane, William, Charles, Richard, Ann, Hannah, Sally, Robert, George, Samuel and Frederick
2nd wife: Richard Rundle: mar: 1871 Martha Dignam (1825 - 1920)

2.Oliver Veale (1810 1888) mar: Mary Ann Bailey They and their children; Samuel, Elizabeth, Marwood Bailey, Hannah, Ellen and Albert lived in Illinois, USA

Oliver Veale and Mary Ann Bailey (Bayly) Veale
Photos sent by Linda Elsen
Back: Father - Oliver Veale Front: son Marwood Bailey on right and son Albert Bailey on left

3 Elizabeth VEALE (1812 1905) mar. Thomas Oxenham(1808 - 1896)(Obituary) and had 5 children - Susannah, Hannah, John, William and Jane

4. John Veale (1814 1907) Occ: carpenter and builder; (Obituary) Mar: to Agnes Cole (1815 - 1878), they arrived via Auckland on the "Hamilla Mitchell" in 1854. Their 6 children - Thomas, Elisha, John, Jane, Elizabeth, Sophia. 

5. Harriet Veale (1816 1891) Mar: John Martyn son of John Martyn and Elizabeth Bray. He d. 1881 in Nth Tamerton, Cornwall. 1 son - Richard. Harriet d. in Week St Mary, Cornwall, England.
6. Hannah Veale (1819 1886) (b) Mar: 1843 to James Dingle who arrived on the "Brougham." (1817 - 1896)(Obituary) They had 10 children - Sampson, Harriet, John, William, Mary Jane, Mildred, Helen, Richard, Hannah Veale and George Thomas.

7. Thomas Veale (1823 1896) (b) Mar: 1845 to Mary Bennetts Coulls; who arrived on the "Oriental." They had 6 children - Mary Hannah, Clara Jane, John, Thomas, Selena Ophelia, Emma

8. Prudence Veale (1826 1919) Mar: 1846 to Thomas Kingwell Skinner (1813 - 1927) Occ: butcher; they had 4 sons - Thomas, John, William and Henry.

9. Jane Veale (1821 - 1908) Mar: William Black (1815 - 1894) (b) (c) a crew member on "Amelia Thompson". (Obituary) Their children were John, Walter, Elizabeth, William, Alice, Fred, Alfred, Annie and Alexander.