Edah Teresa & Henry William Bryan   Family Chart
Marriage Edah and Harry Bryan
Left: Marriage - Edah Teresa Mattingley to Henry (Harry) William  Bryan (Photo src: Benbow Book P51

Above: Bryan children: Pearl, Myrtle; Iris; Arthur; Townley; Cecil and Flora.  Mabel was born later

Edah Theresa Mattingley was the eldest of Sarah and Thomas's family and was said to be "a delicate girl - b; 14 Feb 1880 in Temuka, she became a keen Salvation Army lass.

Edah mar: on 26 May 1904 Age: 24 yrs at Temuka to HENRY (HARRY) WILLIAM BRYAN. He came to NZ at the age of 14. The family moved to Otira 1907. Edah died of a miscarriage on 26 Apr 1922 aged 43 yrs. Harry retired to 11 Traflagar St., Christchurch where he d: 17 Aug 1944.

West Coast Times , 10 Dec: 1910 Messrs Bryan and Moynihan are starting a new line of well equipped coaches to connect with the trains to Otira and Cass which will ran on Monday next, 12th inst, for the first time. The fares will be £1 single and 30s return, and Messrs Henniker and Co., Greymouth, are the Coast agents, who will afford every information to travellers. The trains will be met at each end, and passengers can rely on catching the commenting trains.

Grey River Argus, 9 Dec 1910: FROM OTIRA TO CASS. On Monday next a new line of coaches will run on the Christchurch Road conecting with the express train .from Greymouth and carrying passengers and luggage to Cass. Messrs Bryan and Moynihan are the proprietors and they have had built special coaches for the purpose and secured a splendid team of horses. The services of the best drivers have been engaged and passengers are assured that every comfort and safety can be relied on. The firm are determined to cater for the tourist traffic, and with their very up-to-date plant we wish them a full measure of public support. A line of opposition coaches on this route has been long needed, and the new proprieters are to be congratulated on their enterprise. We are told the fares by this new firm will be considerably reduced. Messrs Henniker and Co. have been appointed local agents from whom all information can be obtained.

 Src:  Location - Otira Gorge Coach drivers 1910 -20. From left: Noel Pahl, H. Bryan, A. Goodyer, Joe Searle, Jerry Sinclair, Jack Pamment, Jim Beban, A. Hall & Mick Fitz.

Grey River Argus, 15 April 1911: CHRISTCHURCH COACH SERVICE - BRYAN AND MOYNIHAN'S LINE of COACHES will leave Otira for Cass on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS after the arrival of train and return from Cass on TUESDAYS, THURSDAY and SATURDAYS. FARES - SINGLE 20s; RETURN 30s;  HENIKER AND CO; AGENTS.     

 (Otira Coaching scenes - source of image below)

West Coast Times , 27 Jan 1911:Quite a large number of holiday makers have been staying in Otira, whilst an increasing number of cyclists and tourists have broken their journey there and spent a day visiting the tunnel works. The number of coach passengers has been exceptionally large, on several occasions ten coaches being required to carry them all, whilst the shortened road has enabled many cyclists to venture the journey. Attention is directed to Messrs Bryan and Moynihanís advertisement in connection with the Otira-Cass coach service. The- firm have reduced the return fare to 30s, and are receiving substantial support at the hands of the travelling public. It is notified in the firmís announeemen that the coaches connect with the arrival of the trains at Otira and Cass terminal points

WESTLAND LAND BOARD.West Coast Times , 18 Dec 1913: H. Bryan applied for 4 acres 2 roods (run 459), Block X, Otira S.D.óGranted.

Otira School Committee: Elected: H Bryan

Bev McInnes shared this photo - the family photographed were not identified but we believe the  family illustrates perfectly the ages of the Bryan children  ...
Grey River Argus, 30 Sept 1915: GREY MAGISTRATE'S COURT At the Magistrate's Court,- Greymouth, yesterday, Henry Bryan was charged with the theft, of oats from Archibald Hall's stables at Otira on the 24th inst. The police evidence was to the effect that complaints had been made by the proprietors of the stables at Otira, and both Hall's and Cassidy's stables were watched on the night in question by Constable Shannon, who saw the accused enter Hall's stables, strike several matches, and return in about five minutes with nearly half a sack of oats. After leaving the stable, and when about 50 yards from there, the accused was accosted by the constable and admitted he got the oats from the stable, and was taking them home, also admitting that he had got permission to take the feed, but explaining he was in the habit of doing business and borrowing and exchanging stable requisites with Mr Hall. The accused stated that he was a carrier and had been in the Otira district since 1907, had run a coaching business, and afterwards worked for Hall. On the 23rd he was told to be in readiness, if wanted, to drive an extra coach, over Arthur's Pass for Hall Bros. He had a horse of his own, which had been returned by Mr Bevan that day, and as the horse was not eating the chaff, accused went to Hall's stables abut 8 o'clock to find the groom in charge to get oats for a long journey on Sunday. The groom being absent, accused went to the hotel at about 8.30 to see Mr A. Hall, or the groom, but was unable to see either. He remained at the hotel till closing time, when he left for home. On passing the stable, the doors of which were still open, there was no one there. He took two or three buckets of oats, with the intention of informing the stables on the morrow. Mr Hall, in his evidence, stated that had the accused asked him for the oats he would have lent them with pleasure.  The case was dismissed.
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