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George Curtis & wife Eliza nee Newsham

George Curtis Press back button to return to page Press back button to return to pagewas born 31 May 1816 in Newlington Common, Hackney, London. He married 26 Aug 1841 in St Giles Church, Norwich his wife Eliza Newsham who was born 08 Apr 1816 in Wisbech, Cambridge County to parents  Joseph Newsham and Susannah nee Jecks. Eliza died on 1st June 1890 in New Plymouth and was buried 4th June 1890 Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth (Row 29 , Plot 391). George died 9th June 1894 in New Plymouth and his burial took place 12th June 1894 at Te Henui Cemetery.

Their Children:

1 George Newsham Curtis Press back button to return to page Born 28 Nov 1842 in West Hackney, Kent, London; Died: 03 Aug 1926 in Stratford, Taranaki His burial 04 Aug 1926 Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth

1867 Taranaki Herald, 20 April 1867: LIST of PERSONS who have preferred CLAIMS to VOTE at the Elections of Members of the House of Representatives for the Electoral District of Omata. Curtis, George Newsham, Okato, Freehold, 80 acres between the Stoney and Kaihihi Rivers, No. 6, on Okato Block ; attested by Edward S. Willcocks, Registration Officer.

1873 Taranaki Herald, 12 April 1873; The Omata Election. The official declaration of the poll took place on the 28th March, when George Newsham Curtis was declared to be duly elected as a member of the Provincial Council.

1884 Freehold Inglewood; Storekeeper; Inglewood - George Newsham Curtis advised of Electric and Harbour Board to fill extraordinary vacancy 13/1/1902

1883 Oct 4: Paid 8.15 for Section 2, town of Eltham - 3 roods, 35 perches

2 Ida Southey Curtis was born 08 Jul 1844 in West Hackney, London and died 15 Apr 1922 in New Plymouth Burial: 17 Apr 1922 Te Henui New Plymouth. She married Captain Edward Carthew born Abt. 1825 in Lanteglos, Cornwall where he was baptised 26 Nov 1818. His father was Admiral James Carthew and mother: Howell. He married 21 Jan 1864 in New Plymouth. Edward died 31 Aug 1875 in New Plymouth and was buried 03 Sep 1875 Te Henui New Plymouth. Family -

i James Francis Carthew Born: 31 Dec 1864 in New Plymouth Died: 28 Mar 1865 in New Plymouth Burial: 30 Mar 1865 New Plymouth

ii Lucy Carthew Born: 04 Jun 1866 in New Plymouth Baptised: 07 Jul 1866 New Plymouth Died: 13 Jan 1868 in New Plymouth Burial: 15 Jan 1868 New Plymouth

iii Ida Helen Carthew was born: 22 Nov 1867 in New Plymouth Baptised: 26 Jan 1868 New Plymouth Died: 15 Jan 1955 in Hamilton. She married 12 Nov 1889 in St Mary's Church, New Plymouth to John Hensleigh Norris Press back button to return to page Born: 1865 (Father: Dr H E Norris) He died: 20 Feb 1915 in Hamilton Their children -

a Bryan Norris Born: 28 Sep 1890 in New Plymouth Died: 28 Oct 1890 in New Plymouth Burial: Oct 1890 New Plymouth

b Carthew Hensleigh Marryat Norris Press back button to return to page Born: 12 Mar 1893 in Hunterville, Rangitikei Baptised: 26 Apr 1893 New Plymouth Died: 03 Sep 1980 in Hamilton

c Noel Hensleigh Norris Press back button to return to page Born: 03 Jan 1898 in Hunterville Died: 09 Oct 1981 in Auckland Married: 1926 to Florence Margaret Burf Harsant who was born 1907 and died 1948

d Esme Helen Hensleigh Norris Born: 29 Apr 1899 in Hunterville Baptised: 28 Jun 1899 New Plymouth and died 25 Jul 1899 in New Plymouth

iv Nora Elizabeth Carthew was born 27 Jun 1869 in New Plymouth Baptised: 25 Jul 1869 New Plymouth Died: 10 Oct 1942 married (1) John McRae; *2nd Husband of Nora Elizabeth Carthew: Captain William Meldrum Press back button to return to page He was born 28 Jul 1865 in Whangarei Married: 24 Apr 1894 in Hunterville He died 13 Feb 1964 in Burnham Camp, Canterbury Their children -

a Alexander Francis Meldrum Press back button to return to page was born 08 Jan 1895 in Hunterville He died 1964 in Auckland Hospital; In 1923 he married Jessie Irene Sievwright - she was born 16 Nov 1896 and died 1986.

b Elvira Ethel Meldrum was born 31 Mar 1897 in Hunterville She died 1966 (1)Mar. John McRae; *2nd Husband was Bank manager Press back button to return to page Francis Edmond Coote born 1886 Married: 1928 Died: 18 Mar 1963 Burial: 20 Mar 1963 Hautapu Cemetery

v Edward James Carthew Born: 11 Feb 1871 in New Plymouth Baptised: 02 Apr 1871 New Plymouth Died: 1961 in Auckland He married: 07 Nov 1900 in St Judes Church, Randwick, Sydney, NSW to Constance Marion Gertrude Hayward Born: 1871 in Australia Died: 1963

a Edward Davey (Captain) Ashcroft Press back button to return to page Born: 31 Aug 1895 in Hunterville Baptised: 01 Nov 1895 New Plymouth Died: 30 Nov 1917 in WW1 Israel Burial: Ramleh, Israel

b Lancelot Edgar (Lieut) Ashcroft Press back button to return to pageBorn: 17 Jan 1897 in Hunterville Died: 09 Apr 1917 in WW1 France Burial: Villers-Au-Bois, Calais, France

viii Ethel Susan Eliza Carthew Born: 01 Jul 1875 in New Plymouth Baptised: 29 Aug 1875 New Plymouth Died: 31 Oct 1965 in England Cremated  18 Sep New Plymouth. She married 1906 to Edmund William Markham Lysons Press back button to return to page who was born 20 Dec 1872 in British Columbia. Died 08 Dec 1959 in New Plymouth Burial: 10 Dec 1959 New Plymouth. Their children -

a Markham Carthew Lysons Press back button to return to page Born 27 Aug 1907 in New Plymouth Died: 03 Apr 1944 in WW2 Buried Cassino, Frosinone, Italy. He married 1936 to Kathleen Isobel Graham born in Franz Joseph Glacier, Westland 

b Ada Honora Ethel Lysons Born: 22 Jan 1909 in New Plymouth Baptised: 23 Dec 1909 New Plymouth

3 Helen Jecks Curtis was born 14 Mar 1847 in Stoke Newington, West Hackney, London Died: 28 Oct 1915 in Omata where she was buried. She married 19 Aug 1864 in New Plymouth to Hulton Joseph Webber MRCS Eng, born 30 Aug 1841 at Bury St Edmunds, England.

Their son:

i Henry Preston Webber Born: 20 Nov 1865 in New Plymouth Died: 25 Oct 1915 in Omata Married: 01 Sep 1890 in Stratford to Marion Blair Born: 28 Jul 1873 in Wanganui Died: 1973

*2nd Husband of Helen Jecks Curtis: Married: 24 May 1872 in Omata to Thomas William Mace Born: 11 Jul 1847 in Madiera, Portugal, son of Thomas Francis Mace (b: 1804 Battersea Fields, Surrey, England d 1891: at Omata, New Plymouth; bur: Waireka Cemetary ) and mother Isabella Broughton Son, Thomas William Mace (Farmer of Koru) died 20 Jan 1912 in Omata and was bur: Waireka Cemetary  22 Jan 1912 Omata.

Src: Mark J Halliday - Thomas Mace (Sen) who had once owned a convalescent home on Madiera, won a medal after he chased pirates off the island. 

He and first wife Hannah Hallet (1815-1845)had 6 children: Francis Joseph Mace (1836-1927) Eliza Solden Mace (1837-1910) Arabella Mace (1840-1916) Emma Sarah Mace (1843-1937) Hannah Mace (1845-1921) and Thomas William Mace (1847-1912)

Thomas's 2nd wife was Isabella Broughton (b:1827 England; d: 1892 Omata, New Plymouth) In 1852, Thomas Mace, his wife and children arrived 1852 in New Zealand.

In New Plymouth, Mace lived a quiet life, assisting women and children evacuated to Nelson during the 1860s war. Two of his daughters married two Messenger brothers, both major players in early local history, and another married Wellington Carrington, who was a well known surveyor in his own right, but played second fiddle to brother Frederick, the surveyor who came to be known as the Father of New Plymouth.

Antonio Rodriquez de Sardinha in 1852 travelled with the Mace family from Madiera.

Thomas and Helen's children:

i Lily Isabel Mace Born: 25 Dec 1873 in Omata Married: 07 Aug 1901 in St Mary's Church, New Plymouth Sidney Howard Tuckett Born: 31 Jul 1871 in Bath, England 

a Taiawhio Eric Howard Tuck Born: 24 Aug 1902 in Napier

ii Cecil Isabella Mace was born 20 Feb 1875 in Omata Baptised: 14 Mar 1975 New Plymouth Died: 07 Jan 1964 in New Plymouth her burial on 09 Jan 1964 at Omata She married 11 Nov 1895 in Omata Church Henry Scarlet Watson Born: Abt. 1858 in Brixton, Surrey, London Died: 27 May 1939 in New Plymouth Burial: 29 May 1939 Omata

a George Thomas Watson Born: 23 Aug 1896 in Koru, Taranaki Died: 1984 Married: 1930 Daphne Haugh

b Amelia Cecil Watson Born: 05 Nov 1897 in Koru, Taranaki Died: 16 Jan 1956 in New Plymouth Burial: New Plymouth Married: 1920 William John McKee Born: Abt. 1895

c Henry Scarlet Eldridge Watson Born: 29 Aug 1901 in Koru, Taranaki Baptised: 09 Oct 1901 New Plymouth Died: 21 Apr 1929 in New Plymouth Burial: Apr Omata Married: 1927 to Mabel Annie Ryan  Died: 1985

d Leonard P Watson Born: Abt. 1907 in Omata Died: 27 Dec 1907 in Omata

iii Herbert Darcy Mace Born: 29 Sep 1877 in Omata Baptised: 18 Nov 1877 New Plymouth Died: 1939 Married: 1916  to Annie Rhoda Newdick

iv Ida Gertrude Mace Born: 15 Dec 1879 in Omata Baptised: 28 Jan 1880 New Plymouth Died: 1948 Married: 03 Oct 1905 in Omata to Frederick Walker McGregor son of Robert McGregor Born: 1876  Died: 1948

iv Algernon Wilfred Webber Mace Born: 17 May 1882 in Oakura Baptised: 17 Jul 1882 New Plymouth Died: 04 Aug 1931 in New Plymouth Burial: 06 Aug 1931 New Plymouth Married: 1912 to Anne Elizabeth McKee Born: 13 Oct 1892 Died: 10 Feb 1972 in New Plymouth

v George Thomas Mace Born: 09 Jul 1884 in Koru, Taranaki Died: 22 Dec 1951 in New Plymouth Burial: Dec 1951 BNew Plymouth Married: 1909 to Margaret Isabella Logan Born: Abt. 1888 Died: 09 Oct 1977 in New Plymouth Burial: New Plymouth

vi Lewis Frank Mace Born: 27 Nov 1886 in Koru, Taranaki Baptised: 09 Jan 1887 New Plymouth Died: 14 Nov 1951 in Okato, Taranaki Burial: Okato, Taranaki Married: 1911 to Rosella Adelaide Stockley Born: 06 Jul 1877 Baptised: 01 Aug 1877 Died: 1921

*2nd Wife of Lewis Frank Mace: Married: 1922 to Hazel Linda Julian Born: Abt. 1897  Died: 02 Jan 1969 in Okato, Taranaki

vii Helen Daisy Mace Born: 16 Oct 1889 in Koru, Taranaki Died: 1948 Married: 1907 to Ernest Guy Meredith Born: Abt. 1882 Died: 1969

4 Charles Stuart Curtis Press back button to return to page  Born: 14 Dec 1850 in Omata, Taranaki Died: 04 Apr 1923 in New Plymouth Burial: 06 Apr 1923 New Plymouth Married: 02 Apr 1880 in Omata Church to Emma Clara Lowe Born: 28 Feb 1855 in New Plymouth Baptised: 01 Apr 1855 New Plymouth Father: Dr Roger Sherriff Low She died 17 Mar 1935 in New Plymouth Burial: 19 Mar 1935 New Plymouth

i Minnie Violet Curtis Born: 27 Mar 1881 in Stratford, Taranaki Baptised: 18 May 1881 New Plymouth Died: 15 Aug 1967 in New Plymouth married 1905 to Alexander Morris MacDiarmid Born: Abt. 1879 Born: Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia WW1 Died: 07 Jun 1962 in New Plymouth

a Neil Stuart MacDiarmid Born: 1906 married Elsie Lamington Strang

b Lesley Phyllis MacDiarmid Born: 1909 Married: 1936 to John Jackson

ii Henry (Harry) Stuart Curtis Born: 29 Aug 1884 in Stratford, Taranaki Baptised: 24 Dec 1884 New Plymouth Died: Abt. 1969 in Colville, Auckland Married: 13 Jul 1911 Gladys Mary James Born: 1887 Father: Sydney Henry James Mother: Gladys Carrington Died: Abt. 1968 in Auckland

a Charles Stuart Curtis Married: 1941 Kathleen Jessie Prescott

b Ian Stuart Curtis Married: 1941 Minnie Meyer

c John Sydney Curtis Married: 1951 Joan Adelaide Muggeridge

Herbert Bloomer Curtis Born: 24 Nov 1852 in Omata, Taranaki Died: 03 Jan 1915 in Inglewood, Taranaki Married: 14 Apr 1879 in New Plymouth Caroline Jorgensen Larsen Born: 14 Jul 1860 in Horsens Weile, Denmark Died: 18 Feb 1931 in Inglewood Burial: Inglewood

6  Oswald Maberley Curtis (b: 31 May 1854 in Omata, Taranaki; Bapt: 09 Jul 1854 Omata Church; d: 05 Jun 1909 in Stratford Bur: Stratford Cemetery) Mar: 22 Oct 1885 in Waingongoro Rd, Hawera to Catherine Rose Ralfe (b: 13 Jul 1867 in Wainui, Canterbury to parents Pilcher Frederick Ralfe and Isabella nee Bates; she d: 27 Mar 1955 in Stratford)

Eugene Rees Curtis b: 02 Oct 1856 in Omata, Taranaki Bapt: 23 Nov 1856 Omata Church d: 27 Sep 1905 in New Plymouth Hospital, Taranaki Bur: 29 Sep 1905 Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth Row 29, Plot 391

Edward Temple Curtis Edward Temple Curtis (b: 05 Nov 1860 in New Plymouth, Taranaki to George Curtis and Eliza Newsham; d: 21 Aug 1917 in At his late residence, Roxmere, Butler-street, Clayfield) Mar: 04 Nov 1884 in Brisbane, Queensland to Albenia Emily Mary Smith (b: 18 Sep 1859 in 5 Charlmont Mall, Dublin to parents Lawrence Smith and mother Margaret Emily nee McCook; d: 03 May 1918 in Jane St, West End, Brisbane)