Until 1839 there were only about 2,000 immigrants in New Zealand; by 1852 there were about 28,000. The decisive moment for this remarkable change was 1840. In that year the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. This established British authority in European eyes, and gave British immigrants legal rights as citizens. The treaty helped ensure that for the next century and beyond, most immigrants to New Zealand would come from the United Kingdom. It was also in 1840 that the first immigrants assisted by the New Zealand Company arrived. The company introduced long-term settlers directly from Britain, as opposed to those who travelled across the Tasman simply to harvest resources or souls. Source http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/history-of-immigration/3
    Passengers to Taranaki
Departure / Arrival
 Charles Hursthouse (sen.) and daughter Mary Hursthouse
 George Curtis, his wife Eliza and their children George, Ida and Helen
 John Stephenson Smith, wife Hannah, children Percy, Frank, Harry, Ida
 and Nora Stephenson Smith
24 Oct 1849 / Feb 7 1850
 John Hursthouse, wife Helen, family - Helen, Mary & Charles
 Charles Hursthouse
27 Nov 1842 / 30 Jan 1843
 Seccombe - Richard, Sally and son William Henry  
 Richard Lethbridge, wife Louisa; family - George, Thomas, Richard, Mary,
       Emily and Edith Lethbridge
22 June 1841- 7 Nov 1841
 Samuel Joll, wife Elizabeth; children - Ann, Samuel, Sarah, John, Eliza
 John Treweek, wife Honor; children John, Samuel and Richard Treweek
 John Steer, wife Jane; children Robert, Henry, John and Ellen 
2 Nov 1841 / 24 Feb 42 Diary of Voyage
John Veale - Hannah, Jane ; Mrs John; Prudence Thomas 
 Baylys - James, Thomas, William and their children 
 Richard Rundle Wife and children
25 Mar 1841 / 28 Jul 41