Wedding of a popular young Tarata couple, Emma Harriet (Dot) Guilford and John Drummond - 5th Apr 1915

Left to Right: Ann (Benbow) Guilford; Beryl Govenlock (Bearepaire) flower girl; Bella Drummond(Prestney); John and Dot Drummond; Irene Patterson (Cooke) flower girl; Myrtle Guilford (Norman); Cecil Guilford

Below - Village Gathering outside the Tarata Hall

Back row - Mrs MacDougall; Robert Drummond; Robert Paterson; Alf Corkill; Albert and William Ludemann; Morris Standish; Walter Guildford (bride's brother); Edward Golding; Mr Standish; Mr Stewart; Harry Lambert

Flora (Tottie) McInnes(cousin); Mrs Sutherland; Nellie Clough (obscured); Lew Sutherland; Liz Ludemann (bride's sister); May Golding (bride's sister); Eddie Govenlock; Alice Guilford (bride's sister); Mary Govenlock; Nellie Paterson; Ellen Drummond; Myrtle and Cecil Guilford; Bella Drummond; John and Emma Drummond (Groom and Bride); Ann Guilford (obscured); Sarah Mattingly (bride's aunt); Mrs Paterson; Mrs Stewart; Mary Lumsden; Hetti Guilford (bride's sister)

Children in front: Robert (Bobbie) Paterson; Henry Ludemann (obscured); Gordon Ludemann; Haydn Golding; Unknown; Irene Paterson; Beryl Govenlock (seated); Stewart twins.

Photo source and the wedding guests identified by Avis Bromley.

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