Samuel and Mary Trumper  Family Chart
William Trumper b: 12 Jan 1748 in Pembridge, Herefordshire, England parents Thomas Trumper (1721-1767) and Ann Vaughan (1715-1767); he d: 20 Jul 1799 in Eardisland, Herefordshire, England He mar: Sarah Price on  25 May 1773 in Eardisland

Their children: Walter (b: 16 Jan 1774);  John (b: 24 Sep 1775; d: 05 Feb 1812)William (b: 08 Feb 1778) Samuel (b: 1780) Elizabeth (b: 11 Apr 1782, d: 06 Jul 1785; Thomas (b: 11 Apr 1785; James (b: 05 Nov 1786); Benjamin (b: 12 May 1789; d: 15 Oct 1811); Richard (b: 16 Oct 1791); Mary (b: 28 May 1796, d: 27 Jul 1797 in Eardisland, Herefordshire)

 William was a Weaver of Hardwick in Eardisland who on 31 Mar 1756 leased a "Piece or parcel of meadow or pasture ground, called Armour Hill" in Eardisland. And also 2 acres of land in a field called Hardwick Field in Eardisland, both in the occupation of as tenant to for a term of nine years at the annual rent of 2.10.0. After her husbands death, wife Mary undertook a "Lease for 99 years from John Walton of Hurst, Dilwyn, gent to Mary Trumper of Pembridge. Widow"

Dilwyn Church

 Samuel Trumper b: 27 Aug 1780 Eardisland, Herefordshire mar:  7 Nov 1819 at the Parish Church, Dilwyn, Herefordshire to Mary Calder (b: Abt. 1784) )

In 1870-72, Dilwyn was a village, bearing the name of Church-Dilwyn and area of 6 067 acres with a population of 1069 and 238 Houses. The church is mainly Norman; an old stone structure, part in the Norman, and rest in the Elizabethan style of architecture and consists of nave, chancel, and aisles, with large tower and wooden spire.
Their 7 children born Dilwyn, Herefordshire: Samuel (b: 01 Aug 1822;d: 04 Jan 1824; Samuel b: 01 Mar 1824; Mary (b: 11 Jan 1826); Catharine (b: 21 Jun 1829, d: 17 Aug 1875 in Kaiapoi, NZ);  John (b: 01 May 1831 Occ: Laborer d: in Shropshire, mar: Eliza Price b: 1837 Onibury, Shropshire, England d: 1876 in Shropshire); William (b: 01 Sep 1832 in Dilwyn, Herefordshire, mar: 28 Jul 1863 in Eardisland to Diane Wall (b: 1835 in Eardisley, d: Aft. 1901); Walter Trumper b: 1835.
Their son Samuel Trumper (3) was b: 01 Mar 1824 in Dilwyn, Herefordshire mar: 05 Oct 1848 in Nash, Shropshire to Mary Tolley (she was b: 1828 and d: 14 Jan 1908 in Woodend, Canterbury) Sam's Will and his Grave.
1851 census:
Name: Samuel Trumper  Age: 27 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1824 Relation: Head; Where born: Dilwyn, Herefordshire, England
Civil parish: Hope Baggot County/Island: Shropshire Country: England;
Household schedule number: 18 Piece: 1982 Folio: 437 Page Number: 5; Household Members: Samuel Trumper 27; Spouse Name Mary Trumper 25; Eliza Trumper 2; Maria Trumper 1 Mth
1861 census: Household Members:
William Trumper Head Married M 37 Farm Labourer  Hereford 
Mary Trumper Wife Married F 34  Burford, Shropshire
Eliza Trumper Daughter  F 12  Burford, Shropshire; Maria Trumper Daughter  F 10  Hope Baggot, Shropshire; Benjamin Trumper Son  M 8  Hope Baggot, Shropshire; Catherine Trumper Daughter  F 6  Shropshire; Samuel Trumper Son  M 2  Shropshire; Emma Colley Nursechild  F 9  Hope Baggot, Shropshire 
Immigrated to New Zealand on the Huntress: 1863: Trumper Eliza; Domestic Servant  Salop; Trumper Samuel  38 Labourer; Trumper  Mary 35; Trumper James 8m; Trumper Eliza  14; Trumper  Maria 11; Trumper Benjamin 9; Trumper  Catherine 7; Trumper Samuel  4

1908 LAND SALE: At Rangiora on Tuesday the North Canterbury Co-operative Stores Company sold by auction in the estate of the late S Trumper. 80 acres of land on the Woodend beach at l7 5s per acre to Messrs Stalker Bros. (Click  to see his headstone at Wooden Cemetery)

Their children:

Eliza Trumper b: 16 Oct 1848 in Burford, Shropshire d: 1939 Mar: 14 May 1870 in Lyttelton to Samuel Derbidge b: 1841 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England  d: 01 Jul 1908 in Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton

2 Maria Trumper b: 30 Mar 1851 in Hope Bagot, Shropshire, England d:16 Feb 1898 at Kaiapoi. 1898 Mar: 17 Aug 1875 in Kaiapoi, Canterbury to Samuel Stone b: 1842 d: 1930 in Ohoka, Christchurch.

Benjamin Trumper b: 09 Dec 1854 in Hope Bagot, Shropshire, England d: 15 Nov 1931 in Temuka Burl: 17 Nov 1931 Temuka Cemetery Mar: 30 Dec 1879 in Ladymoor, Temuka to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Benbow b: 10 Nov 1859 in Whitton, Burford, Shropshire d: 09 Apr 1931 in Temuka Bur: 11 Apr 1931 Temuka Cemetery

4;Catherine Trumper b: 02 Sep 1855 in Caynham, Shropshire, England d: 1909 in Kaponga Mar: 22 Mar 1878 in Kaiapoi, Canterbury to John Preece d: 1930

5 Samuel Trumper b: 17 Oct 1858 in Caynham, Shropshire, England

6 James Trumper b: Abt. Mar 1862 in Tenbury, Shropshire Died: 1863 in On Huntress at Sea

7 Mary Ann Trumper b: 03 Aug 1865 in Christchurch d: 02 Dec 1875 in Woodend

Thomas Trumper b: 16 Dec 1866 in New Brighton, Christchurch d: 1949 in Otahuhu Mar: 1899 to Dinah Price b: 1875 d: 1954 in Otahuhu

Press, 6 August 1872 MANDEVILLE AND RANGIORA. Board - A letter from Messrs Paige, Stalker and Trumper was read, complaining of the state of the Woodend and Beach road. The surveyor was directed to attend to it.
Press, 30 June 1876:
Burial: TRUMPER Samuel; Age 52; Location Woodend Methodist Churchyard.

I am grateful for the assistance of descendant Aaron to ducument his pioneer-4x gt-grandfather Samuel Trumper who will be remembered with pride.

Today - A cry for help from his broken headstone...
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