Bangalore Ship's Diary

Medical journal 1851 voyage aboard the Bangalore from London to the Canterbury settlement, New Zealand by Thomas McCheane, MDSurgeon

Hospital on emigrant ship. Ref. London Illustrated Times Emigrant ships became known as "fever ships and disease was rife on board. Although the conditions on the Bangalore voyage in 1851 were not crowded, water and food quality played a large part in the high incidence of diarrhoea and despite the medical officer having to certify that the passengers were free of contagious disease, it is likely all four Cone children suffered from Hooping Cough on the voyage and nobody would have escaped seasickness due to the bad weather.(Diary ChCh Museum)

9 May
Sarah Cone 8 Slight fever - Hydr Tiobmr(/), Pulv Antimonialis with a salin draught.
10 May
Sarah Cone Slight fever - appears much better today- her draught was repeated at night
11 May
Joseph Loader 30 Diarrhoea - Olim Ricini, TinctOpii
Sarah Cone Diarrhoea - Olim Ricini, TinctOpii
Wm Tyler 32 Olim Ricini, Tin Rhui, TinctOpii
Abraham Lauder 49 delerium tremens - Mist Camphor, Car ammon. Sp Ether Nit, Tinct Opii, Aqua Fontane. At night I found it necessary to give him Tinct Opii.
12 May
Abraham Lauder Continues very violent - he continues his mixture & draught. He had 4 ounzes of Brandy.
Wm Tyler convalescent
Joseph Loader convalescent
There are a great number suffering from sea sickness and slight disarrangements of the habits. I give them Tinct Rhui and Tinct Opii.
13 May
Abraham Lauder No perceptible change - he continues his medicines and stimulents.
14 May
Abraham Lauder Much calmer today. Treatment the same. I gave him Ol Ricini which had very good effect. Several still continue to suffer from sea sickness and slight diarrheoea. I find a little of the Ess Menth Py one of the best rememdies for sea sickness.
15 May
Abraham Lauder He does not appear so well today. His mind seems to wander a great deal. He continues his medicine and stimulants. It is astonishing the numbers that continue to suffer from both sea sickness and slight diarthoea. 16 May Abraham Lauder. There is a slight improvement in him today. He does not appear so much excited. He still continues the same mode of treatment.
17 May
Abraham Lauder Appears much better today. He was on deck for a few hours. He continues his draught and I find it necessary to give him stimulents freely. There are numbers suffering from sea sickness accompanied by diarrhoea.
18 May
Abraham Lauder Still continues to imrove very gradually. He takes his opiate draught at night and stimulents. I gave him an enema todayas his bowels are costive.
Theresa Moore 44 Extremem exhaustion attendant on sea sickness. From the commencement she has suffered very much from sea sickness. I tried several things with her but to no effect. She is also nursing which she could not be prevailed on to give up. The consequence is that being a woman of naturally deleicate constitution, she is nore reduced to the greatest state of exhaustion. The family appeared to have come on board in the most abject poverty In fact they do not have a second change of clothing. As her bowels have not moved for several days I ordered her an enema Communis statin which partially took effect and Olim Ricini and Aqua Menth Pepp. I am endeavouring to keep up her strength with Broth, Arro Root and P Wine.
19 May
Abraham Lauder Continues to improve. He goes on with his draught at Bedtime and his stimulents.
Theresa Moore Gets gradually weaker - can retain nothing in her stomach. I applied a mustard Synapism to the pit of her stomach today but with no good effect. She continues her stimulents in the smallest possible quantity at the time. She also takes an effervescent draught occasionally.
20 May
Abraham Lauder Improves rapidly. He had a mild aperient draught today. He still continues his draught and stimulants.
Theresa Moore Continues to get weaker daily. She has a low fever on her. Prescribed for her today CarbAmmon, Aqua Fontanae, Syrup Simplian.
21 May
Abraham Lauder Improves rapidly. I have stopped his draught at bedtime. He still continues his stimulents.
Theresa Moore Apprears a little better today. The mixture seems to have done more good than anything she has yet taken. She continues it steadily, also as much nourishment as her stomach will admit of. There are still a very great number suffering from sea sickness and diarrhoea.
22 May
Abraham Lauder Daily improves. He is now able to take exercise and is getting his appetite again. I still find it necessary to give him stimulents freely.
Theresa Moore Continues the same. A one time she appears a little better but then she gets worse again. She continues her Ammonia mixture and nourishment.Emmayoung 6 Strumour ophlamia. Prescribed for her a few Alternative Powders and a Collyr. Nit Argente ad aqua.
23 May
Abraham Lauder Still improving.
Theresa Moore No eveident changes.She was attacked with diarrhoea during the night which i relieved with a draugtof Tinct Rhui and Tinct Opii Emmea Yound A little better. She continues her medicines.
24 May
Abraham Lauder Much improved. He still continues his stimulents.
Theresa Moore Sinking fast. In fact she can retain nothing on her stomach except for the smallest quantities of brandy and chilcken broth.Numbers are still suffering from the effects of sea sickness.
25 May
Abraham Lauder Improves very much daily.
Theresa Moore No improvement whatever. Continues to take Brth and Brandy as much as her stomach can bear.
Emma Young Her eyes are very much improved. She continues to take her powders occasionally and the Collys is daily applied.
The Hooping cough has broken out amongst the children. I give them a mild pectoral mixture and as much Barley Water sweetened with brown sugar as they can drink.
26 May
Abraham Lauder Convalescent. I still find it necessary to continue his stimulents.
Theresa Moore The diarrhoea returned during the night. She appears very low. I don't think there is the slighest chance of her recovery. She had a draught of Tinct Rhui and Tinct Opii which immediately relieved her. She continues to take all the nourishment her stomach can bear.
27 May
Theresa Moore She appears a little better today. She enjoys very much being brought on deck where she is as often as the weather permits. She has also been persuaded to give up nursing. She continues to take as much nourishment as she can bear.
Eliza Costa 10 General debility. I prescribed for her Acid Sulph dil, also half a pint of stout daily. The Hooping cough is increasing rapidly. Some of the children have it very badly.
28 May
Abraham Lauder Convalescent
Theresa Moore Still continues a little better.
Emma Young Greatly improved. She continues the same treatment.
29 May
Theresa Moore She does not appear as well today. Her stomach is very irritable. She can scarcely bear the smallest quantity of anything. Eliza Costa Slightly improved. She continues her drops.
30 May
Theresa Moore No improvement. She appears to be getting very much weaker. I gave her a mild enema as her bowels seem rather costive. Emma Young Improving rapidly. Continues her Collyr.
31 May
Theresa Moore No change whatever. In fact she is entirely kept alive with Brandy and Wine.
The Hooping cough has become very troublesome.Nearly all the children in the ship have got it.
1 June
Theresa Moore Still continues the same. Her constitution appears to be entirely broken up. She takes a great deal of nourishment during the day which does not appear to do her the least good.
Emma Young Continues to improve.
2 June
Theresa Moore She had a return of the diarrhoea during the night. Prescribed a little chalk mixture with Tinct Opii for her appears to have stopped it. Elizabeth Coasta Greatly improved. In fact she does not look like the same girl.She appeared in a very delicate state of health when she came on board. She continues taking her acid drops and her porter.
The Hooping cough continues to get worse daily. There is also a great deal of diarrhoea, occasioned most probably from a change of diet.
3 June
Theresa Moore No apparent change. She still continues to take her mixture and stimulents. Yesterday she ate a small bit of fowl.
Elizabeth Costa Continues to improve rapidly.
Charles Young 33 Opthalmia Prescribed for him Ext Collyr, Subsal Hyd, Ext Myoscian and a Suma Salts draught in the morning with the Callyr of Sulp lin.
4 June
Theresa Moore No improvement. She complains that she cannot sleep by night. I have prescribedfor her a quarter grain of Act Morphine in a draught.
Charles Young Greatly better. He still continues the Collyrium.
The Hooping Cough still remains very troublesome.
5 June
Theresa Moore She appears a little better today. She had a good night's reat after her draught. She had a repitition of it at bedtime.
Emma Young Daily improves. She now takes a mixture of Sulph of Luinina
6 June
Theresa Moore She slept well last night but does not appear to be gaining strength. It is astonishing the amount of nourishment and stimulents she takes.
Elizabeth Costa Still improves very much. No alteration in her medicines. Charles Young Convalescent.
7 June
Theresa Moore No Change. She has had the draught repeated, also a gentle aperient diacyase which had no effect.
Emma Young Improved very much - nearly well.
8 June
Theresa Moore She appears to be much worse today. Her stomach again rejects everything.
Elizabeth Costa Convalescent
The Hooping cough very prevelant and troublesome.
9 June
Theresa Moore Continues the same. No alteration in treatment.
Elizabeth Costa - convalescent
The Hooping Cough is still very prevalent and troublesome.
10 June
Theresa Moore Still the same. Stomach very irritable.
11 June
Theresa Moore Appears very low today - had a fit about 11 am which she worked for about half an hour. Applied hot jars to the soles of her feet and pit of her stomach.
Elizabeth Costa Still improves rapidly She is now taking 1/2 a grain of Sulph Quinin twice a day.
12 June
Theresa Moore She appears to be sinking rapidly. She had a repitition of the fit this morning. It did not last so long. She still continues to take a great deal of nourishment. She had a gentle enema with asmall quantity of Spt Seretinth which seemed to relieve her as she suffered a little from Lymparitis.
13 June
Theresa Moore no changefor the better except that she did not have a repeat of the fit today
14 June
Therea Moore Complains of great pain in the region of the bladder when she attempts to make water and also a incapacity to do so. I immediately ordered her to be well stuped over the bladder and gave her an aromatic mixture containing a small quantity of Spt Ether Nit which relieved her almost immediately. She still takes a large quantity of nourishment but to no effect.
The Hooping cough seems to be better. There is still some diarrhoea.
15 June
Theresa Moore Complains again today of an incapacity to make water. Had her well stuped which hadthe desire effect. She appears to be sinking fast. Her stomach has again become very irritable. She will not go into Hospital - in fact if you mention it to her she gets in a fearful state of excitement.
16 June
Elizabeth Costa Much improved. Her appetite has quite come round. Still continues her Mixture and Porter daily.
Theresa Moore Much worse today. She now refuses everything. I find it necessary to have a person with her to feed her with a teaspoonful at th time. She cannot possibly hold out very long.
The Hooping cough is rather on the decline. Diarrhoea is not as prevalent as it was.
17 June
Caroline Cone 36 General debility accompanied with swelling of the legs. A woman of rather delicate constitution, she has not been well since she first came on board. She now appears to suffer a great deal from general debility and a swelling of both legs. I have described for her a gentle aperient as her bowels have not been open for some days and recommended her to keep her legs at a levelwith her body and also to apply flannels to them constantly.
Theresa Moore Evidently sinking fast. She is altogether kept alive by spoon feeding.
Hooping Cough and diarrhoea a little better.
18 June
Caroline Cone The aperient has had the desired effect. She is now taking Sulp Quinine.She is also allowed 1 pint Porter daily.
Theresa Moore Still holds her ground. She is evidently sinking. There is a person constanly obliged to be with her to spoon feed her.
The Hooping Cough appears to be on the decline.
19 June
Caroline Cone Slightly improved. She continues the Mixture and applies hot fomentations to her legs twice a day.
Elizabeth Costa Continues to improve rapidly.
21 June
Theresa Moore Gradually sinking. She is getting quite insensible to everything. Her water passes from her involuntarily. She cannot be got to take anything except Brandy and Port Wine.
Caroline Cone Very much improved. Still continues to take her Mixture and Stout.
Theresa Moore No change
The Hooping Cough continues to get better daily.
22 June
Theresa Moore Goes on in the same way. Perfectly insensible to everything going on. She forced a fewspoonfuls of broth down her thrat today. The only thing she seems to like is Brandy.
Caroline Cone Daily improves, She still takes the Bark mixture and Porter.
23 June
Theresa Moore Still lingers on. She is reduce to a perfect skeleton. Everything passes from her without her knowledge so that we are obliged to keep her constntly changed. It is astonishing that she holds out so long.
Elizabeth Costa Convalescent
The Hooping Cough still on the decrease.
24 June
Theresa Moore Continues in the same deplorable state. Her own family seem to neglect her altogether. Were it not for the kindness of some of the women I don't know what she would do.
Caroline Cone Improving rapidly
25 June
Mrs Bowron 48 Violent nervous headache. She has suffered from nervous headaches for the last few days. I find it necessary to put her on Sulph Quinine and Port Wine twice a day.
Theresa Moore Continues in the same state.
26 June
Mrs Bowron A little better Continues her medicines.
Theresa Moore Sinking rapidly
Caroline Cone 27 June
Theresa Moore She continues to sink. She is attended to very closely by the greater part of the married women.
28 June
Mrs Bowron Improving very slowly. She is able to come on deck today. She still continues to take the Bark and Port Wine.
29 June
Theresa Moore Still alive - that is all that can be said for her.
Caroline Cone - greatly improved, still continues to take her medicine regularly.
30 June
Theresa Moore Still remains in the same unconscious state.
Mrs Bowron A good deal improved
1 July
Theresa Moore She can't possibly hold out much longer. She is reduced to a fearful spectacle.
2 July
Theresa Moore Died at 3 pm Dead
Mrs Bowron Gradually improving still. Continues to take the Bark and the P Wine.
The Hooping Cough appears to be again getting worse. The weather is very wet and cold. The children feel it very much.
3 July
Caroline Cone Improves daily. She is still obliged to continue the mixture and porter.
Mrs Bowron Has had a return of her headache very severely.
Mr Bowron General debility. I am obliged to allow him one pint of stout daily as he is a very weak state.
4 July
Caroline Cone Continues to improve rapidly in her general health.
Mrs Bowron A little better today. Still very poorly.
Mr Bowron 45 Very weak indeed.
Two or three of the children are suffering very much from the Hooping Cough. The weather is so ver severe.
5 July
Mrs Bowron Still remains very poorly. Not able to leave her bed.
Mr Bowron Getting a little stronger. He still continues his stout from which he finds the greatest benefit.
6 July
Caroline Cone Her health is very much improved. She still continues her medicines steadily.
7 July
Mrs Bowron Suffered a great deal from her head last night and apears very weak today. She still takes the quinine and the Port Wine
There are several of the children again suffering from diarrhoea. They are not allowed any salt provisions for some time back.
Caroline Cone She still continues to improve very much. She finds the porter of the greatest service to her.
Moritz Bowron 5 Worm Fever. Being a very delicate child he suffered a great deal during the hot weather and wasted away to a shadow. I have given him a few powders composed of Hyd Cut and Pulv Rhui which seemed to agree with him very much. His strength is kept up with mutton broth and port wine. He appears to be suffering a great deal from worms but the child is so very weak that he cannot be actively treated for them. He also takes a gentle tonic mixture which seems to agree with him very well.
8 July
Mrs Bowron Appears to be much better this day than she has been for some time back. She still continues taking her Bark and Port Wine.
Matthew Barnett 3 Hooping Cough Being a child of very delicate constitution and suffering apparently from disease of the mesenteric glands, hes now reduced to extremem weakness from the Hooping Cough which he has had for some days past. He is taking a mild pectoral mixture for his cough and I am endeavouring to keep his strength up with broth and wine.
Mr Bowron is getting much stronger.
9 July
Caroline Cone Daily improves in general health. She finds it still necessary to continue her Quinine mixture nad her porter.
Mrs Bowron Improving very much. Se finds great benefit from the Quinine. Moritz Bowron Gainging strength very gradually. I find it necessaryto give him nourishment very freely.
Matthew Barnett Very weak indeed. The cough exhausts him very much. Theweather has also been very much against him.
10 July
Mrs Bowron Continues her medicine and Port Wine
Moritz Bowron Appears very low today. In fact the child appearsto be in a very unhealthy state. The quantity of nourishment he takes is extrordinary, but it does not seem to get up his strength in proportion.
The Hooping Cough has again become more troublesome in consequence of the very bad weather we have had.
11 July
Caroline Cone Convalescent
12 July
Mary A Harrison 6 months Teething Being a very small weak child for her age, last night was taken very ill and was threatened with convulsions. She appears to suffer a great deal from her teeth. Immediateyhad her put in a warm bath and gave her a little Oil Ricini which gave her great relief.
Moritz Bowron Very Little improved.
13 July
Mrs Bowron Has had another of her headaches which has completely thrown her back again.
Mr Bowron is getting his strength up daily. He still continues to take porter which he derives the greatest benefit from.
There is still a great deal of diarrhoea amongst both the grown up people and the children.
14 July
Matthew Barnett No evident alteration. He appears a very unhealthy child. He takes a great deal of nourishment.
Moritz Bowron Improving very gradually.
M A Harrison Seems very poorly. Her bowels are very much decamped. She seems as if her head was about to be affected. I gave her Subm and repeated her warm bath.
15 July
Mrs Bowron A little better today. Was able to be on deck for a short time. Mr Bowron Getting much stronger.
16 July
Matthew Barnett He seems a little better today. He does not suffer so much from the cough.
17 July
Moritz Bowron Improving very much the last few days. I think he will now get on verywell. He takes plenty of mutton broth and wine.
18 July
M A Harrison Seems a little better foor the lasy few days. I continued the grain of Calomel for the last few nights.
Matthew Barnett Continues very little better.
19 July
Mrs Bowron Appears to again be getting on. Continues her Bark and Port Wine.
20 July
Edward Collins General debility Fradually pines away without any apparent cause. I gave him a gentle tonic mixture, broth and wine.
M A Harrison Seema a little better. She takes a little broth.
21 July
Matthew Barnett Seems very poorly today. He has no desire for any kind of food. He has to be forced to take anything.
Mr Bowron Continues to improve. He still requires stout.
The Hooping Cough is again getting lighter. Diarrhoea is also on the decline.
22 July
Edward Collins Improving very slowly.
Moritz Bowron Improving rapidly. He seems to be getting very strong again.
23 July
Mrs Bowron Very Much better for the past few days. She continues to take her quinnine and port wine regularly
. M A Harrisdon Improving very slowly. She continues to take a little mutton broth daily.
24 July Matthew Barnett He seems very poorly indeed. I have his belly well stuped every day and he has commenced taking his grain of quinine.
Mrs Bowron Getting much stronger.
Moritz Bowron Very much improved. In fact he is now able to take anything he gets. His appetite is much restored.
The Hooping Cough is very much better.
25 July
Edward Collins Improving very slowly. He does not appear to thrive as he ought.
M A Harrison Seems very little better today. I gave her a small dose of Ol Rin.
26 July
Martthew BarnettThis child does not seem to improve in the least. His belly is an increased size and as hard as possible. It is steeped daily and he takes his quin mixture.
Mrs Bowron Improving slowly. The voyage does not seem to agree with her.
27 July
Moritz Bowron Still improves as fast as possible. He is nor quite recovered. Edward Collins Getting on very slowly but still improves. He has a much better appetite than he has had for some time past.
Mr Bowron Improves very much in his general health.
28 July
Matthew Barnett Continues to be very poorly. He takes his nourishment a little better than he did.
Moritz Bowron Convalescent
M A Harrison A little better. She suffers a great deal from her teeth.
29 July
Mrs Bowron Improving very gradually. I do not think she can get her health restored whilest on ship board.
Edward Collins Improving very gradually
Mr Bowron Getting his strength up very rapidly.
30 July
George Scruttan 32 Burn He burned the side of his face and neck very severely with boiling tea. I have given him Oli Olive and aqu calcis equal parts to keep constantly applied to it, together with special pills to take at bedtime.
The Hooping Cough has nearly disappeared.
31 July
Matthew Barnett Still continues in a very precarious state. He does not seem to improve. He gets broth, port wine and quinin mixture daily.
George Scruttan His neck is very painful today. He has got Mins Ataca to dress it with.
M A Harrison Not much better. She is a very delicate child. I find it necessary to continue her broth daily.
1 Aug
Mr Bowron Convalesent
Mrs Bowron Very little better. She still continues takign quinine and port Wine.
Edward Collins Very much improved for the last few days. He has got his appetite again
2 Aug
Matthew Barnett Very poorly. He refuses all food. He takes nothing but a little wine.
M A Harrison Improving very slowly. The mutton broth seems to agree with her.
3 Aug
George Scrutton His neck is very much improved. He still continues to dress it with the simple dressing.
Mr Bowron Convalescent
Mrs Bowron Now that the weather is not so rough she finds herself much improved. I have ceased giving her Port wine as my stock will not admit of it.
Jane Sherrat 30 Diarrhoea This woman has had a bad attack of diarrhoea for the last few days. I have tried verious remedies with her to no effect. Last night I gave her Pulv Dover and she now appears very much better today. She still complains of a great deal of pain.
4 Aug
Matther Barnett He still continues very weak. He continues taking quinine and port wine and mutton broth but does not improve.
Edward Collins Improving very rapidly.
M A Harrison Improving slowly.
5 Aug
George Scrutton Very much better. Continues the simple dressing.
Matthew Barnett No evident improvement.
Jane Sherratt I found it necessary to repeat her powder at night. She is much better today.
6 Aug
M A Harrison Continues to improve slowly.
Edward Collins Very much improved He still continues his nourishment.
Mrs Bowron Convalescent.
George Scrutton Nearly quite recovered.
7 Aug
Matther Barnett No improvement whatever.
M A Harrison Improving very slowly. Gave her a little Olei Ricini last night. Edward Collins Still improves raidly.
8 Aug
M A Harrison Getting on very slowly. She suffers a great deal from her teeth.
The Hooping Cough with a few exceptions has nearly disappeared.
9 Aug
Matthew Barnett Continues very poorly. He does not seem to improve in the least although his appetite is very good. He takes his medicines as usual. M A Harrison No change. She continues in a very weak state. In fact the weather has been greatly against the children in particular.
Edward Collins continues to improve rapidly.
10 Aug
Matthew Barnett No change whatever. He continues with his Quinine Mixture.
M A Harrison No perceptable change.
Edward Collins Daily getting stronger.
Jane Sherratt Convalescent.
11 Aug
Matthew Barnett He seems to be gradually wasting away. It is astonishing the quantity of nourishment he takes. He also continues the half grain of Quinine three time daily.
Mary A Harrison Improving very slowly indeed. The weather continues as cold and wet that the children cannot improve.
Edward Collins Improves rapidly
The Hooping Cough has nearly disppeared
12 Aug
Abraham Lauder Diarrhoea. He was taken very bad during the night with purging and vomiting. I found it necessary to give him Tinct Ipii in a draught. He is not much better today. I have just prescribed for him Olei Ricini and Tinct Rhui, Tict Opii.
Matthew Barnett No change.
M A Harrison Continues nearly the same.
Edward Collins Still he continues to improve.
13 Aug
Abraham Lauder Still suffers a great deal. I gave him at bed time Pulv Dover.
Mary A Harrison Very much better.
Matthew Barnett Improves very slowly. He still continues to take his Quinine Mixture
Edward Collins Convalescent.
14 Aug
Ambrose Jackson 9 Diarrhoea with fever. I gave him at bedtime Olei Ricini.
Abraham Lauder The purging not so bad. He complains of great pain. I repeated his dose of Dover Powder.
Mat Barnett Continues to improve very slowly.
Mary A Harrison She was attacked by diarrhoea during the night. I prescribed for her a little Mist Cretae.
15 Aug
Ambrose Jackson The diarrhoea is a little better but he continues very feverish. I gave him a powder composed of Hyrd Cut, Pulv Rhi and Pulv Lugel at bedtime.
Matthew Barnett He continues to take his Mixture and nourishment.
Mary A Harrison The diarrhoea has ceased. She remains very weak She takes a great deal of beef tea.
Abraham Lauder much better today.
16 Aug
Jacob Barnett 35 Diarrhoea He appears to sufffer from diarrhoea and slight fever. I gave him Subm Hydr with Aomatic Powder at bed time.
Mary A Harrison Much better today.
Matt Barnett Continues to improve gradually
Abraham Lauder I found it necessary to give him another dose of Dover Powder at at bedtime as his diarrhoea appeared to annoy him again.
17 Aug
Ambrose Jackson The diarrhoea has almost ceased but the fever still remains. I prescribed for him Pulv Antimonalis.
Jacob Barnett still continues very poorly. He had Pul Dover at bed time
Abraham Lauder Very much better today.
Matt Barnett He still takes the Quinin which appears to agree with him very well.
Mary A Harrison Improving very slowly.
18 Aug
Ambrose Jackson Very much better today.
Jacob Barnett He still continues very feverish. I prescribed for him Carb Anmmon, Acid Citric and Saturan, Aquae Pune, Coch Ampl
Abraham Lauder Continues to improve slowly.
Matt Barnett Gradually getting stronger.
Mary A Harrison Much better today.
The Hooping Cough is now confined to a few of the children who have it very lightly.
19 Aug
Ambrose Jackson Convalescent
Jacob Barnett He is much better today. The mixture seems to have cooled him down. He has been on deck and ate a very good dinner of arrowroot.
Matt Barnett Continues to improve very slowly.
Mary A harrison A little better. She can't be got to take a quantity of nourishment.
20 Aug
Jacob Barnett Continues to improve. He takes his mixture regularly.
Abraham Lauder A little stronger today. No alteration in his treatment.
Matt Barnett Goes on improving very slowly.
M A Harrison No evident change. She is a very delicate child. She is altogether kept up with nourishment.
21 Aug
Abraham Lauder Much better today. I gave him Port Wine and nourishment.
Jacob Barnett He gets much stronger. No alteration in his treatment.
Matt Barnett Improving very slowly.
Mary A Harrison Continues the same way. She still gets all the nourishment she can eat.
22 Aug
Abraham Lauder Convalescent
Jacob Barnett Continues to improve
Matt Barnett " " "
Mary A Harrison No change whatever.
23 Aug
Matt Barnett He still improves slowly
Mary A Harrison There is no improvement in her as yet. I think the change of air may do more in her case than anything else.
24 Aug
Jacob Barnett Continues to improve very much since our arrival.
Matt Barnett He appears to improve very slowly. He is a child of very unhealthy constitution.
Mary A Harrison I can't foresee any change in her for the better. She continues to take some nourishment but not very much.

Signed Thomas McCheane M.D.
Surgeon Suprt
Ship Bangalore
September 10th 1851

Note:The Bangalore arrived at Lyttleton on 21 August 1851

Immigration Barracks at Lyttleton. Painting by Sir William Fox. Original Alexander Turnbull Library. Print - source unknown

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