Frederick (1839 1917) and Sarah Cone (1850 1927)

Photo above: Back row: Left to Right - Tom; Fred; Maria; Bill; Albert
Front - Annie; Frederick Cone; Kate; Bram; Sarah Cone nee Barnard); George

1. Stillborn Male CONE Born: June 07, 1871 in Southbridge Died: June 07, 1871 in Southbridge

2. Frederick Edward CONE Born: April 07, 1873 in Rangiora Died: May 29, 1943 in Christchurch; m. Mary Katherine DUNCAN Died: 1939 in Christchurch. They had a son.

3. Albert Charles CONE Born: May 31, 1874 in Ashley Bank Occupation: Tram Driver Died: December 29, 1942 in Christchurch Burial: Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch; m. Elsie Marion BURT Born: February 20, 1880 in Rangiora Married: June 22, 1901 Died: March 25, 1976 in Christchurch Burial: Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch. They had six children.

4. William (Bill) CONE Born: September 12, 1875 in Waitohi; Occupaton labourer, farmer, Tinwald; Died: May 01, 1961 in Ashburton Burial: Ashburton Cemetery; m. Charlotte Minnie SMITH Born: 1877 in Christchurch Married: 1904 Died: October 30, 1939 in Dunedin. They had one daughter.

Emma Kate, Albert Charles and Sarah Ann Cone5. Maria CONE Born: September 16, 1876 in Waitohi Flat, Temuka Died: April 07, 1945 in Timaru where she is buried. Maria was married on June 07, 1899 at Waitohi Flat to Francis (Frank) Charles GUILFORD He was born on August 09, 1876 at Pleasant Valley, Geraldine and died on October 27, 1961 in New Plymouth where he is buried. They had three children.

6. Thomas CONE Born: June 01, 1879 in Waitohi Flat, South Canterbury Died: July 03, 1959 in Ashburton Burial: Ashburton Cemetery; Helen (Nellie) DRUMMOND Born: 1882 in Hororata; Married: 1910 Died: November 02, 1913 in Lyndhurst, Ashburton Burial:Ashburton Cemetery; They had three children

Thomas CONE and his second wife Hannah Ruth* SNELL who was born September 21, 1883 in Mornington, Dunedin, were married on June 30, 1915 at the Ashburton Registry Office, Ashburton. Hannah died September 18, 1943 at Alford Forrest and is buried at the Ashburton Cemetery. Thomas and Hannah had 8 children.

7. George Herbert CONE Born: September 06, 1880 in Waitohi; Occupation - farmer; Died: October 30, 1956 Orbell St, Timaru Burial: Timaru Cemetery; m. Evangaline (Eva) Elizabeth HAYMAN Born: March 10, 1885 Willowby, Ashburton; Married: 1907 Died: June 1980 Timaru Burial: Ruru Lawn Cemetery, Christchurch.

8. Henry John George CONE Born: 2 May 1882 in Waitohi Flat, South Canterbury; he died aged 4 years on November 15, 1886 at Waitohi Flat (cause: Progressive pernecious Anaemia, abt 18 months)and was buried November 17, 1886 Temuka Cemetery by Rev W G Thomas, Wesleyan.

9. Sarah Ann* CONE Born: May 25, 1883 in Waitohi Died: November 10, 1942 in 43 Browne Street, Timaru Burial: Timaru Cemetery; m. James (Jim) MEICKLE

10. Emma Kate* CONE Born: April 01, 1886 in Waitohi, Temuka; Died: March 24, 1959 in Timaru; m. Robert (Bob) Mitchell DAVIE Born: May 19, 1881 in Hillhead, Kirkintilloch, Scotland; Married: March 27, 1907 in Timaru; Occupation: Moulder; Died: April 02, 1961 in 26 King St., Timaru.

11. Walter Percy CONE Born: 6th August 1887 in Waitohi Flat, South Canterbury; Died: November 11, 1887 of bronchitus at Waitohi Temuka aged 3 monthsBurial: 13 Nov. 1887 Temuka Cemetery by John Russell, Salvation Army minister

12. Joseph Bramwell* CONE Born: January 27, 1890 in Waitohi; Occupation farmer; Died: March 22, 1977 in Timaru Hospital; Cremated Timaru; m. Edith Maude GOSS Born: July 31, 1894 in Ilfracombe, Devon; Married: August 13, 1915 in Ashburton; Died: June 29, 1985 Timaru; Cremated Timaru.

Cone family - Left: George; Bram; Bill; Thomas; Maria (Guilford), Kate (Davie)
Cone family - Left: George; Bram; Bill; Thomas; Maria (Guilford), Kate (Davie) 1943c

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