George and Ellen Cone

George and Ellen Cone George Cone will be remembered in the history of Rangiora as a popular promoter of new clubs, societies and industries.

He  served on the council continuously without a break but ill health caused him to resign in 1897, a year before he died at the age of 56.

Writings by Grandson Clarence Frederick Cone

1860 - Anyone residing within 15 miles of Christchurch and able to serve as militiamen was on the Militia list - George Cone, Ferry Road, Farmer

Intentions to Marry - George Cone, Batchelor, profession farmer; age 21 years. Dwelling Mt Grey - length of time in residence 3 years. Marriage proposed in St John, the Baptist, Rangiora by Rev. Dudley to Ellen Burt, no profession given, age 18, living at Rangiora 4 years. Thomas Burt gave his consent to a minor. Witnesses to the Marriage were Thomas Burt, Farmer of Rangiora and Emma Furby of Christchurch.

George and Ellen Cone Pre- 1866 - George had some of his brother William's land and his name is recorded among those who had farms under crop in 1866 in the Ashley-Loburn area.

Electoral Roll 1869-70; George Cone Ashley bank, sect. 3971 Ashley Downs; Leasehold Sect. 1293 + 2864 Ashley bank. This land was owned by William Cone before Fawcetts road was there and George built the sod house on this land. A grandson remebered his father telling him about watching the bullocks in a pen tramping the clay for the building. This would have been possibly about 1867. There was to be a very good orchard there.

1869 - George Cone built and opened his butcher's shop on land which he later purchased in 1873  on the corner of High and Ashley Streets.  A cottage had been built originally on this site by Charles Jennings who used it as a chemist's shop and then later sold it to Charles Bourke - this when removed was replaced by George Cone's butcher shop and for some years it was George Cone (left) known as Cone's Corner

1872 - 73 Electoral Roll; Ashley Bank leasehold section 1293, 2864 Ashley Nth Bank and Section 1293 Sefton near Trig pole 1A  - this block was sold to him by brother William in July 1874 - and was where  George had built the sod hut. He sold it 24 days after on the 18th August 1874 to Mr Kelvey. When William Cone bought it in 1864 ( he possibly worked it well before this date) he paid  3-5 per acre for it. This land sold in 1965 for 180 an acre.

1873 - 23rd May, George Cone bought the section 1 rood 24 perches where today, the Bank of New Zealand is, for 800. He took out a mortgage on it for 600 @ 12 1/2%. In May 1859 the property had been bought for 20 and in May 1860 it was sold again for 110,  and then George Cone bought it.
Date unknown - Won the first ploughing match at Ashley

Date unknown - George went to Australia and brought back with him some very fine crockery - it is not known whether his walnut grand piano and furniture was also bought there at this time. It was said that George lived in style - had a servant.

1875 - On the 25th May, George Cone bought from James Fitzgerald 3 acres, 2 perches on the corner of Ashley and High Streets for 150. By 1880 he had sold this block in 10 sections for 300.
Son George Herbert Cone, 2nd from right, later took over the business from his father and sold it in 1909 1876 - North Canterbury Cup, a 2 mile handicap, a purse of 30 sovereigns was won by G Cone's Jimmy. The newspaper stated the the favoured was amongst four horses and "it fell to the lot of Mr G Cone's Jimmy, a wonderful little horse, whose everyday occupation was to carry the butcher's basket but was certainly no disgrace to the business he assists in fostering!"
1878 June 21, Friday, - George is reported as polling 169 votes in the first Rangiora Borough elections , the second highest of the 14 who contested the seats.  Henry Blackett was 1st mayor

July 1878 George Cone leased 100 acres for 21 years at 200 a year, a fantastic price. This land was over the railway crossing below the Southbrook railway station.
By this time, George is in  financial difficulty and the creditors sold his shop corner to the Bank of New Zealand. The Bank paid the 1200,  the interest owing and 5 for the property section. A branch of the bank  had been opened in Rangiora in 1868 but now with the new site on the corner of Albert and High streets they were able to build two storied premises of wood and iron and plastered throughout with a banking chamber, managers office and a strong room in the front. The other portions of the ground floor, together with the upper flat had ten large apartments besides bathroom and offices and was used for the managers residence. The manager was assisted by a teller, ledger keeper and a junior. 
The Cone butcher shop was removed from the section to the corner of High and Albert Streets where George had 5 acres, to make way for the Bank.
1878, 21st Nov - George bought the place on Cone Street, Rangiora 14 1/4 perches for 125.

1879, 21st Jan George Cone gave testamony in a case of a suicide at an inquest held at the Red Lion Hotel before a jury. George stated how he had found the deceased whom he had known as George Butler on Sunday afternoon in Bassingthwaites's stable which was next door to the Red Lion. Butler had worked about the house and looked after horses in the stable where he also slept. George Cone who lived in the cottage owned by the deceased had been sent for by Mrs Bassingthwaite when George butler could not be found and she was unable to gain access to the stable. George Cone had to force the door open as the body had fallen against the door after the rope which was used to hang himself from a hook on the wall, had parted. George estimated that death had occurred about 2 or 3 hours previously.  Others gave testimony as to the deceased state of mind in the days preceding the event and a verdict was given by the jury as "suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity".

1879 April 1st - Mr George Cone Rangiora, owner of a filly broke its leg in an accident while being exercised with other horses belonging to George Cone. The lad riding Defamer was bringing her up the Ashley Road when she shied at a spring cart which had backed in to the fence. In doing so she crossed her legs and at the same time stepped on a loose stone which caused her to stumble and break her near fore-leg close to the elbow. The valuable filly had been looked on to win in the forthcoming races and had to be shot.

1880 Mar.4 - Isabella Marion daughter of My George Cone dies at Rangiora aged 10 yearsGeorge Herbert Cone in front of house his father built Cone Street, Rangiora
1880 Apr 8 - The bankruptcy of George Cone, contractor of Rangiora is advertised " that he is unable to meet his engagements with his creditors and that a meeting with them would be held at the Supreme Courthouse Christchurch on Wednesday 14th of April at 11 am and that J B Griss was solicitor for the debtor.

1880 In July there are several advertisements advertising auctions of property by George Cone, Auctioneer.

1881 May 12-George and two friends all carrying guns along with five dogs were charged in Court for trespassing with dog and gun. They had come three or four miles across Robert Chapmans land in pursuit of game and the complainant stated  that they had several hares with them but they had no permission to enter his property. George Cone said they had 2 guns and four dogs, a greyhound, a setter, a retriever and a sheepdog. One said he was not a good shot and had no gun and was simply a spectator. George and another had licenses to shoot hares, and stated that the property was unfenced and that no caution against trespassing had been advertised. They said they had offered an immediate apology and had left at a canter across to the Oxford Road. The judge ruled that all were guilty of trespass but because they had licences were given a light penalty of 3 and court costs.Cone House, Cone Street; 2001

1882 January, George Cone bought 20 perches of land on a road leading to the Lincoln Road, Christchurch - perhaps with the idea of retiring there some day.
1-9-1882 Meeting at Rangiora re municipal elections decided to support Mr George Cone
16-12 1882 Mr Geoge Cone's horse is killed by a goods train at Thornes Crossing a short distance below the Rangiora Station.

1885 - In June, a bacon factory was situated in a two-storied building near the corner of Northbrook Road and Victoria Street possibly part of the old tannery was managed by George Cone, butcher. At the end of its first month it had a thousand carcasses in its dry-saltery and smokehouse and the company running it planned to expand into butter and cheese. It was described as a great boon to farmers but after a couple of years, it had closed.
1886 Nov. 17: Mr George Cone presides at the Sports Meeting in Rangiora  held in the Municipal Chambers in Rangiora attended by about 50 persons. Treasurers accounts were read and the decision was made to run the New Years Sports day as usual and that the North Canterbury Bicycle Club be asked to amalgamate and run the Mile Championship. George Cone was asked to preside over a committee of 13 to attend all the arrangements.First butchers shop cnr High and Ashley St. George Cone on horse left and son George Herbert (right)

1891 - 1892 - George was elected Mayor of Rangiora.

Obituary: Funeral At Rangiora

The remains of the late Mr George Cone were conveyed to their last resting place in the Rangiora Church of England Cemetery on Saturday afternoon with every mark of respect. Flags were flying half-mast and the business premises in the town were closed during the time of the funeral. The cortege was a very large one, amongst those present being representatives of the organisations to which the deceased belonged, the pall bearers being the Mayor, Borough Councillors and the Town Clerk. The burial service was read by the Rev. F P. Fendall. A large number of floral tokens of sympathy were placed on the coffin, amongst them being wreaths from the Borough Council, the North Canterbury Jockey Club and the Athletic Association.

Ellen Cone died at the home of her daughter Edith Cunningham on the Ferry Road in 1924 aged 79 years and was buried with her husband George at the Anglican Cemetery at Rangiora. The graves are located on Ashley Street, the second row to the right inside the gate and close by, daughter Ellen and her husband Charlie Elliott.

George and Ellen Cone had 6 children - George Herbert, Frederick Willam, Ellen Sarah, Isabella Marion who died 3rd March 1880 aged 10 years, Sarah Ann who died aged 2 years November 1872 and Edith Amelia

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