William Alfred and Elizabeth Burt

The Burt family had originated from Hastings and as a lad, William Alfred first went to sea but in 1859 he accompanied his parents Thomas and Sarah Burt on the "Mystery" to Lyttleton. On his arrival at Lyttleton, he found employment unloading the vessel and the cargo was then delivered by lighters at the Heathcote Ferry. After serving at Cheviot station for three years, William again joined his father who had settled at Rangiora and here he helped on the farm, and married in 1868 to Elizabeth Sarah Ivory, the daughter of William Emms Ivory, nurseryman of Rangiora.William Alfred and Elizabeth Burt He next farmed in the Amberly district on his own account. His experiences as a wheat grower - his estate was known as "Ricton", was to put him in financial difficulties by the end of 1879 - the grower received 2/6d per bushel for his crop, out of which he had to pay 1/- for cartage and 8d for threshing. William had built a large grain store, the "Steam Flour mill" near the Rangiora railway station and also erected the Rangiora weigh-bridge. The grain store was for a time leased by Messrs Matson, Buss and Co and used as a sale room but it had to be sold in March 1881 to Messrs Baumberger and Franz of the Cust Flour Mills.
William Burt was one of the first members of the Rangiora Borough Council ( along with brother-in-law George Cone) and headed the first poll when there were about 16 candidates.
William Emms IvoryWilliam purchased a team of horses and commenced carting to Kaiapoi and subsequently extended his trips to Christchurch. Owing to the development of the trade, he soon afterwards established coaches for the carrying of passengers and parcels.
Newspaper Report: 18/8/1884
Mr W A Burt has been enterprising enough to supply a want long felt in Rangiora, in the shape of a conveyance to run from the railway station into the town with passengers, luggage, or goods. The vehicle provided is an express, fitted with comfortable seats, and it is hoped that the prorieter will received the support merited by his enterprise."
He for a time became the mail contractor on the road.The times were tough and in the Supreme Court, Christchurch on the 14th of April 1885 William is adjudged bankrupt. After the railway was extended to Rangiora, he gave up coaching and continued another branch of the business which he had already started as a coal merchant, until 1896. Mr Burt was extensively engaged in the grain trade for some years and also, for a time, he held an and worked it for a number of years, but ultimately sold it. Before his retirement, he was proprieter of the refreshment stall at the Rangiora Railway station.

Burt family
William Alfred BURT. son of Thomas Burt (1814 - 1900) and Sarah Norris (1808 - 1870) Born: July 03, 1843 in Hastings Died: September 01, 1911 m. Elizabeth Sarah IVORY daughter of William Emms Ivory (1823 - 1911) Born: Abt. 1848 Married: 1868 Died: June 27, 1906. Their children:New Plymouth. Their children

1. Elizabeth Sarah BURT
Elsie Marion Burt 2 Kate Valentine BURT
3 Zoe Brinda Estelle BURT
4 George Hessell BURT Born: Abt. 1875 in Rangiora m. Agnes Ann WATERS Born: Abt. 1892 in Lyttleton Married: June 06, 1917 in St Andrews Manse, Christchurch
5. William Sydney BURT Born: June 04, 1876 in Rangiora Baptism: June 21, 1882 Rangiora
6. Margaret Priscilla BURT Born: January 09, 1879 in Rangiora Baptism: June 21, 1882 Rangiora m. ADAMSON
7. Elsie Marion BURT Born: February 20, 1880 in Rangiora Baptism: June 21, 1882 Rangiora (B W Dudley incumbent) Died: March 25, 1976 in Christchurch m Albert Charles CONE Born: May 31, 1874 in Ashley Bank Married: June 22, 1901 Died: December 29, 1942 in Christchurch
8. Frank Gordon BURT Born: Abt. 1885 in Rangiora m. Ethel Annie DITFORT Born: Abt. 1888 in Christchurch Married: April 11, 1911 in St Saviours, Sydenham

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