Frederick Edward Cone

Fred Cone and Mary Duncan married in 1912. and in 1914 they took over as managers of "Puketohu", Middle Valley, Raincliff and in 1918, he acquired "Block 3" of the Chastleton syndicate. Mary's elderly father had bought two other blocks in 1901, "Chastleton" where he and his daughter Mary lived, and "Middle Hope" giving him a total of 612 acres. Duncan sold Block 2 in 1910 to J Brownlie who added "Middle Hope" originally comprising 333 acres which was next door. Fred Cone probably built the house for him. The Chastleton house was no longer needed, so it was rented to Mary and her son Archie Cone. In 1929 a combination of drought and poor product prices, forced the Brownlie's to sell and it was purchased in 1929 by Henry Guilford whose parents, Frank and Maria nee Cone, farmed at Cattle Valley.
Fred had been working for Ben Bartrum and he purchased this farm called "Lynwood" from him in 1910. He farmed this until he sold in 1926. By 1918 or 20, Fred had acquired blocks 4 and 5 - an total area of 914 acres. It had good road access in spite of the steep hill and by 1923, Fred had a cottage built at the hill base. Fred, Mary and Archie lived here until 1926
Marriage of Archie and Maxine Cone

Archibald (Rocky) CONE Born: September 12, 1914 in Fairlie Occupation: Carpenter Died: June 10, 1978 in Public Hospital, Wairoa Burial: June 12, 1978 Wairoa Cemetery; Married: April 18, 1944 in Dunedin Zena Maxine* HAGAN She was born: May 14, 1917 Their children:

i. STEFFANIE ELIZABETH CONE, born Dunedin; m. JAMES MATHEW PEARCEY. Their sons are Patrick and Brendon PEARCEY ii. BRAMWELL CONE, b. Dunedin; m. KATIE SARAIA BROWN/STEVENS Their daughter is Veronica Ida Brown iii. VICTORIA ROBYN CONE, b. Wairoa; m. ERIC WILLIAM Their children are Kim, Bram and Nina VANESSEN iv. CHRISTOPHER MAXWELL CONE, b. Wairoa and KERRY LANE.Their daughter is Zena Lane- Cone

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