Thomas and Hannah Ruth Cone

Helen and Thomas Cone

Thomas Cone and Ruth married June 30th 1915 at the Ashburton Registry Office.
Thomas farmed at Prole Road and then at Willowby before they retired to Ashburton.

The parents of Hannah were George Snell, aged 29, a shoemaker from Suffolk and Rebecca Snell, 28 with their UK born children George 6, Joseph 4 and infant Catherine 1 year sailed from Greenock on the "Wild Deer" on October 30th 1874. The 1060 ton ship was under the command of Captain Malcolm and Surgeon Superintendent Dr Gregg and it arrived at Otago on January 20th 1875. Snell children born in Dunedin were:
iv. JOHN WALTER SNELL Birth: 21 MAY 1876 Mornington, Dunedin; Death: 30 APR 1910;
v. Baby girl Birth: 07 OCT 1877 Dunedin, Death: 25 OCT 1877;
vi. HELENA ANNE SNELL Birth: 13 JUN 1878 Dunedin, Death: 28 DEC 1878;
vii. SAMUEL SNELL Birth: 04 OCT 1879 Mornington, Dunedin, New Zealand Death: 29 OCT 1948;
viii. ELIZABETH SNELL Birth: 12 JUL 1881 Dunedin, Death: 26 MAY 1954;
ix. HANNAH RUTH SNELL Birth: 21 SEP 1883 Mornington, Dunedin, married to Thomas Cone (was she named after the famous Hannah Snell?)Hannah's death occured 18 SEP 1943;
x. Baby boy Birth: 28 JUN 1885 Dunedin,Death: 29 JUN 1885 ;
xi. DANIEL SNELL Birth: 05 JUN 1886, Dunedin; Death: 15 OCT 1955;

Hannah and Thomas Cone's family:

Standing: Eunice; Bertha; Iris; Seated: Ted; Ruth;Stephen; Mary; Leah
Back: Eunice; Bertha; Iris; Seated: Ted; Ruth;Stephen; Mary; Leah

1. Ruth Catherine CONE Born: March 16, 1916 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury Died: June 27, 2000 in Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch; Norman Garfield BAUERLE Born: March 08, 1908 in Eiffleton, Father: Conrad Bauerle; Mother: Martha Helsey; Married: November 11, 1936 in Ashburton Died: July 04, 1957 in Eiffleton Burial: Ashburton. Their children:

(1) Pauline BAUERLE Born: Ashburton on August 11, 1947; Died November 07, 2003 at Nurse Maude Hospice, Christchurch; wife of Peter Murray MACLEOD Born: Wellington Married: Christchurch.Family:
(i) Andrew Murray MACLEOD Born:Hawera, Taranaki
(ii) Gordon Neil MACLEOD Born: Stratford, Taranaki m. Barbara Ann CAMERON Born: Portland, England Married: Inverurie, Scotland Their son - Neil Murray MACLEOD Born: Cambridge, England
(2) Roger BAUERLE Born: June 07, 1953 in Ashburton m. Shirley Margaret MCNEIL Married: Auckland. Their family:
(i) Angela Margaret BAUERLE Born: Christchurch m. Shane John BOURK Born: Blenheim Married: Auckland. Their children: Jamie Claire and Sarah Ashleigh born at Auckland *2nd Husband of Ruth Catherine CONE: m. Ronald WINTERS Born: April 19, 1907 in Leeston; Father - Joseph Winters; Mother - Lucinda Hall; Married: December 16, 1961 in Christchurch

Left to right; Ruth; Leah; Mary; Bertha; Iris; Eunice; Stephen; Edward
2. Leah Rachel CONE Born: May 20, 1917 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury Died: September 06, 1986 in Christchurch Burial: Christchurch

3. Mary Isabel CONE b: Oct 27, 1918 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury. d: May 1st, 2014; her Funeral Service was held at Wai-mana Chapel, 92 Kippenberger Avenue, Rangiora, Thursday, 8th May. Arthur Frederick HOUGHTON Born: March 05, 1910 Married: 1940 in Ashburton; Died: January 28, 1985

(1) Ivan Barrymore HOUGHTON Born: Ashburton; Married: Patricia MACKEE Their family are Barbara and James
(2) Warren Noel HOUGHTON Born: Ashburton; Married Pamela LANGDON; Their family are Wayne and Vanessa:
(3) Vernon Arthur HOUGHTON Born: Rakaia; m. (1) Erica May JUSTIN;
2nd Wife of Vernon Arthur HOUGHTON: Kathleen HOLMES. Their children: Michael, Andrew and Liza
(4) Kevin Russell HOUGHTON Born: Ashburton; m. Barbara ANDREW
2nd Wife of Kevin Russell HOUGHTON: Helen; Their son is Kerney Jody JEFERY
(5) Lawrence Neil HOUGHTON Born: Ashburton;Married: Jan CARTER in Christchurch; Their children are Roger, Rachael and Teresa
(6) Jeanette Marie HOUGHTON Born: Christchurch; Married: Baden EWART; Their children are Anita Jo and Nathan
(7) Maron Joy HOUGHTON Born: Ashburton; Married Ronald DWYER in Christchurch; Their family: Daniel Peter; Shane and Melissa
(8) Daphne Carol HOUGHTON Born: Kaiapoi Married: Jawa MOHI Their children are David, Cindy, Donna and Catrina
(9) Suzanne Margaret HOUGHTON Born: Christchurch m.... Two children Craig and Jonathan
4. Bertha May CONE Born: May 02, 1920 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury; m. Douglas James WRIGHTFather - James Wright; Mother - Margaret Falconer; Born: January 12, 1919 in Glenomaru Married: June 21, 1941 in Ashburton; Occupation: Farmwork, Milkman, Foreman; Died: May 05, 2001 Parklands Hospital, Christchurch Burial:Avonhead Park Cemetery. Their family;
(1) Barry James WRIGHT Born: Rangiora; m. Kathleen Fay HAMILTON Born: Kaikoura; Married: Kaikoura.They have 4 children - Helen who was born at Dunedin
(2) Lynette Margaret WRIGHT Born: Ashburton; m.(1) Tony FAUWENA; 2nd Husband of Lynette Margaret WRIGHT: John GAREA. Their children: Victoria Helen; Rachel Carolyne and Oliver John
(3) Natalie Ruth WRIGHT Born: Ashburton m. Les THOMPSON
(4) Jillian May WRIGHT Born: Ashburton, m. Kelvin James GARDINER Born: Wellington Married: Dunedin Their children are Paul Richard born Wellington; Joanne Barbara and Nicola Claire who were born Dunedin
(5) Janice Ann WRIGHT Born: Ashburton; m. David Malcolm DOW Born: Dunedin; Married: Dunedin; Their children are: (i) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (ii) Jacqueline Ann DOW Born: Christchurch m. Shane GILLAND; Their family Lauren Emily and James William
(6) Murray Falconer WRIGHT Born: Ashburton; m.(1) Debbie
*2nd Wife of Murray Falconer WRIGHT: Glenda ASKIN Married: Dunedin; Their children b. Dunedin are Kelly-Marie and Kirsten Adelle
(7) Ian Reginald Douglas WRIGHT Born: Ashburton; Married at Dunedin Elizabeth (Liz) Kay BLACKIE; Their family:Anthony John; Katie Clair and Matthew James
(8) Rosemary Helen WRIGHT Born:June 25, 1958 at Ashburton Died: June 26, 1969 in Dunedin
5. Iris CONE Born: August 24, 1922 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury; m. Richard Gordon HANSEN Born: August 04, 1921 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury; Father - Charles G. Hansen; mother - Annie Isabel Law; Married: August 24, 1943 in Ashburton Died: December 18, 1957 in Christchurch; Their family:
(1) Trevor Ronald HANSEN Born: Ashburton; m. Janice Fay HEWETT Born: Christchurch Married: Christchurch; where their children were born: Kirsten Jane whose son is Daniel Carey; Nicolas Lee and Sarah Kate
2nd Wife of Trevor Ronald HANSEN: Donna Marie MUSTCHIN
(2) Graham Leslie HANSEN Born: Ashburton; m. at Auckland to Dallas Margaret CARRAD Born: Auckland; Their family born at Auckland are Adde Lynn and Hannah Ruth who is married to Aaron HANCOCK and Frith Taleb HANSEN who is married to Rarmeka KNIGHT. Their child is called Taleb
(3) Lindsey Jill* HANSEN Born: Ashburton; m. Kenneth George STEVENSON Born: Heretaunga; Married: Christchurch. Their Family were born at Auckland are Duncan George and Caroline Louise
*2nd Husband of Iris CONE: m. Norman William BOTTING Born: March 11, 1917 in Edendale, Southland; Father - Thomas R. Botting; Mother - Agnes H. Swale; Married: March 07, 1964 in Christchurch Died: May 19, 2002 Christchurch Hospital; Burial: Ruru Lawn Cemetery, Christchurch

6. Eunice CONE Born: August 24, 1922 in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury; m. Wilbur Henry DODGE Born: August 17, 1917 in Hornby, Christchurch Married: April 03, 1943 in Ashburton; Died: June 08, 2002 in Christchurch Burial: Christchurch. Their family:

(1) Yvonne Mavis DODGE Born:Christchurch m. John Ian* BROWN Married: at Melbourne, Victoria. Their children: (i) Kerryn Noelle BROWN Born: Chelsea, Melbourne; (ii) Shane David BROWN Born: Chelsea, Melbourne
(2) Malcolm Keith DODGE Born: Christchurch m. Valerie Anne WICKLIN Born: England Married: Timaru; Their family: (i) Joanne Ruth DODGE Born: Rangiora; (ii) Adienne DODGE Born: Rangiora; (iii) Malcolm Campbell DODGE Born: Lower Hutt, Wellington
(3) Nola Christine DODGE Born: Christchurch m. Maurice Vincent GARDINER Born: Christchurch Married: Rangiora; Their children: (i) Lisa Christine Annie GARDINER Born: Christchurch; (ii) Maurice Luke* GARDINER Born: Christchurch
(4) Jennifer Carol DODGE Born: Burwood, Christchurch m. Kelvin George FRASER Born: Greymouth Married: Rangiora; Their children: (i) Brendon Scott FRASER Born: Rangiora; (ii) Matthew Kevin FRASER Born: Rangiora
7. Stephen George CONE Born: February 18, 1925 in Ashburton, Died: August 31, 1978 in Christchurch Burial: Ruru Lawn Cemetery; m. Ethel Margaret* BROOM Born: Ashburton; Married: February 14, 1953 in Ashburton. Their family:
(1) Elizabeth (Beth) Margaret CONE Born: Ashburton, Mid Canterbury m. Stephen Colin BOOTH Born: Christchurch; Married: Christchurch; Their children: (i) Jamin Keiran BOOTH Born: Christchurch; son is: Jordon BOOTH Born: Christchurch
(ii) Daniel Reubin BOOTH Born: Christchurch (iii) Samuel Colin BOOTH Born: Christchurch (iv) Hannah Lucy BOOTH Born: Ashburton
(2) Christine Rae CONE Born: Ashburton; m. Bruce Richard ANNAN Born: Christchurch; Married: Christchurch; Their family; (1) Mathew Bruce ANNAN Born: Christchurch; (ii) Kirsty Leigh ANNAN Born: Christchurch
(3) Alastair Stephen CONE Born: Ashburton; m. Marie Lynne HATCHER Born: Christchurch; Married: Christchurch; Their children: (i) Rachael Marie CONE Born: Christchurch; (ii) StephenJonathon CONE Born: Christchurch; (iii) Timothy Andrew CONE Born: Christchurch; (iv) Sarah Lee CONE Born: Christchurch
(4) Judith Claire CONE Born: Ashburton; m. Simon James CAMPBELL Born: Taupo Married: Rotorua; Their family; (i) Amy Margaret CAMPBELL Born: Rotorua;(ii) Stephen Jeremy CAMPBELL Born: Rotorua; (iii) Benjamin Simon CAMPBELL Born: Tauranga
(5) Robin John CONE Born: Ashburton; m. Erana Lynette DAVIS Born: Masterton; Married: Christchurch; Their family;(i) Ryan Benjamin CONE Born: Christchurch; (ii) Natham Ezra CONE Born: Christchurch; (iii) Naomi Ruth CONE Born: Ashburton
8. Edward (Ted) Bruce CONE Born: Ashburton; d: May 9, 2014 at Addington Lifestyle Care aged 87 yrs. The service to commeorate Ted's life was held on May 14 at the Rowley Avenue Bible Chapel. He mar. Florence Jean WOODSIDE Born: Ashburton; Married: Ashburton Descendants:
(1) David Bruce CONE Born: Ashburton; m.Pamela May Lorraine SMITH Married: Oamaru, Otago; Their children: (i) Bradley David CONE Born: Christchurch; (ii) Elissa Michelle CONE Born: Christchurch;
(2) Phillip William CONE Born: Ashburton; m. Susan Angwin PARTINGTON; Married: Rangiora; Their family;(i) Rebecca Angwin CONE Born: Christchurch; (ii) Katie Jean CONE Born: Christchurch; (iii) Joshua Phillip Charles CONE Born: Rangiora
(3) Alison Ruth CONE Born: Ashburton; m. Michael Wayne KNUDSON Married: Ashburton; Their children: (i) Joanne Elese KNUDSON Born: Greymouth; (ii) Amanda Jay KNUDSON Born: Christchrurch; (iii) James Edward KNUDSON Born: Christchurch;
(4) Helen Jeaneane CONE Born: Ashburton, Mid Canterbury

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