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Alfred Cornwall CATCHPOLE was born 24 July 1840 in England and died 6 February 1927. He married 14 March 1864. His wife was Mary Hateley DIMMACK b: 1840 d: 2 September 1902; arrived NZ 1897 aboard the "Otaki". (the actual ship's list with Catchpole family onboard not found but is voyage was  possibly 1876)

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Alfred was a bootmaker and Laypreacher for the Methodist Church in Woodend, North Canterbury where he and Mary resided.

In 1884 Alfred was nominated  for election as members of the Licensing Committee forMANDEVILLE AND RANGIORA.  The election took place on Feb. 22. and he was successful in the first four G. Wallace 99 R. Liggett 92 J. Withers 90 A. Catchpole 86 all Temperance Union candidates. Alfred was a keen gardener and successfully exhibited at both Woodend and Kaiapoi.

Their children:

(1) Alfred Benjamin CATCHPOLE b: 26 January 1865 in Derbyshire, Eng]and d: September 1951 m. Carolyn Margot CORNWALL b: 1865 in England m: 28 August 1889 in Wesleyan Church, Woodend, Canterbury, N.Z. Their family:

(a) Daisy Mary CATCHPOLE m. Lesley RANBY Their children:
(i) Ronald RANBY m Jean BROMILL . Their children are Colin, Philip, Owen, Robin and Andrea RANBY
(ii) Erica RANBY m. Jack PORT. Their children are Kenneth, Christopher, Ross, Christine and David PORT
(b) Eric Erick CATCHPOLE b: Abt. 1892 in New Zealand d: 8 August 1915 in Gallipoli, Turkey

Standing= Jim, Alfred; Front - Eric and Tom(uncle of the other three) (c) Leslie William CATCHPOLE m Manda PEARSON Their family:

(i)Jessica CATCHPOLE m. UNKNOWN Daughter Manda
(ii) Doreen CATCHPOLE m. DUNLOP Their family: Guy and Alison DUNLOP

(d)Alfred Cornwall CATCHPOLE b: in Taranaki, New Zealand d: 27 August 1915 in Turkey

(e) Dorothea Winnie CATCHPOLE b: 9 December 1894 in Toko, Taranaki, New Zealand d: 26 August 1955 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand Burial: Ashburton, m. Arthur Stanley Rowell b: 14 June 1885 in Ashtabula, Ohio, USA christened 3 October 1886 Bury, Huntingdon, England m: 24 August 1915 in St. James Church, Mokoio, Taranaki, d: 14 June 1954 in Ashburton where buried. Their children:

(i) Eric Arthur ROWELL b: 2 June 1916 in Ashburton, m. Thelma Doreen SIMPSON b: in Motueka, Nelson, m: 24 August 1953 in Anglican Church, Motueka Street, Motueka, New Zealand Their children
(a) Stanley John ROWELL b: Motueka, Nelson m. Joanna Elizabeth BLANCHE b: Christchurch, m: Stoke, Nelson, Their family: Kimberley Emma and Sarah Morgan ROWELL
(b) Erica Susan ROWELL b: Motueka m. Gordon David PALMER m: Motueka: Their family Kerry John; Luke Eric and Abbie Megan PALMER
(c) Robyn Ann ROWELL b: Motueka, p. Geoffery STUART Their family: Nathaniel Stuart ROWELL and Ryan Eric ROWELL
(d) Joanne Julie ROWELL b: Motueka, Nelson, m. Christopher Martin LAMBROU b: England m: Motueka, ; d: 31 January 1996 in Lewes, East Sussex, England
(e) Richard Eric ROWELL b: Motueka; m.(1) Kathryn PILLING m: Lower Hutt, Wellington *2nd Wife of Richard Eric ROWELL: m. Adrienne Velma Elizabeth SMITH b: Lower Hutt, m. Lower Hutt; Their children - Emma Margaret and Samantha Brooke ROWELL
(ii) Alfred Stanley ROWELL b: 24 November 1917 in Ashburton, South Canterbury, New Zealand d: 31 July 1992 in Ashburton where he is buried; m. Valerie BRAMLEY
(a) Peter Bramley ROWELL b:Ashburton,m. Vivianne GREENWOOD m: Sumner Ch.Ch. Their family b:Auckland - Harry George and Serena Rosemary ROWELL
(b) Marilyn ROWELL b: Ashburton: m. Warren BENNETT m: Ashburton; Their children are Tania Maree and Sarah Jane
(c)Kristine ROWELL b Ashburton, South Canterbury, New Zealand m. Keith CORBETT b: 1 April 1946 in Ashburton, m. Ashburton.Their family - James John and Paul ROWELL CORBETT
(iii) Irene Winnie ROWELL b: 8 June 1920 in Ashburton, Christened: Ohaupo, Waikato, d: 1996; m. George A STEELE b: 16 March 1917 in Clyde, Otago; m: 14 April 1945 in Ashburton,
(a) Roger Alan STEELE b: Clyde, Otago, m. Karyn FITZGERALD b: Port Chalmers, m: Alexandra, Their children: Rebecca and Sacha STEELE
(b) Denise Irene STEELE b: Clyde, Otago, m. Sam HANNIFAN b. Alexandra,; Their family born Christchurch Kiri; Ben
(c) George Stanley STEELE b Clyde, Otago; m. Marie Maryanne EEDE m: Warkworth,; Their children born Auckland - Ash and Kent HANNIFAN
(d)Jeffrey Eric STEELE b: Clyde, Otago,; m. Rose HILL at Christchurch; Their son b ChCh Thomas STEELE
(e) Jannette Kay STEELE b Clyde, Otago; m. John WEBB b: Gore; their children b Brisbane - Mitchell and Brittany WEBB
(iv) Arthur ROWELL b: 12 January 1921 , Hamilton, New Zealand d: 1996 in Timaru, m. Patricia Anne DEVAN b: 6 November 1921 in Sydenham, Christchurch, m: 25 June 1947 Riccarton, CH.CH. N.Z. d: 19 November 1994 Burial: Christchurch

(v) Olwyn Shirley ROWELL b. in Ohaupo, Waikato, m. Laurence Barton LEES b: Ashburton; m: Ashburton

(a) Jillian Elizabeth LEES b Ashburton, 'Canterbury, m. Geoffrey Robert HUSBAND b: Christchurch; m: Timaru Their children born Lincoln, ChCh - George Arthur and Frances Olwyn Bea LEES.
(b) Philip Laurence LEES b: Methven, m. Joanne Clare PARSONS m: Temuka, Their children b Timaru - Patrick Laurence and Michael Thomas LEES
(f) James Henry CATCHPOLE m. Winnifred Mary CHAPMAN m: Selsey,

(g) Reginald CATCHPOLE d: 19 March 1978 in New Zealand m. Peggy DAVIES Their family:

(i) Diane Margaret CATCHPOLE m. Alan BRADBURY
(a) Linda BRADBURY m Clive MALCOLM their children Laura and Richard MALCOLM
(b) Alison BRADBURY
(d)Julia BRADBURY m. Wayne SENTOW. Their children Ryan; Daniel and Justin SENTOW
(ii)Dennis CATCHPOLE m. Susan BARKER; Their children Elysia; Melanie; Kathryn; Brendon and David CATCHPOLE
(iii) Jill Catherine CATCHPOLE m. Bruce MORRISON. Their children Deborah; Priscilla who has a daughter Krystelle; Derek and Aaron MORRISON
(iv) Lisa Olwen CATCHPOLE m. Raymond WATKINS Their children Stephen and Natalie WATKINS
(h) Caroline CATCHPOLE d: 9 June 1994 in Kaipaki, New Zealand m. H GOODWIN. Their children:
(a) Keith GOODWIN m. Vivianne WALKER Their children - Anthony GOODWIN m. Tracey; Andrew GOODWIN m Trish; Maree GOODWIN m. Jason
(b) Barbara GOODWIN m. Raymond HIRST. Their children - Michael and Stephen HIRST
(i) Laurie CATCHPOLE m M CORLETT; Their family -
(a) Beverley CATCHPOLE m. Eldon JEPSON Their family: Erin and Craig JEPSON
(b) Donald CATCHPOLE m Raewyn - their children Anthony; Leanne and Sheryl CATCHPOLE
(2) Annie Beatrice CATCHPOLE (b: 9 December 1866, d: 19 September 1935) m. James Henry SALKELD m: 4 April 1890 (he died 29 March 1893)

(3) Mary Elizabeth CATCHPOLE (b: 8 March 1868 d: 1 May 1941) m. George SILLS m: 1 February 1911 in Methodist School Room (b 1861 - d: 2 December 1937)

(4) Florence CATCHPOLE b: 25 June 1870 d: 20 March 1955 in Judson Road, Woodend, Kaiapoi; m. William Henry JUDSON m: 28 April 1892 (b. 1869 - d: 16 July 1956) Their children

(a)Willaim Alfred Judson (b. 1893 - 1965) m. 1918  Mary Ann Young. Their son - William Alfred Judson
(b)Beatrice Mary Judson (b 19 October 1895 - 1977)  m. 1918 to Johann (Jack) Leonhard MEHRTENS (b. 1890 - d.1963) at the Methodist Church, Woodend
(5) Thomas Enoch CATCHPOLE b: 31 March 1875 d: 24 November 1958 m. Bertha DIMMACK m: 22 December 1917 in England d: 2 April 1954 . Their daughter Mabel Mary Elizabeth Catchpole (b 31 October 1887, d. 1974) m. 1912 Josiah Mason (1889 - 1972) 

(6) Harry CATCHPOLE (b: 24 August 1879 d. 1957) m. Minnie WEMYSS m: 14 April 1910 at Marlborough. Their children  - Joan Mary (1911 - 1986) m. 1942 James Wilson Boyd (1903 - 1951) and (m2) 1956 Leonard Arnold Ablett (1899 - 1964); and Kenneth Wemyss CATCHPOLE m. 1944 June Eileen Hollard

(7) Marion Edith CATCHPOLE b: 12 February 1881 d: 11 July 1939 mar Augost AGOSTINELI on 7 April 1904 .Their children Rene Marion AGOSTINELI (1906 - 1997) m. 1928 Walter Leonard GARRETT (1905 - 1985); Elsie Mary AGOSTINELI (1908-2010); and Doris May AGOSTINELI (1909 - 1992) m. 1935 Arthur Roger RAWSON (1907 - 1982)

(8) Oliver Dimmack CATCHPOLE b: 15 April 1883 d. 30th Setember, 1956 at Rangiora. Married(1) Priscilla Sarah PURSEY on 30 December 1908 She dies 20th January 1926; *2nd Wife of Oliver Dimmack CATCHPOLE was Cilla's sister: Edith Amelia PURSEY and this marriage took place in December 1926. Edith died 20 October 1937 and Oliver's 3rd wife was Marjorie Gertrude

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