John & Frances Davie

John Davie (b: 17 Dec 1879 Washdyke, South Canterbury to parents Robert Davie and Ann Drummond Hunter Cousin; he retired 31 Jan 1947 due to ill-health and d: 2 Jun 1947 Havelock North).  


1885 Jan 5:  DAVIE John School Records - Enrolled Washdyke School

John's student years 1903-05 were at the Theological Hall during whish he was a good athlete and always full of energy thoughout his ministry.

Press, 6 Jan 1906: The Rev. John Davie, a licentiate of the Presbytery of Timaru, recently accepted a call from the Dipton  congregation, which was sustained by the Presbytery of Southland. His Ordination took place at Dipton on Thursday 4.1.1906. 

Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle,  27 Aug 1907 Presbyterian Otautau - 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Rev. John Davie, Dipton

MARRIAGES. DAVIE - BROWN: On Nov 14, at Abbotsford, by the Rev. John Kilpntrick, Rev. John Davie, Dipton, oldest son of Robert Davie, Dalnurir, Timaru, to Frances Alice, fifth daughter of Alexander Brown, Abbotsford.

John mar 14 Nov 1909 to Frances Alice Brown b: 4 Aug 1877, the daughter of a Green Island Farmer, Runholder & Fellmonger - she d: 16 Oct 1939 aged 62Y. Bur: Archer St Cem. Q E Park Area Plan 1; Row 24, Plot FAD 

1908: NZ Gazette Entries Name DAVIE John;  Occ: Officiating Minister; Src: NZ Gazette Page 165;

Manawatu Standard,  21 Mar 1911 The congregation of St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church, Hokitika, have given a unanimous call to the Rev. John Davie, of Dipton, Southland.

Otago Daily Times; 3 Apr 1911: The Rev. John Davie, of Dipton, has received a call from the Presbyterian Church, Hokitika. Mr Davie, who went through his course at the Otago University, is well known in athletic as well as ecclesiastical circles. It is understood that he intends to accept the call to the West Coast, to occupy a sphere of considerable influence.
Southland Times, 3 May 1911; SOUTHLAND PRESBYTERY; The Presbytery met yesterday morning at First Church, Rev. K. M. Ryhurn presided. The following minute was recorded in connection with Rev Davie's departure from Southland: "The Presbytery, in releasing the Rev. John Davie from the charge of Dipton, expresses regret at his departure and records its keen appreciation of it's worth and work. In his own charge of Dipton into which he was inducted in 1906, Mr Davie has laboured strenuously and with much success. Outside his own parish, his devotion and capacity have reorganised the work in Athol and in the Lumsden district. He has done splendid service to the cause of Presbyterianism in Southland. In the Presbytery meetings, he has shown the same enthusiasm and the same practical ability that made -his work successful in Dipton and elsewhere in Southland. The forward movement in Foreign Mission work that enabled Southland and Mataura Presbyteries to accept the financial responsibility for the Rev. J. A. Ryhurn, missionary in India of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church, was organised in practically all its details by Mr Davie. The Presbytery feels it is losing a man of exceptional power and influence. It extends to Mr and Mrs Davie its best wishes for success in their new sphere in Hokitika.”
West Coast Times: 3 May 1911: The induction of the Rev. John Davie will take place in the Presbyterian Church at 7 o’clock this evening. All friends from the outlying districts am cordially invited. After the induction service a welcome social will be given to Mr. Davie, and to this function there is a general invitation.
1911: West Coast Times: 27 May 1911 CHURCH SERVICES.  HOKITIKA. —11 a.m. and 7 p.m., Rev. J. Davie. (Palmerston NOP  30.4.1914)

1914: CHURCH SERVICES. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOKITIKA.—II a.m. and 7 p.m„ Rev J. Davie. Evening subject; “Onwards and Upwards.

Oamaru Mail, 10 March 1914: OAMARU PRESBYTERY. The meeting ot the Oamaru Presbytery was held in St. Paul's this morning and dealt with the call from Palmerston church to the Rev. John Davie, of Hokitika. Rev. W. Nichol (interim Moderator in the vacancy) and Messrs A. Craig and L. Morris (commissioners) appeared to prosecute the call. Rev W. Niehcl detailed the steps taken to fill the vacancy. The call had been signed bv 87 members and 2 adherents.  It was practically a unanimous and hearty call, no voice being raised in dissent. No other name had been mentioned. He was satisfied that if the Rev. Mr Davie entertained the call he would leave a good name for work.  Mr Craig said it was hard that the call could not be taken round, as there were many aged and infirm members who could not attend the church, who were its strong supporters and would like to have signed the call.  From what was known of Mr Davie, they believed that he was a very active worker, especially amongst the young, ot whom in Palmerston there were a great many who were not in touch with the church. There was a possibility of the attendance of such if they could be influenced. Mr Morris confirmed- what had been said by the previous speakers. Rev R. J. Porter said the call had been well signed, and the Presbytery could not do otherwise than sustain it and transmit the papers to the Westland Presbytery. He moved accordingly. Rev. Clarke seconded the motion, and said he was associated with Mr Davie at the University and. knew something of his work. He was a strong athlete and held several records, and his athletic svmpathy brought him into close touch with young men, who attended his services remarkably well. Pamerston people were, to be congratulated on their choice. After discussion the motion was carried

Evening Star, 2 Sept 1915; PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH FOREIGN MISSIONS COMMITTEEThe Rev. John Davie, Palmerston, wrote that the congregation had decided to support a woman missionary in the foreign field, the effort to be in addition to the usual contributions to foreign missions. They would adopt one of the missionaries already in the field, or preferably a new one, as the committee thought fit. In the latter case they would pay the initial expenses (outfit and passage) of placing the missionary on the field. It was resolved to express the very greatest pleasure at the offer of Palmerston congregation. and assure them that the committee will do all in their power to fall in with their wishes as soon as arrangements can be made.

Otago Daily Times, 8 Sept 1922: A unanimous decision to extend a call to the Rev. John Davie, of Palmerston (Otago), was made last night by Knox Church congregation (says a Press Association wire from Masterton). Mr Davie will replace the Rev. G. T. Brown, who is now in Palmerston North. The recommendation was unanimously adopted.

Press,  19 Oct 1922: The Rev John Davie, the new minister of Knox Church, Masterton, was born and educated at Timaru. He went to Otago University and afterwards passed through the Theological Hall there being ordained about 16 years ago. Mr Davie's first chance was Dipton (Southland), where he was for three years. He was then at Hokitika for three years, and eight years ago took charge of Palmerston. Mr Davie was a prominent athlete in his younger days. At Otago University he won the half-mile and the mile, the hammer-throwing and putting the shot, and he won several New Zetland university championships. He also played Rugby for a Dunedin club. (Knox Masterton WpP 30.11.1922)

Evening Post, 23 Nov 1936; A Bad Example. "Some of the elders of our church are among those who go motoring and golfing on Sundays," said the Rev. John Davie (Masterton) when the Presbyterian General Assembly discussed Sabbath observance on Friday night (states the Christchurch "Star-Sun"). "It our elders are slack, what can we expect of the children? We are very concerned about the morals of the young folk, yet just now there is a majority of young people in our congregations. The fathers and mothers are letting them down."

Auckland Star,  10 Mar 1938: £3000 DAMAGE. SUNDAY SCHOOL FIRE. I 1 SPECTACULAR BLAZE. BRIGADE'S LOSING BATTUE!. ( MASTER TON, Wednesday. The most spectacular fire seen in Masterton for many years occurred this afternoon when the Knox Church Sunday School in Worksop Road, Masterton. was destroyed. The damage caused by the fire is estimated at £3000. Flames 50ft high swept through the building, and from the outset the Fire Brigade fought a losing battle. The heat was so fierce that it was impossible to approach closer than 50 yards. Fireman I S. Brannigan, a young volunteer, was overcome by heat and smoke when directing a lead of hose. He was taken to hospital, but his condition to-night was reported to be not serious. Another volunteer, not a member of the brigade, had a narrow escape from serious injury when a piece cf roofing iron from the burning building struck the ground beside him. The interior of the building had just been painted, and workmen had begun the task of burning-of" the paint on the outside walls. Within a very short time of the outbreak the flames had eaten into the wooden flooring at the back of the building. Any remote hope of saving a part of the wooden building was removed when the westerly wind freshened and swept the flames through the structure. The building destroyed was insured for £1500. and the contents for £100. Two organs, a piano, a fairly extensive library, badminton and other sports equipment, all the furniture and the Sunday school records were destroyed,  The Sunday school building, erected about 60 years ago. was originally the Knox Church, and it was moved back from its former site when the present church was erected. Rev. John Davie is the present minister.

Auckland Star, 10 Oct 1939,The Rev. John Davie, of Masterton, has been nominated by the Wanganui Presbytery as Moderator-designate for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, to be held next year.

Press, 17 Oct 1939: OBITUARY - MRS J. DAVIE - MASTERTON. Oct 16. The death occurred this afternoon of Mrs Davie, wife of the Rev. John Davie, minister of Knox Church, and formerly of Dunedin and Christchurch, after a long illness. She was bur:  18 Oct Archer St Cem. QE Park, Masterton (Area Plan 1, Row 24, Plot FAD)

Auckland Star,  4 Oct 1940: The Rev. John Davie, of Masterton, was nominated yesterday by the Southland Presbytery as Moderator-designate of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand for 1941.

New Zealand Herald,  4 October 1941: Saunders —Davie: The engagement is announced between James Ernest elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Saunders! Marton. and Franees Winsome, elder daughter of the Rev. John Davie, and the late Mrs. Davie, of Masterton.

Auckland Star,  5 Nov 1941: CLOSE UP RANKS - CHURCH'S GREAT TASK IN LIFE OR DEATH STRUGGLE . "Mankind is suffering from a spiritual malady which can be cured only by spiritual remedies. Deflection from God and disobedience to His laws have created the present crisis," said the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, the Rt. Rev. John Davie, of Masterton, in an address to the Assembly in Chalmers Church, Timaru,

Press, 30 Dec 1941: CALL TO PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHES (P.A.) MASTERTON, December 29. The Rt. Rev. John Davie, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, has issued a call to congregations of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand to observe January 1 as a day of prayer.

Evening Post,  4 March 1942: Encouraging Wrong Attitude. The use of the motive of fear in the appeals made for various phases of the national effort in wartime was deplored by the Right Rev. John Davie, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, in an address to Invercargill Rotarians. "When appeals are made for such things as increased national saving we are told about the 'crisis,' about the 'theatre of war being upon us,' and 'danger being near at hand.' This, I think, encourages a wrong attitude. Our young men and women have shown that they do not lack courage, enterprise, or daring. Given a background like that, surely we can make our appeal on a higher motive than fear - along the lines of truth. If our cause is just, we have a right to expect that the men and women who live under our flag will fight and die for it. Our appeal should be lifted to that level."

Auckland Star, 18 June 1942: CALL ACCEPTED - MASTERTON. this day The Knox congregation to-day agreed to the Right Rev. John Davie, moderator of the Presbyterian Church, accepting a call to St. Andrew's, Gisborne, for which place he will leave in August.

John remar: 1944 to Hectorina Mary McKenzie MacRae (b: 21 Dec 1901; d: 1989) (Headmistress of Solway  College 1942-44)

He d; 2 Jun 1947 at Havelock North aged 69Y ; Bur: 4 Jun 1947 Archer St Cem. QE Park, Masterton. Occ: Ret.Pres. Minister;  (Court Napier Archives Reference AAOW W3846 4593/47 Probate Number 4593/47 Filed Date 18 Jul 1947)

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