Lesley William George Cone and Anne Isabel Thompson

Parents Les and Ann with daughter Nola Bill, Ann, Les and Nola Cone

Leslie William George Cone was the eldest son born to George Herbert and Agnes Emma Cone. He married Anne Isabel Thompson of Waiau on the 21st March 1917 and they lived in Cheviot In the 1920's, Lesley William Cone took over an established butchery business which became the Cheviot Cash Butchery.

House and butcher's shop at CheviotCheviot Butcher's Van

Press: 30 May 1928: FIRE DESTROYS FIVE SHOPS AND THEATRE IN CHEVIOT'S BUSINESS CENTRE. The heart of Cheviot was totally destroyed by fire early yesterday morning while the owners of the buildings and the residents were forced to watch the destruction, helplessly with no fire-fighting apparatus and little water being available. The buildings were single-storey and built of wood - the fire took hold so fierce and spread with such rapidity that in a little over an hour Cheviot's business centre was a smoking mass of blackened ruins.

The premises destroyed were: G Struthers's store-room and office, The New Zealand Farmers Co-op. stock agency, the Picture Theatre, leased by L. H. Pruden. Glasson's f ruit shop, tobacconist's Shop, and billiards saloon, L. W. G. Cone's butcher's shop, T S. West's bootshop. The fire broke out in the centre of the block, behind the billiard's saloon  quickly spread on both sides and the efforts of the firefighters with their rediculously inadequate buck chains had to be confined to the prevention of the fire beyond the right of way spreading to G M Trueman's drapery shop from the rest of the demolished buildings. A brick wall fotunately trapped the fire at this point but the danger of a further spread  was caused by a wooden verandah on Truman's building, which was in imminent danger of catching fire. Another right-of-way separated Striuthers's shop from the Cheviot Motor Company's premises. Most of the damage is covered by insurance - Sthruther;s building and contents were insured for  1150,  West's Boot Shop for 700 plus  200 for stock, Glasson's stock for  355,  while the projecting machine in the picture theatre was insured for 90; .

Les was in partnership with his brother George who later sold his share back to his brother and it remained in the family until the mid-1950's just shortly before his death in 1956. He is buried at the Christchurch Lawn Cemetery

His two children:

(1) NOLA PHOEBE MELVA CONE was at Christchurch where she married RAY WHYTE.

Their three children:

i. RAELENE WHYTE m. PENTECOST - Daughter Shelley




(2) LESLEY CHARLES (BILL) CONE was born in Amuri - his occupation railwayman. He married KATHLEEN JOYCE SMITH in Cheviot, daughter of WALTER SMITH and NELLIE THORPE. She was born in Wellington.


i. PETER MURRAY CONE, b. Cheviot; M. HELEN CONNIE PARTINGTON - family - Stephen Peter; Alison Helen and Jacqueline Anne

ii. LYNLEY JOYCE CONE, b. Cheviot; m. STEVEN HILL; their family - Jason; Timothy and Dene

iii. PAULINE JUNE CONE, b. Cheviot; m. ADAN GRAY; their family born Christchurch; Tamsyn; Courtnay; Mayce and Jake

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