William Parish Family William Parish Family

William PARISH Born: April 17, 1816 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England Baptism: June 06, 1816 Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, Isabella England Died: July 08, 1878 in Springston, Canterbury. William Parish and brother John (b.1812) were the sons of Edward Parish and were born in Elsworth Cambridgeshire. William married Hannah Ridge (b.1820 Caxton, Cambridgeshire) at the Parish Church Holy Trinity in Elsworth in September 30, 1838 and it was here their children were baptised. Hannah died on July 15, 1892 in Hays Road, Springston, CanterburyLyttleton Times Neither parent was able to write and their marriage certificate simply bore their mark.
The family along with brother John Parish decided to emigrate and boarded the "Cressy "in 1850 as assisted passengers to Canterbury.

Children born to William and Hannah Parish:

1. Isabella PARISH Born: August 02, 1841 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England Died: June 18, 1889 in Ashley Bank m. William CONE Born: 1838 in Aldham, Suffolk Baptism: May 27, 1838 Aldham, Suffolk Married: September 30, 1861 in St Andrews Church, Christchurch Died: December 18, 1905 in Rangiora

2. Jacob PARISH Born: July 03, 1842 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England Died: September 20, 1906 in Christchurch

3. Issac PARISH Born: September 28, 1846 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England Died: September 03, 1921 in Christchurch

4. William PARISH Born: February 20, 1848 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England Died: July 14, 1921 in Christchurch

5. Elizabeth Anne PARISH Born: March 15, 1850 in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, England Died: July 30, 1883 in Christchurch

6. Edward PARISH Born: May 21, 1854 in Christchurch Died: January 21, 1857 in Christchurch

7. John PARISH Born: November 28, 1855 in Christchurch Died: July 06, 1917 in Christchurch

8. Abraham PARISH Born: November 12, 1859 in Christchurch Died: March 28, 1910

9. Hannah Elizabeth PARISH Born: May 21, 1863 in Christchurch Died: February 02, 1932

10. Rose Hannah PARISH Born: May 21, 1863 in Christchurch Died: February 02, 1932

11. Gertrude PARISH Born: 1867 in Christchurch Died: July 03, 1883 in Christchurch

William lived on Ferry Road and John farmed on the Lower Lincoln Road. William became active in public affairs and diverse business ventures. The advertisement above was in the Lyttleton Times a month before the marriage of his daughter Isabelle took place to William Cone.

William Parish was determined to grow wheat. He had heard that the local Maoris had some over at Rapaki. He took Jacob, then aged nine, with him over the Bridle Path and bartered for a bushel of grain. The Maori could not speak English and William knew no Maori, but he got his grain and carried it back over the hill on his shoulders. On the way they were chased by another party and had to run for their lives with the wheat.

William and Hannah Parish's cottage at Springston In later years, William Parish had a contract for the construction of Ferry Road. His first dairy farm which he named Cambridgeshire Farm, was established on the same area of land that later became the site of the famous Edmonds Baking Powder factory. He subdivided this land and moved to Templeton to establish another farm. There he had an accommodation house which he named the George and Dragon after the Inn at Elmsworth. The George and Dragon is know today as the Islington Tavern on the Main South Road. On 2 April 1863 the Superintendent of Canterbury licensed William Parish to sell "any fermented or spirituous liquors in any quantity in his house of accommodation".

William organised an "Old English Sports Day" on Anniversary Day in 1867 which was held at the George and Dragon. It was very well attended and people coming from Christchurch were advised "if coming mention it to the guard and the train will stop for that purpose." He opened a monthly fair there in November 1872 and J F Ford acted as auctioneer.

William Parish was a well known breeder of horses and pigs and took many prizes at A and P Shows in thee early days. He owned a property at Yaldhurst and finally purchased 125 acres on Hays Road at Springston where he remained until his death on 8 July 1878.