My Learning Curve - Website Problem

Looking can be deceptiveThis is my very first website and it has presented me with a big headache. I was unaware of the variability of browser settings when I set about teaching myself how to create my site in Geocities. It was not difficult though I didn't have any clue of HTML when I started.

My site looks O.K. when people see it on a high resolution screen. (Mine is set on 1024x768) However, some people reported viewing difficulties. I could see the problem by setting my computer's resolution to low. (You do this by right clicking on the screen where there are no icons, clicking properties and then settings)

When I set my resolution down to 800x600, the page became narrow and elongated and photos contained were not as set out. On someone's computer set at 800x600 which I looked at for inspiration, I found 1/4 of the right side was cut off........ Someone in England reported her font was small and difficult to read.......All said my photographs were great!

I wanted family members to access the information I had gathered for our 2001 Cone Family Reunion and take what they wanted for their own family record. I printed a page from my computer and I found to my dismay, it did not print full width! I overcame this by highlighting a page from the index, copying it and then pasting it into Word and then printing. The four pages on the subject were perfect but I had never envisaged having to do this.

I asked for help on the internet and was given this advice -

"The generally-accepted "standard" is to design your site for someone viewing at 800x600 resolution. This is somewhat narrow for my tastes (I'm running at 1600x1200), but it will ensure that 98% of the web users can see your whole site without scrolling (the last figures I saw were that something like 35% of web surfers are at 800x600)". The option he gave was "Just let people scroll!"

I next reset the table width of the 120+ pages in the index but as my internet adviser stated, I still found it too wide when viewed at 800 pixel resolution. So, still no firm advice how to alter the site - perhaps you might know......

As I see, the only solution as things stand, is for viewers having a resolution problem, is to change your screen ie. increase your resolution, to make for easier viewing and then change it back....Crazy!

Found this advice on the web - Adjusting you Monitor Settings and Upgrading your browser I hope you find that interesting.

I hope you enjoy what you find about the Cone family, that you can read it and I would appreciate hearing from you.
Regards, Winsome

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