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FREDERICK ROBERT BARTRUM  was b: 29 Jan 1858 at Ferry Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch, son of George Stothert Bartrum and mother Sarah nee Pursey. His Bapt: on 18th Apr 1858 was at Lower Heathcote, and d: 18 Dec 1919 at Avon St., Oamaru aged 61Y. Bur; 19 Dec 1919 Oamaru Old - Wesleyan

Lyttelton Times, 15 June 1868: Examination for the two classes of Scholarships to be awarded by the Board of Education, as notified by adrertisement of April 21st, 1868, will be held in the Provincial Council Library: Frederick Bartrum, Ashley Bank School

He mar: (1) LOUISA NORTON on 24 Nov 1877 at the House of Mr Charles Norton, Woodend. Louisa was the daughter of CHARLES NORTON his wife KEZIA and was b: 1859. She died d: 6 Dec 1882 aged 23Y at the birth of their Stillborn baby boy.

His grandson writes: "My father told me that grandfather would have liked to have been a lawyer but could not afford to train. There is no proof but I suspect that he wanted to be away from North Canterbury after the death of his young first wife and the sadness of his still born child. I am not sure of the order of events but he went south and was eventually to be based at Kurow where he was guard on the Oamaru Kurow line. While there the whole crew was dismissed as the result of an accident. My father has told me that grandfather's experience of the treatment he received changed his political outlook. He leased land near Techmakers and farmed there for a while but was caught out by an extended drought which affected the Oamaru area. The drought was so severe that the authorities arranged for cannons to be fired into any cloud cover but rain failed to materialise. Grandfather moved to Oamaru where he established Bartrum's tearooms and bakery. Sadly while running this business he contracted bowel cancer which eventually claimed his life."

(2) Fred mar: on 9 Mar 1892  ISABELLA BENNIE HARVEY in Home of James Leishman, Oamaru  - she was b: 15 Apr 1866 in Oamaru, and d: 25 May 1947 in Oamaru. Oamaru Mail, 19 Mar 1892; Bur: 27 May 1947, Oamaru Old Cemetery

MARRIAGE: Bartrum —Harvey: On the 9th instant, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Mr Henry Exley, F. R. Bartrum, Railway Department, Dunedin, to Isabella Harvey, daughter of Jno. Leishman, Esq., Oamaru, relict of David Harvey. They had 7 children

THE CASE OF MR BARTRUM: Oamaru Mail,  20 June 1902. A well attended and representative meeting was held in Munro's Hall last evening to decide ways and means of raising funds to show the appreciation of the people of the district and those using the Kurow-Oamaru line to Guard Bartrum for his faithful and courteous services whilst on this line. Dr Stevens was voted to the chair, and in the course of his remarks, said that it seemed that although everyone making use of the line agreed that something should be done, it was evidently left for Kurow to take the initiative, and he felt sure that it was only necessary to approach people on the subject to get a large amount of support, for it was a case in which people were anxious to show their respect to Mr Bartrum in a substantial way. letter was handed in from Mr U. J. Wire, of Oamaru, offering his help in any steps taken in the direction mentioned, and it is needless to say that his services will be accepted and highly appreciated letter of sympathy and P.O. order was received from Mr B. Sethmith, also promise of a guinea from Mr Voxbam. of Omarama, and subscription from Mr J- Preston, of Black Forest Station, and several others promised subscriptions in the room. Mr Duncan Sutherland said that he did not know of any such deserving case since he had been in the district, and he hoped that the efforts of the meeting would be successful, as Guard Bartrum commanded universal respect and sympathy. The following gentlemen were appointed as a committee to carry out. the wishes of the meeting:—The Rev. Mr Ernest Clinton, Messrs T. A. Munro, C. A. Hue, J Robertson. C. M. Brood. J. Barclay, W Barclay, E. G. A. Hille, and Dr Stevens. Mr T. A. Munro was elected secretary and treasurer. It was unanimously decided to send out lists at once for collection of funds to the various places in the district and to all places between Kurow and Oamaru. The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the chair.

Oamaru Mail, 5 Aug 1902: KUROW NOTES.  Ex-Guard Bartrum was presented on Friday night, with a purse of sovereigns, by his late fellow-employees in the Railway Department. Mr Hesketh, in making the presentation, deplored the circumstances which had led up to the severance of Mr Bartrum's connection with them, and referred to him as the most courteous, conscientious, and correct guard he had ever had the pleasure of working with. Driver Hoddinott endorsed these remarks, and considered him one of the most careful guards he had ever had behind him. Mr Bartrum, in returning thanks, said that the severance from the Railway Department had been a severe blow to him, and, apart from that, he had also felt the severance from his fellow-employees very keenly. He was glad to say that his relationship with them had always been of a very cordial nature.

1917 Oamaru Mail, 27 Oct: A MODEL BAKEHOUSE - MR F. R. BARTRUM'S ENTERPRISE Mr F. R. Bartrum, when the needs of his well-known Thames street Tea Rooms and a growing trade of outside orders for his confectionery rendered it imperative to increase the output of his plant, decided not only to install a bakehouse of adequate, dimensions, but to have it thoroughly up to date in every particular. The bakehouse now completed and recently put in operation, conveniently arranged, well ventilated-, and commodious, is the result. The additions necessary were built of Oamaru stone, and give a finished and businesslike air to the yard.

The first thing that claims a visitor's attention is the cool and orderly packing room. This is triangular in shape, and has an ample supply of shelves, loaded at tho time of our visit with a large assortment of cakes and pastry, the wrapping and despatch of which Mr Bartrum supervises himself. No aid to prompt handling and cleanliness is here forgotten ,and customers may rely upon speedy fulfilment of their orders.

The plan of the bakehouse, the chief centre of interest, is compact, and should much mitigate the discomfort of a baker's life. The coal chute is at the cart-tail level, and the stone coal-box is closed to the bakehouse by a vertically-sliding door, which on still, close days, may be raised to give extra ventilation. Immediately above the fire door is a cone-shaped ventilator leading the heated air and ash dust out through the roof. The fire draws well and the flame circulates nearly the whole of the oven, which it heats rapidly and economically, before making its exit, controlled by dampers on the side opposite from the fireplace. A gas jet on lazy tongs fittings allows of a good view of the interior of the large fire-brick oven. Beneath the oven are double "provers," where the. buns, etc., are put to rise before being baked. The baker's bench, above which are two ample windows, runs along the left-hand side of the bakehouse. It is constructed of two-inch timber, and beneath it are large drawers containing wheatmeal, fruit, sugar, patent flour, etc., while at the end nearer the door, those delicacies. Upon this side also at convenient height above the bench are lockers containing various condiments.

The opposite wall is occupied by a tray-stand and a large bench where the Bartrum pies, scones, and pikelets are made. A pie moulding machine, heated by gas, expedites the making of those delicacies. Upon the side also is a window. All windows in the new buildings are hinged at- the bottom and open at the top in casemates, thus admitting the air while excluding the dust. The floor is of well-finished concrete, and raised above the level of the section, so that it may be hosed out conveniently at frequent intervals. The bakehouse is in charge of Mr F. Brown, assisted by Mr F. Johnston. Further down the yard is the storehouse, 15 x 20 feet, well plenished. Here the rafters groan under a company of hams, while along the wall run the concrete egg-pits, each holding 600 dozen. The building is one of the oldest in Oamaru. It has been renovated and fitted for its new role, but was at one time a sweets factory. When it is considered that the favour of Mr Bartrum's numerous customers was secured and retained under less favourable conditions, it is safe to predict further progress for a firm which has for its aim the provision of pure and tasty confectionery as speedily as possible, and as cheaply as may be.

The bakery with it's tea rooms built up an impressive cliental offering evening catering facilities for meetings and providing "well laden tables" for about 60 diners for the local interest and sports groups as well as offering employment in the bakehouse.


ii. FLORA  ETHEL BARTRUM, b. 14 Apr 1893, Clinton, Otago; d. 1960, Kent England; mar. HAROLD ROSS CLARK, 27 Sep 1927, Dunedin 

2. STANLEY FREDERICK* BARTRUM was b: 10 Feb 1895 in Kurow, Otago, Occ: Baker; WWI, 1914-1918  No. 25177; he d: 26 May 1985 in Hospital, Oamaru, Otago ageed 90Y. Bur: 29 May 1985 Oamaru Lawn Cem. He mar: 3 Jun 1924 to GLADYS MAY TOWNSLEY in St Lukes Church, Oamaru. She was b: 1895, and died 18 May 1967 in Oamaru. Bur: 20 May 1927 Oamaru


i. ARTHUR STANLEY BARTRUM, b. 10 Jan 1926; d. 14 Jan 1926 Kyeburn aged 4 days

ii. GLADYS ADELE BARTRUM (b. 27 Nov 1926; d. 1998) mar. (1) 1951 to GEORGE JAMES HENRY BELL, (b. 25 Sep 1894, the son of Ellen Teresa and Henry Charles St John Bell; d. 1974) Their children

a Glenda Marie mar: Scott Wardroper - their sons are Ben and Ryan Wardroper

b Tony James Bell mar: Adriana Lea Boffa

Gladys mar: (2) 1975 to MURRAY INNIS

iii. ALAN ROBERT BARTRUM (b. 18 Oct 1928; d. 2007)

iv. FREDERICK ARTHUR BARTRUM mar: 1955 to PAMELA BARTON (b. 20 Sep 1931; d. 17 Apr 2003, Pleasant Point) Their children:

a Paul Graham Bartrum mar: Lynn Bradley - their daughters are:

Lisa Sheri; Deborah Anne and Phillipa Kate Bartrum

b Dawn Bartrum mar: William Scott - their family is:

 Andrew James; Sarah Jane; Juliet Louise and Rachel Dawn Scott

v. GORDON STANLEY BARTRUM (b. 1931; d. 1999)

vi. STANLEY GORDON BARTRUM (b. 13 Aug 1931; d. 13 Jul 1999, Pleasant Point) mar. 1961 Oamaru to ALLISON NORMA CALLAHAR, . Their family;

a Stephen John Bartrum mar: Jenene Wills

 Their children are Amber Nicole and  Michael John Bartrum

b Alan Stanley Bartrum mar:Tracey Jane Marsh

Sons are Cameron Stanley and Bradley Robert Bartrum

c Michelle Bronwyn Bartrum


viii. NANCY MAY BARTRUM mar: LEIGHTON COUTTS. Their family;  

a Roger Grant Coutts (b: 1963 d: 1983 at Dunback)

b Diane Lynette Coutts

3. OLIVE PEARL BARTRUM  was born 01 Dec 1898 in Kurow, Otago, and died 15 Feb 1949 in Dunedin. She married ERNEST JAMES VALENTINE 1922 in Oamaru, son of JOHN VALENTINE and ELIZABETH. He was b: 05 Mar 1894, Occ: Stock Agent;  d: 03 Jun 1973 in Palmerston aged 79Y. Their children are:

i. JUNE ZEITA VALENTINE mar. 1948 at London (1) HAROLD WILLIAM HUGH NORCLIFFE, (b. 06 Sep 1915; d. 1990) Their children:

a Susan Elizabeth Norcliffe mar: Rory Allison Coleman

Their sons are Benjamin Lukes and  Simon Norcliffe Coleman

b Nicholas Norcliffe mar: Gaylene Susan Thompson

Their dau: is  Jessica Ann Norcliffe

c Geoffrey Norcliffe mar: Patricia Coker Their family:

Gwendaline Mary and Bartholamew Geoffrey Norcliffe

June mar. (2) 1997 to ALAN EDWARD GALES (b. 26 Jun 1917; d. 2014)

ii. ELIZABETH (BETTY) VALENTINE mar: BARRY BROWN, Auckland.Their daughter...

a Belinda Jane Caroline Brown

iii. VALENCIA VALENTINE mar: 1954, Dunedin to PETER BOAG, 1954, Dunedin.

Their children:

Elizabeth; John; Timothy Brownlie Boag SBC d: 1956; Phillipa and Stephen Boag

 iv. MARIE VALENTINE mar: DAVID CHRISTOFFEL, New Plymouth.Their family:

Paul; Penelope; Michael Christoffel; Gerald Valentne mar: Robyn Holliday - Their son Andrew Mosely Valentine  

4. ARTHUR EUSTACE BARTRUM (b; 04 Feb 1901, and d: 31 Jul 1987 in Christchurch). He mar: 09 Nov 1926 in Columbo Church, Oamaru to FLORA JANET SHAW (b: 02 Jul 1897, and d: 01 Jul 1980 in Christchurch) Their son:


Please contact Brian Bartrum if you can help with his Bartrum research.

Ian Robert Bartrum and Kay-Maree Bartrum

5. GEORGE ERIC BARTRUM  was b: 15 Jun 1905 in Beach street, Oamaru, Occ: Manager; d: 01 Nov 1986 in Oamaru. He mar: 26 Sep 1959 in Oamaru to CHRISTINE GIBSON. Their children: