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Wedding of George Bartrum and Annie Lock:
Front Row: Jane Robinson; David Robinson; Agnes Rita Truscott Opie; _____?.
Second Row: Charles Charles Henry Adolphus Truscott Opie; Mary Jane Robinson (née Bartrum); Irene Scott Bartrum; George Nathaniel Bartrum; Annie Lock; George Stothert Bartrum; Grace Ivory; Ellen (Nellie) Ivory (née Bartrum); Benjamin Packer Bartrum;
Third Row: Fanny Matilda Baker (née Bartrum); Charlotte Amy Dorothy Stocker (née Bartrum); Thomas Leslie (Tom) Flaus; ______?; Alice Flaus (née Bartrum); Possibly Frederick Robert Bartrum?; Winifred Joughin (née Opie) Louisa Taylor Opie (née Bartrum) ?? Vivienne Alice Opie; Gwen Lilias Fanny (Leila) Opie; Back Row: The first 3 are possibly Purseys; Frampton; _________?; Pursey Robinson

GEORGE NATHANIEL BARTRUM was born 16 Nov 1867 in Ashley Bank near Rangiora to parents George and Sarah Bartrum - he died 14 Jan 1941 aged 73Y Bur; Aramoho Wanganui K01.09

Lyttelton Times,  20 Nov. 1867: BIRTH. Bartrum,—Nov. 16, at Ashley Bank, near Rangiora, the wife of Mr G. S. Bartrum, of a son.

 George married ANNIE LOCK 25 Oct 1906 at 242 Durham St., Christchurch. She was born 1866, and died 1945 aged 78Y; Bur; Aramoho Wanganui K01.09.

Manawatu Times,  25 June 1907 Auction sale - On account of Mr G. N. Bartrum, Esq., who has sold his farm— 800 2th to s.m: Romney-Lincoln ewes in lamb to Lincoln and Komney rams 140 2th wethers

Wanganui Chronicle,  20 March 1911 BRISCOE & OTHERS V. BARTRUM The case, in which a party of bushfells claimed £300 and applied for a lieu over the land of Mr. G. N. Bartruci, on which bush had been felled, was concluded at the Supreme Court on Saturday. The plaintiffs alleged that they felled 200 acres of land in a very satisfactory manner and according to the contract, but the defendant brought evidence to show that the bush had been cut very roughly, "smashing" being indulged in too much. The parties endeavoured to effect a compromise, but as they could not agree, His Honour gave judgment to the plaintiff for £60, in addition to £30 paid on account since the action started, and on condition that Bartrum paid the men's stores account amounting to about £51 10s.

12 Feb 1914: WANGANUI RIVER SETTLERS - ROAD ON LEFT BANK WANTED. A meeting of settlers on the banks of the Wanganui River was held at the Wanganui County Council's. The object of, the meeting was to induce the Wanganui, Waitotara and Waimerino counties to combine in raising a loan to make a dray road on the left bank of the Wanganui River from Jerusalem to Upokongaro Present were Messrs Gregor Mc- Gregor, E. A. Campbell, F. H. Allen, C. L. Duigan, M. Campbell, Pask, Duthie, Bartrum, O. Jones, W. J. Poison, Christie, Hammond (Koroniti).

Wanganui Chronicle, 21 March 1918 Miles of Flames: COUNTRY SWEPT BARE FROM MATAHTWI TO TAUMARUNUI. NOW ONE UNDIVIDED BLOCK ALL FENCES DOWN LOSSES RUN INTO THOUSANDS OF POUNDS Gradually the news is coming to us of the terrible devastation caused by the tire fiend which swept the countryside on Monday night, and there is now no doubt whatever that the losses of settlers will run into thousands of pounds. Men who have borne the heat and burden of the day, and were beginning to realise that they were in practically affluent circumstances, have been stripped of all their possessions, which represented the toil and hardships of years, and in consequence they will be compelled to start life afresh. It is terribly hard, and sincere sympathy will go out to all these settlers, who have been so badly dealt with. Among the many whose experiences during the past few days have been heart-rending, are the settlers in the Matahiwi district, where all the country has been completely devastated. So thoroughly has the the fire fiend done its work that from Matahiwi to Taumarunui there is now practically one huge, undivided block, all fences, dips, and buildings—except the actual homesteads —having been devoured by the greedy flames, as they pursued their relentless flight over the ;and.

Mr. Bartrum, a very old settler of the "district, informed a "Chronicle" representative that on Monday night he retired to rest about 10 o'clock, and everything then appeared to be still and calm. Nature was in a quiet mood, and there was no harbinger of the dreadful experience to which they were all hastening. About 1 o'clock he was awakened by the small as of something burning. He got up and look<?d over his farm, and everything appeared to be all right. There was apparently no sign of fire, and he came to the conclusion that the smell came a from a distant bush fire. He again retired to rest, but, two hours later, he was again awakened by a very much stronger smell, indicative of a fire in close proximity. He again got up and looked out and he received one of the greatest surprises of his life. Where two hours before not a sign of fire was visible there was stretched before him a veritable sea of flames, apparently stretching across the country for hundreds of miles. As this great wave of fire pressed onward in the direction of his homestead, Mr Bartrum realised that it was time for quick action, if he wished to save his homestead from the dreadful enemy bearing down upon him. With the assistance of others, effective measures were taken to stave off the threatened disaster, and after a very severe and strenuous fight the homestead was saved. Mr Bartrum, however, had his farm swept by the destructive elements, all feed and much stock being entirely wiped out, and his loss would easily run into £1500.

Mr W. Connor was another settler whose losses would run into fully £3000, and, said today, he has lost practically everything off his fine property. The greatest difficulty was experienced in saving some of the stock, and the very brave, conduct of Mr Billy Eestol is deserving of special mention. On one paddock about three hundred sheep were being grazed, and when the fire threatened to envelop the area in question, it seemd as if it was humanly impossible to save the poor animals. "Billy" was not to be daunted, and with a brave effort he rescued the stock from the danger zone, which in practically a few moments was swept bare by the tornado of flame. This brave fellow succeeded by skilful handling in getting the sheep down into a creek, and there they remained until the fire had passed over. The sheep wero so badly smoked that they had the appearance of black sheep, their fleeces having been completely darkened.

1940 Lived in Glen Arles, Makirikiri , North-East of Wanganui.

The 2nd photo above, taken at the same photoshoot, was sent by Stuart Bartrum

Children of GEORGE BARTRUM and ANNIE LOCK are:

i. GEORGINA (known as Georgie) FRANCES BARTRUM, b. 22 Sep 1907; d. 24 Sep 1974 age 67; Bur: Aramoho Wanganui Cemetery

ii. CLIFFORD BENJAMIN BARTRUM, b. 09 Sep 1909, Pleasant Point, Sth Canterbury; d. 1995 at Wanganui; mar: 1938 at Petone to MARY EDNA* ZONA MARSH, b. 25 Apr 1912, Petone; d. 2000, Whangarei.

Evening Post, 8 July 1937: Mr. C. B. Bartrum (Wanganui) with his sister, Miss C. A. Bartrum, intend spending three months in England, with tours of Scotland and Ireland. They are travelling by motor-car, and are essentially on a holiday trip.

........ 1 Neville George Bartrum b: Wanganui mar (1) St Pauls Cathedral, Wanganui to Jillian Ree Sherriff. Their two sons are:

............. a Craig Bartrum b: 1961 in Wanganui mar: ? ; d: 1988 Motor cycle Accident Bur; Wanganui Cem. Their dau:  Amanda Saunders

............. b Kim Bartrum b: Wanganui mar:  St Pauls Cathedral, Wanganui to Elizabeth Laura Todd Their 2 sons  b: in Wanganui are: George Craig Bartrum and  Morgan Bartrum

................. Neville George Bartrum mar: (2) Virginia Road Wanganui to Nancy Margaret Ross.

................. Neville George Bartrum - his partner: (3) Mary Whitam d Melbourne

........ 2 Murray Clifford Bartrum b: Wanganui  mar: (1) Elizabeth Muriel Tinker. Their two sons are:

............. a Rowe Clifford Benjamin Bartrum mar: Rebecca Fay Mason

............. b Hayden Murray Earl Bartrum mar: ? Their son: Cody Bartrum

............. Murray Clifford Bartrum mar: (2) Lynn Bradford

.........3 Lloyd Warwick Bartrum b: Wanganui  mar:  (1) at Baptist Church Avondale Auck to Susan Dennis. Their children are:     

............. a Warwick Andrew Bartrum b: Auckland mar ? ; Jacksonville Florida USA Their dau. Kyra Bartrum

............. b Michelle Zona Bartrum b: Auckland

............. c Adrian Stephen Bartrum b: Auckland

............. Lloyd Warwick Bartrum mar: (2) Margaret W NDIRANGU at Watford Hertfordshire      

........ 4 Ross Wilson Bartrum b: Wanganui mar: at Hendon Middlesex to Valerie Anne French Their 3 sons:

............. a Paul Stephen Bartrum b: Harrow, Middlesex

............. b Stuart Geoffery Bartrum b: Harrow, Middlesex

............. c Ian David Bartrum b: Wanganui

........ 5 Banyan Bartrum mar: ? - Their dau: is Tanya Bartrum 

iii. MARY ALICE BARTRUM, b. 18 November 1910; d: 2001

iv. CHARLOTTE (LOTTIE) AMY BARTRUM, b. 03 May 1912; d. 1 Nov 1982, Hikurangi Home Age: 70; Bur: Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui, New Zealand;Cemetery Area Block: H Division: 10 Plot: 616 ; mar: GORDON HOWARD OLIVER; b. 28 Dec 1910 - his father Louis Oliver (1872-1938) his mother Maud Carrel (1883-1956); Residence: 143 Anzac Parade, Occ: Ins Inspector; he d. 13 Jan 1954, Wanganui Age: 42 Their children are:

........ 1 Winston George Oliver mar: Heather Barbara Hall Their family:

............. a Joanne Linda Oliver

............. b Pauline Marie Oliver

............. c Kathryn Jane Oliver

........ 2 Annette Maud Oliver mar: John Graham Handley d: 1 Dec 2009 Wanganui Their family:

............. a Paul Graham Handley

............. b Simon Graham Handley

............. c Sarah Graham Handley

............. c Hannah Graham Handley

........ 3 David Gordon Oliver mar: Eileen Hall Their family:

............. a Sian Elsie Oliver

............. b Alexander David Oliver