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George Stothert Bartrum
Sarah Bartrum nee Pursey

GEORGE STOTHERT BARTRUM was born Milsom Street, Sion Hill, Bath, Somerset, England on 25 Oct 1827 to parents BENJAMIN THOMAS BARTRUM occ. upholsterer, and his mother SARAH nee STOTHERT. He was bapt: 21 Nov 1827 at the Church St Michael, Bath.  He died November 16, 1916 at the residence of his son - in - law, T.L. Flaus, who lived in Christchurch. He was buried at Rangiora Methodist Cem.

George married SARAH PURSEY December 29, 1851 in St Mary's Church, Paddington. Witnesses to the wedding  were George and Ann Frampton. Sarah was the daughter of JAMES PURSEY and LUCY FRAMPTON of Somersetshire, and was born 22 Jun 1829 at Walton Somersetshire - she died February 04, 1904 in Rangiora.

George was brought up as a surveyor, and also gained experience of farming, arrived at Lyttelton on the ship "Stag"  670 Tons under the charge of Captain: Clark. They sailed from London 4th January 1852 and arrived at Lyttelton 17th May 1852. This Illustration was by Mr. John Drurey, a passenger from England by ship in 1851. Upper Riccarton Christchurch (1863) and is held by family descendants.

Brian Bartrum (Research dated 6 Feb 2003) states; "It appears that George and Sarah had originally intended to land in Wellington, but clearly changed their minds.  The List of Passengers on board the ship Stag for Canterbury and Wellington, New Zealand with the destination at which they are to be landed taken from the Canterbury Association Shipping Papers 'Stag' 1851-1852 held by the Canterbury Museum show under the Second Cabin heading Mr & Mrs Bartram [sic] to be landing in Wellington. This has been crossed out and Canterbury has been written alongside". (The change was initialed, but Brian was unable to read the initials)Below is his  transcript of an Association letter held by the Canterbury Museum:

John Robert Godley Esq
Port Lyttelton
Dear Sir,
      Enclosed I beg to hand you a list of the Passengers on board the Stag. The following are the names of those who have liberty to land at Wellington. all the remainder have to disembark at Canterbury.

Chief cabin - Mr Bowler & family; Mr and Mrs Soulby; Dr Evans 
Second Cabin - Mr and Mrs Bartrum; Mr Ball; Mr Macdonald 
Steerage - Mr and Mrs Iggulden
I am, dear Sir,  Yours faithfully,   Wm Bowler

Ferrymead, 1850's

CANTERBURY JURY LIST List of persons qualified and liable to serve as Jurors with in the Province of Canterbury, 1853 includes Bartrum George, Ferry Rd., Farmer

1852 - George Bartrum settled at the Ferry Road on Rural Section No. 48 Christchurch about 100 acres in area and situated north of Ferry Rd. between what today is Rutherford and Bamford Streets. The eastern boundary would have been approximately where Ensors Road now is and the southern boundary of the the section finished about half way between Ferry Road and the Heathcote River.  Link  He grew wheat and other crops to support his household, and like many others, first used a spade to prepare the ground.

1852 - CANTERBURY JURY LIST List of persons qualified and liable to serve as Jurors with in the Province of Canterbury,

1853 - Bartrum George, Ferry Rd., Farmer
1852 - Lyttelton Times, 11 Dec: PLOUGHING WELL EXECUTED, on Mobebatk Terms, by G. S. Bartrum, Ferry-road, Christohurch.
1853 - Lyttelton Times, 14 May: The Christchurch Agricultural and Horticultural Exhibition took place on the 3rd instant, at the White Hart Hotel.Pearl Wheat (seed from the Hutt) was exhibited by the Rev. W. W. Willock, and was much admired very good samples were also shewn by Mr.. Bartrum - the 2nd prize for Wheat.
1855 - Rural Section No. 14: This was about 100 acres in area and situated on the south side of Ferry Road between what today is Rutherford and Bamford Streets. The southern boundary of the the section finished about half way between Ferry Road and the Heathcote River. He grew wheat and other crops to support his household, and like so many, used a spade to prepare the ground.

Report 1860 Plowing Match - Hawera Star: 1 Aug 1914
6 Nov 1952
14 May 1853

1860 - Christchurch Militia List, 1860: BARTRUM, George Stothart; Ferry road; Farmer
1860 - Lyttelton Times, 29 Dec;  WANTED,—A MAN, who understands the management of circular saws, driven by steam power. —Apply to George S. Bartrum, Ferry road, Christchurch.
1861 - George Bartrum is stated as being a merchant and carter at Ferry Road and was also engaged in the business of bringing limestone up the estuary to the Heathcote
1861 - Lyttelton Times, 6 March: CUT AND UNCUT FIREWOOD. FOR SALE, at the Albion Wharf. Ferry Road,— Cut, in lengths of 16ins., at £2 12s. per cord; in 12iris., at £2 .'l4s; in  9ins., at £2 16s. Delivered in Christchurch at 10s, per cord extra. Samples may be seen and orders taken at the yard of Mr. Geo. Dell, Colombo Street Bridge, Christchurch.   GEO. S. BARTRUM. Ferry Road,
1861 - Lyttelton Times 17 April: FIJI ORANGES OF first-rate quality for sale at the Albion Wharf, Ferry Road, Christchurch. GEO. S. BARTRUM.
1861 - Lyttelton Times,  8 June: CUT FIREWOOD. FOR SALE, at the Albion Wharf, Ferry Road,— J or delivered in Christchurch at 10s. per cord extra. GEO. S. BARTRUM.
1861 - Lyttelton Times, 24 Aug: Arrived HEATHCOTE RIVER. August 22, schooner Ocean Queen, 18 tons, Simmons, from Decanter Bay, with 700 rails and 300 posts for Bartrum.
Lyttelton Times - 4 Sept: Schooner Ocean Queen, 18 tons, Simmons, from Little Akaloa, with 15 cords firewood, Bartrum.
1861- Lyttelton Times, 9 November 1861 IMPORTS. In the Lord Worsley, Miles and Co., agent; 1 package saws, Bartrum 1 case,
1862 - Extract from "Beyond the Waimakariri" p416. The banks of the Waimakariri on 8 July 1862. It proved unfortunate for several people that Inspector William Revell of the Kaiapoi police should be on his way to Christchurch on that particular day, for, after alighting at Felton's ferry, he looked in at the Courtenay Arms and there he heard that a prize-fight was about to take place near by. Prize-fighting was illegal, so, accompanied by Felton, who was a special constable, he followed a mob of people obviously interested in the fight. The group led Revell along a track to John Beswick's old house, then occupied by Charles Turner, and there he found a boxing ring enclosed by ropes hidden behind a hedge, and one contestant preparing himself for the engagement. Revell immediately rode forward through the large crowd - estimated at several hundred - drew his revolver and ordered that the bout be abandoned, cutting the ropes as he did so. The onlookers became angry, and a crowd was jostling him out of the ring when two more mounted constables rode up. At this show of authority the crowd moved away to set up a ring elsewhere, but after going in several directions to confuse the police returned to the old ring and reset the ropes.
 By this time the two contestants, Harry Jones and George Bartrum, had stripped, but in attempting to stop them Revell was again roughly handled and was struck by a bottle and by clods, and the constables were forcibly dismounted and treated likewise. Powerless to prevent the bout, the inspector could only watch it proceed. Each fighter had his seconds, and a referee was in command. After an hour Jones had battered Bartrum severely and the fight was stopped.
 The last round was fought out in the Christchurch Supreme Court where Bartrum's defence - that a magistrate had encouraged him, and had backed him, and had then sat in judgment upon him - availed him nothing. The judge considered it to be not a brawl but a prize-fight, Canterbury's first in fact, and, because the case was unique, he would be lenient. The fighters were sentenced to one month in gaol while their officials were discharged on £100 recognizances to keep the peace for a year. No action was taken against those who had assaulted the police, although they were all well known.
1863 - George owned 10 acres in the Hoon Hay Bush and when he applied to be put on the electoral roll in Heathcote in ' 63, he gave this as his qualification.
1863 - George Stothert Bartrum also had land in Oxford County, section 6049 (registered 10.10.63, sold 24.10.1871) on Bay Road; in Dixons Road (Ashley County) section 2856 (registered 10.10.1863, sold 24.5.1862; and on Smarts Road, Rangiora County, section 443 (registered 9.3.1875, sold 7.11.1884)." (Ref: Horrell Land Transactions; Museum Library, Christchurch)
1864 - Lyttelton Times, 19 April 1864: RALPH BYRON'S ASSIGNMENT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that RALPH BYRON, of Christchurch, in the Province of Canterbnry, New Zealand, draper, hath by deed bearing date the thirteenth day of April now instant, assigned all his personal estate, property and effects whatsoever and wheresoever of him the said Ralph Byron, unto George Stothert Bartrum, of the Ashley district, in the said Province, farmer, upon trust for the equal benefit of himself and such other of the Creditors as shall come in and execute the said Deed within three calendar mouths from the date thereof. NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that the said Deed of Assignment, duly executed by the said Ralph Byron and George Stothert Bartrum, and duly attested by Orbell Willoughby Oalces, solicitor, Christchurch, and Henry Wallis, solicitor's clerk, Christchurch, now lies at the office of the undersigned for the inspection and execution of the Creditors of the said Ralph Byron, and such of them as shall neglect or refuse to execute the said Deed within the time aforesaid will be excluded from all benefit that may arise therefrom By Order, ORBELL WILLOUGHBY OAKES, Solicitor for the Trustees. Christchurch, April 13th, 1864. (Debt repaid???)
1865 - Lyttelton Times,1 Nov 1865, AN EXPLANATION. TO THE EDITOR OF THE LYTTELTON TIMES. Sir,—Your reporter of the magisterial occurrences at Kaiapoi, as published in your issue of the 26th inst., and in the Canterbury Times of the 28th, has inadvertently made an error in stating that the Resident Magistrate's remarks were in any way applied to me, for the case was decided by my books. I am thankful to say that I am quite competent to keep my own books properly. If you will favour me by inserting this letter, I shall feel obliged, as your report leaves an injurious impression. Yours, &c., GEO. S. BARTRUM. Ashley Bank, Rangiora, Oct. 30, 1865.

1866 - G.S. Bartrum - his Crown Grant is cancelled and on 29 Nov 1866 he writes to Provincial Secretary seeking employment as thistle inspector.  

1867 - ELECTORAL ROLL, CHRISTCHURCH 1867-68:Bartrum George; Ferry Rd 9His farm at Ashley Bank, pt section 1455 (Registered 10.6.63, sold 16.8.1871) beside the Ashley township, was under crop in 1866.)

1867 - Lyttelton Times, 16 Jan: The first annual exhibition of the Northern Agricultural and, Pastoral Association took place in Messrs Buss and Hepworth's paddock, llangiora; on Friday, Dec. 28  Mr Wylde exhibited one sheaf each of pedigree and Talavera wheat, and Mr R. Bartrum a sample of early potatoes
1867 - George Bartrum  leased two reserves in the Ashley River Bed – No 2431 of 36 acres and run 75 of 109 acres." George Bartrum  settled in the Rangiora district and with his brother-in-law Thomas Pursey was for some time engaged in carting. He commenced farming over the Ashley river where he leased Ashley River Reserves Land No 199, and after selling his Ashley Bank farm and bought 50 acres on the Woodend – Rangiora Road, called 'Willow Farm" (this  was sold to George Kinley in July 1889 for £18 per acre.)
1868 - Lyttelton Times, 14 May: Voter in the electoral district of Heahcot Geo Stothert Bartrum ceased qualification
1868 - Lyttelton Times,  14 Nov: NORTHERN AGRICULTURAL AND PASTORAL ASSOCIATION'S EXHIBITION —Best Derwent seed potatoes, l cwt, to be grown by exhibitor. One entry. G. S. Bartrum, commended
1876 - Press, 13 July 1876, Slaughterhouse Ordinance:—The application of G. Bartrum was granted.
1886 - Press, 16 April; 6 PROPERTY SALE AT RANGIORA. A sale of property was held at Matson, Buss and Co.'s salerooms, Victoria street, Rangiora; ; quarter-acre and house, King street, Bangiora, sold to Mr Bartrum, £120:
1890 - G S Bartrum lease  Section D7;  railway property Page 6; and AJHR 1893 Section D14 - lands later acquired for railway purposes
1902 - In April George and his wife Sarah celebrated their Golden wedding in April 1902 with the family.

Golden Wedding
Bartrum Golden Wedding

George Stothert Bartrum and Sarah (née Pursey) Standing – from left: George Tom Baker; Fanny Matilda Baker (née Bartrum); Charles Henry Adolphus Truscott Opie; (Inset) Frederick Robert Bartrum (Frederick was south at this time – probably at Kurow); Louisa Taylor Opie (née Bartrum); (Inset) Charlotte Pursey Bartrum ( in England); Benjamin Packer Bartrum; Amy Bartrum (née Hayden); Thomas Leslie Flaus; Alice Flaus (née Bartrum); George Nathaniel Bartrum;
Seated: Mary Robinson (née Bartrum; Sarah Bartrum (nee Pursey; George Stothert Bartrum; Ellen (Nellie) Stothert Ivory (née Bartrum) Front: John Arthur Bartrum; Grace Ivory; George Bartrum Baker.

1905 - The year after wife Sarah's death, George S Bartrum made a second marriage at Rangiora on Oct. 16 1905 by Rev. D. J. Steele to widow Jane Rowan - her maiden name was Mulholland, b: at Glasgow aged 61. Present: John Payne and his wife, Mary Robinson, Nelly Ivory, Mrs Bevington. On March 17 1910, Jane, wife of George Bartrum left her husband and home taking her belongings with her. She d: 31 Aug 1919 aged 86y.
For some years before his death, George lived at King Street, Rangiora, and later,he moved to the neighbourhood of  Woodend. George Bartrum was much interested in religious activities. It was noted in his obituary, at the time of his death, the names of his family, "Messrs B Bartrum (deceased), G. Bartrum, F. Bartrum, Miss Bartrum (England), and Mesdames Ivory, Opie, (deceased), Robinson, Baker, and T. L. Flaus."
The following death notice dated Nov. 16, 1916 is pasted into the G S B bible: "BARTRUM - At the residence of his son-in-law, T. L. Flaus, George Stothert Bartrum, late of Rangiora; aged 89 years.                                             
"Mr George Stothert Bartrum, whose death occurred on Thursday morning, arrived at Lyttelton by the ship Stag on May 24 1851 [should be 17th