Francis Charles and Maria Guilford
After their clearing sale at Pages Road, Timaru, Frank and his family moved to “PineHill” at Cattle Valley which is 10 miles on the Geraldine side of Fairlie. Their only transport was a horse and cart and in those days it was considered quite isolated. Frank was able to add a further acreage to his property in 1917.
Their home was a humble wooden house with scrim and paper inner walls, with kerosene lamps and candles for illumination. This was later demolished and Frank built a more substantial home on the site, dug a well and put up a windmill for water.  That first year Fred went to the Skipton School, walking the two miles.
The war years dragged on and absence of brothers Walter, Cecil and Robert due to service abroad, caused family much anxiety. Frank continued to give what he could in the way of support and spoke at the local soldier's farewells at Skipton, as he had previously done at Timaru.

With school days over, both sons were employed at various times by their father - milking cows, moving and feeding stock, harvesting and driving the team of horses and supplementing their income with seasonal work until they both married and established families of their own. As Henry was close by in Middle Valley, he was able to assist his father when needed.

Timaru Herald, 1 June 1918: Mr F C Guilford of Cattle Valley, Fairlie, received official advice of the death in action two brothers, Walter Guilford who left with the 16ths, died a month before and Cecil Guilford who left with the 11ths, died of wounds on May 4.

Press,  21 May 1926: At the annual meeting of the Fairlie branch of the Farmers' Union farmers expressed dissatisfaction with the prices offered for lambs over 361b in weight, and the present system of grading. In the Home market, the heavy weights of Scottish and English lambs and sheep returned high prices for the same product, yet Meat Board's approved the existing prices and system of grading. Messrs W. A. Robertson and F. C. Guilford moved a motion "that the executive endeavour to secure a better price for medium and heavy lamb and mutton."

Press, 9 May 1928: At the meeting of the Fairlie Branch of the Farmers' Union, officers were elected :-- Chairman, Mr J. Trotter; deputy chairman, Mr J. Barron; executive: Messrs J. Barron and F. C. Guilford ; committee: Messrs C. J. Talbot, N. H, Williams, F. C. Isitt, T. B. Crampion, and F. H. Guilford .

Press,  28 April 1934: Timaru WOOL SALE, EASING ON FEBRUARY PRICES Bidding was slow and with little life at the third and final Timaru wool sale held in the Theatre Royal yesterday. The catalogue totalled 2119 bales. Mr F. C. Guilford, of Cattle Valley, obtained the best price for Corriedale —15d.

Press, 12 March 1938, FAIRLIE EWE FAIR Good Romney cross and half-bred sheep met with a spirited demand at the Fairlie ewe fair yesterday. F. C. Guilford , 90 three-quarterbred at 30s 3d,

Easter Monday each year since 1899, the Mackenzie Highland A & P show has been held at the Fairlie show grounds. Over the many years, Maria participated, showing with pride her home grown produce and faced fierce competition and her family followed suit - and always, the judging results got careful scrutiny by an interested public. This may have been the impetus for Frank to become an elected member of the A & P Committee in 1926.

THE FAIRLIE SHOW.  Timaru Herald,  22 April 1919; Pats of Dairy Butter, Mrs Giddings 1, Mrs J. Dunnell 2, Mrs F. C. Guilford 3.

Press, 19 Apr 1933: COOKING APPLES: Mrs T. B. Crampton 1, 2, & 3, Mrs F. C. Guilford 4; TOMATOES: F. South 1, Mrs C. de Galway 2, Mrs F. C. Guilford 3;  RED CABBAGES: Mrs F. C. Guilford 1, A. P. Campbell 2, T. Stamp 3; HEN EGGS: white: Mrs J. Hay 1 & 2. Mrs F. C. Guilford 3; ROSE BLOOMS: distinct varieties: Mrs F. M. Larcomie 1 & 2, Mrs F. C. Guilford 3; Iced chocolate butter sandwich: Naomi Kelman 1, Miss M. M. Shirley 2, Mrs J. Scarlett 3; Three vases of annuals: Mrs P. Barker 1, Miss M. A. Whatman 2. Six roses: Mrs F. C. Guilford 1, Miss A. Fairbank 2.

Press, 7 Sept 1935: Frank joined more than 300 former pupils, friends, and residents at the celebrations of the Pleasant Valley School Jubilee at Pleasant Valley. The chairman. Mr J. Brophy, extended a welcome to all present,and other speakers were Mr F. Guilford, an early pupil of the school.

Press, 14 April 1936: Collection of fruit: Mrs F. C. Guilford 1 & 2. Miss Oliver 3. Collection of vegetables: W.Argus l, C. Austin 2, Mrs J. Scarlett 3; Light fruit cake: Mrs J. Scarlett 1 & 3, Naomi Kelman 2; Marble cake: Naomi Kelman 1, Miss M. M. Shirley 2, Mrs J. Scarlett 3; Decorated cake): Mrs J. Scarlett 1, Miss P. D. Cooling 2 & 3; Three roses: Mrs F. C. Guilford 1, Miss A. Falrbank 2, E. R. Coulter 3.

Press, 15 Apr 1941: Twelve cooking apples, four varieties: Mrs F. C. Guilford 1 & 2, W. L, Bourn 3.  Three quinces: Mrs F. C. Guilford 1 & 2, Mrs Dale 3; Best collection of fruit, not more than eight varieties; O. D. Oliver 1. Mrs F. C. Guilford 2.  One pair large vegetable marrows: W. Harris I, A. S. Pickering 2, Mrs F. C. Guilford 3;  1 shaw potatoes, with 100-word essay giving the history of the exhibit, by a pupil of any Mackenzie County Public School: Desmond Scarlett (Skipton) 1.

In 1942, Frank bought the adjoining property from James Graham and added 310 more acres to Pinehill bring the total to 1059 acres. Sadly, Maria who had been unwell for some years and died in April 1945.

Fred Guilford returned from Gisborne with his family and leased "Pinehill" from his father and then purchased it in 1948. Frank retired and lived in the Graham house for a time before he moved in 1950 to New Plymouth to be with his brothers and sisters.

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