Hector Charles Cone
Hector Charles* CONE (b: Jan 27, 1907 in Christchurch to parents Albert Charles Cone and Elsie Marion nee Burt; d: 29 May 1988 in Christchurch; Crem: Canterbury Crematorium, Linwood, Christchurch) mar: Aug 25, 1931 in Christchurch to  Dora MOLLER (b: Abt. 1901 in Darjeeling, India;  d: Mar 03, 1953 in Christchurch).
Their children:
(a)Peter Charles CONE (b: April 23, 1935 in Leeston; d: Feb 15, 1998 in Brisbane) mar: Christchurch to Margaret Jean O'CONNELL.  Their family;
(i) Anthony Charles CONE (b: Christchurch
(ii) David Peter CONE (b: Christchurch
(iii) Michael Natham CONE (b: Christchurch m. Kerry Jane LYNDSAY. Their son: 
 Stephen Raymond CONE (b: Christchurch
(iv) Wendy Elizabeth CONE (b: Christchurch; Son is 
Daniel Johnathon CONE (b: Christchurch
(v) S.B.C. CONE Born: 1968 in Christchurch
(vi) Christopher Steven Frederick CONE (b: Geraldine.He and his wife.....have three children -
Joshua Peter, Henry William and Emma Elizabeth
(b) Richard Ross CONE (b: Leeston mar. at Christchurch to Beatrice Ann O'CONNELL Their children:
(i) Richard Wayne CONE (b: Christchurch mar. Sue HARRISON Married: Sydney. Their family:
(a) Scott CONE (b: Sydney; (b) Ben CONE Born: Sydney
(ii) Paul Charles CONE (b: Christchurch mar. Adrienne Mary EDWARDS Their family:
(a) Adam Mitchell CONE; (b) Rebekah Joelle CONE
(iii) Lynda Ann CONE (b: Christchurch mar. Timothy BRONS. Their family:
(a) Jeremy Charles BRONS; (b) Michelle Elizabeth BRONS
(iv) Daryl John CONE (b: Christchurch mar. Karen Maree FISHER Born: Hamilton. Their family:
(a) Georgia Adele CONE; (b) Aiden Darryl CONE.........
(v) Tracey Elizabeth CONE (b: May 06, 1966 in Christchurch mar. Robert P JONES. Their family:
(a) Kate Victoria JONES; (b) Lauren Elizabeth JONES; (c) Christopher Daniel JONES
*2nd Wife of Hector Charles* CONE: he mar: 1954 to Catherine Ada HEWITT (b: 25 Jul 1906, attended Winton School 1920; she d: July 21, 1998.  Her parents were Alfred William Hewitt  (b: 11 Nov 1884; d: 17 Feb 1972 aged 87Y at Winton, Southland) and mother Catherine Flora Nicholson (d: 25 Feb 1963 at Winton 83Y) 

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