Lydia Pelvin & Charles Hodges

Lydia Pelvin (b: 1807 in Bearsted, Kent; Bapt: 24 Jan 1808 Bearsted, Kent - parents were Stephen Pelvin and mother Elizabeth Goble; Lydia d: 1883 in Marylebone)

Charles Hodges was b: 4 Apr 1802 at Putney, Wandsworth, Surrey; his  Parents were Stephen Hodges Occ. Labourer  and mother: Sarah Bulchear. Charles was Bapt: with his brother Abraham on 2nd May 1802; d: Abt. Jun 1885 in Marylebone)

Charles Hodges 1st mar: was on 17 Aug 1823 in St. Lukes, Chelsea, London to Hannah Richardson (b: 10 Jan 1802 - her parents: Deborah and Grinsey Richardson; Bapt: 24 Jan 1802 at Polstead, Suffolk, England;  she d: in 1833) 


1824 - Birth son Charles (b: 14 Jan 1824 in Marylebone d: 17 May 1835 in Marylebone)

1825 - Living at Church End, Hendon, occ: Gardener (Birth son Edward Hodges)
1827 - Living at Little Stanmore, Harrow occ: Labourer (Birth dau Hannah Badman Hodges d: 1885)
1828 - Living at Little Stanmore, occ: Labourer (Birth dau Sarah Ann Hodges she mar: 14 Feb 1864 in St Mary's Church, Marylbone to Henry Hudson )
1830 - living at 25 Salisbury St, Marylbone, occ: Labourer
1832 - Living at 14 Little North St, Marylbone, occ: Gardener (Birth Kitty Hodges b: 9 Feb; d: 15 May 1832)
1833 - Living at Salisbury St, Marylbone (Birth of twins Joseph and Mary Hodges 15 Sep 1833; Mary d:13 Jul 1834; Joseph d: 24 Sep 1837 )
1834 - Death of wife Hannah Hodges

Lydia Pelvin mar: on 8 Nov 1835 in Trinity, Marylebone, Middlesex,  widower Charles Hodges. They had 7 children b: in Marylebone.


1837 - Death of sons  Joseph and Charles living at 15 Little North St, Marylebone

1841 - Living at Salisbury St, Marylebone, Middlesex, England
1844 - Death of son Abraham
1851 - Living at Salisbury St, Marylebone, Middlesex, England
1864 - Living at 32 Orcus Street, Marylebone Occ: Gardener
1885 - Death Jun Q; Charles Hodges aged  82yrs  Marylebone, London, Middlesex

Lydia and Charles's children:

1 Charles Hodges (b: 14 Jan 1837 in Marylebone, Middlesex; d: 05 Oct 1837 aged 8 months at 15 Little Nth St, Marylebone)

2 Charles Steven Hodges (b: 29 Jun 1838 in Marylebone, Middlesex; d: 1916 in Middlesex England) He mar: 1865 in Saint Stephen The Martyr, Hampstead to Dianna Waller (b: 1839 ) Their family:

i Charles Lawrence Hodges b: 1866 - mar: either Caroline Allen or Harriet Steward his dau.  Rose Hodges

ii Edward William Hodges b: 1868 d abt Mar 1909 Paddington

iii Ada Jane Hodges b: 1873; Mar: 1896 to Edward Green

iv Edith Annie Hodges b: 1875; Mar: 1904 to Charles Henry Best

v Sidney Hodges b: 1877; Mar: 1916 to Rose Ada Haylock

vi Agnes Hodges b: 1880

vii Nathaniel Hodges b: 13 May 1871; Mar:  1891 to Florence Charlotte Hodges her Father: Stephen James Hodges; Their son:

a  Stephen Henry Hodges b: 20 May 1896 -  son was

1 Frederick William Stephen Hodges b: 07 Oct 1925

His dau: is : Maggie Hodges/Wilkinson (Hodges researcher)

 viii Steven Henry Hodges Mar: Abt. Mar 1892 in Marylebone to Winifred Stanton

3 Stephen James Hodges (b: 20 Dec 1840 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England; d: Abt. Jun 1890 in Pancras) mar:  1863 in St. Pancras Parish Church, Camden, Middlesex to  Elizabeth Ann (Bettsy) Harris (b: 1839 in St. Pancras, Marylebone - her father: Robert Harris, mother - Elizabeth Rolfe; she d: 1915 in Wandsworth, London Their children:

i Stephen Charles Hodges (b: 1865 d: 1865)

ii Minnie Elizabeth Hodges (b: 1867 in Marylebone, London, Middlesex; d: 1869 in Marylebone, London, Middlesex)

iii Florence Charlotte Hodges (b: 1869 in Marylebone, Middlesex; d: 1963 in (Hospital) Romford, Essex, England) Mar: 1891 in Christ Church, Marylebone mar: cousin Nathaniel Hodges (b: 13 May 1871 in 32 Ocus St, Marylebone, Middlesex, parents were Charles Steven Hodges and mother: Dianna Elizabeth Waller; d: 1908 in Hendon, Paddington) Their children:

a Nathaniel Stephen Hodges (b: 1891 in 47 Hartland Road Marylebone, London; d: 1923 in Hendon, Middlesex) Mar: Abt. Jun 1911 in Willesden, London to Edith Annie Foss (b: 1889 in Willesden, Middlesex ) Their son

William C. Hodges b 1913 d: 1915

b William C Hodges (b: 1894 in Kentish Town Middlesex) Mar: 1915 in Paddington, London to Margaret S Agness

c Stephen Henry Hodges (b: 20 May 1896 in Kentish Town Middlesex; d: 1954 in 37 Saltram Crescent, Paddington, London) Mar: 1924 in Paddington, London to Louisa May Houghton (b: 1899; d: 1985) Their son

Frederick William Stephen Hodges (b: 07 Oct 1925 in Bethnal Green, London; d: 2006 in 58 Marlow House, Hallfield Estate, Bayswater, London )mar:Olive Muriel Evans (b: 1927 in 250 Kings Road, Chelsea, London Died: 1999 in St. Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, Paddington, London) Their Dau. Maggie Hodges/Wilkinson (Hodges researcher)

d Frederick Stanley Hodges (b: 1899 in 48 Cambridge Road, Killburn, Middlesex; d: 1957 in Uxbridge, Middlesex) mar: Abt. Mar 1924 in Paddington, London to Edith E Wright e Florence Hodges (b: 1900 in Killburn, Middlesex)

f Edward Sydney Hodges (b: 1902 in Willesden, Hendon, Middlesex; d: 1942 in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England) Mar: Abt. Sep 1925 in Paddington, London to Emma Watkins

g Charles Hodges (b: 1906 in Willesden, Middlesex) Mar: 1945 to Edith M Sweet

h Harold Ernest Hodges (b: 1908 in Willesden, Hendon, Middlesex; d: 1962 in The General Hospital, Paddington, London) Mar: 1939 in Paddington, London to Christabel E E Essex

*2nd Husband of  Florence Charlotte Hodges: Mar: 1913 in St. Peters, Paddington Chippenham Road/Elgin Avenue to widower James George Clements (b: 1868 in Wooburn, Buckinghamshire, England - his parents  James and Ann Clements; d: 1947 in Paddington)

 iv Frederick James Hodges 9b: 1873; d: 19370

v Lilian (Lil) Hodges (b: 1875)

vi Amy Alice Hodges b: 1877; d: 1965)

4 Abraham Hodges b: 03 Feb 1843 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England d: 04 Aug 1844 in Marlebone (aged 18 months at death).

5 Abraham Hodges (b: 29 Jun 1845 in Marylebone, Middlesex) Mar: Abt. Sep 1869 in Birkenhead to Kate ........... b: 1848) Their children

a Kate Clara Hodges b: Abt. Sep 1870 in Birkenhead

b Pauline Mary Hodges b: Abt. Sep 1872 in Birkenhead

c Ernest Alfred Hodges b: Abt. Mar 1880 in Birkenhead

6 Frederick Hodges (b: 15 Aug 1848 in Marylebone, Middlesex) mar: Mary Phillomina Brett b: 1867

7 Un-named male child  (b: Abt. Jun 1852 in Marylebone, Middlesex; d: 25 Aug 1852 in Marylebone - aged 6 weeks at death).


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