Lydia Pelvin & Francis Porter Molloy 

Lydia Pelvin (b: Abt. 1786 in Boxley, Kent to parents Peter Pelvin and mother Lydia Latter; Bapt: 26 Nov 1786 Boxley, Kent; and d: Abt. Sep 1849 in Manchester)

Lydia mar: 21 Aug 1814 in St Margarets, Rochester, Kent to Francis Porter Molloy (b: 25 Mar 1792 in Bermondsey London - his parents were Francis and Mary Molloy;  he d: 28 Mar 1839 in Rye, Sussex Bur: 29 Mar 1839 Rye, Sussex

Their children:

1 Anne Craggs Molloy (b: Bef. Oct 1815 in Maidstone, Kent, England) Mar: 04 Apr 1832 in Saint Peter And Saint Paul,Milton By Gravesend, Kent to John Herbert (b: 1807 in Kent) Their children:

i John Molloy Herbert (b: 1832 in Strood, Kent, England; d: 1888 in Rochester, Medway, Kent) mar: Louisa Ann Willows (b: 1828 in Kent her father: George Chapman Willows, mother: Elizabeth Clarissa; she d: 1907 in Kent) Family were: 

a John George Herbert (b: 1855 Chatham, Kent

b Thomas Henry Joseph Herbert (b: 1859 Chatham, Kent

c Louisa Ann Herbert (b: 1860 in Chatham, Kent, England; d: 1914 in Chatham, Kent, England) mar: Robert George Featherby (b: 1853 in Stepney, London, England - hus parents Robert William Featherby (1826-1866) and mother Caroline Longcluse (1823-1884); he d: 1908 in Chatham, Kent, England) Their family;

i Robert John Featherby b: 1887 in Chatham, Kent, England; d: 1971 in Kent, England mar: Ada Ftich; Their children:

i George R Featherby (1912-1918); John Featherby (1913-1918); Edgar Benjamin Featherby (1889-1968) mar: Mary A Frampton; Donald Herbert Featherby (1891-1956); Frank Featherby (1894-1957); Herman William Featherby ( -1967) mar: Daisy Constance Morley (1896-1988)

ii Edgar Benjamon Featherby (1889-1968) mar: Mary A Frampton;

iii Donald Herbert Featherby (1891-1956);

iv Frank Featherby (1894-1957);

v Herman William Featherby ( -1961) mar: Daisy Constance Morley (1896-1988)

e Elizabeth Clarissa Herbert (b: 1862)

ii Henry Herbert (b: 1835 in Strood, Kent, England)

iii William Herbert (b: 1837 in Strood, Kent, England)

2 Francis Porter Molloy (b: 1817 in Maidstone, Kent, England; d: 1867 in Rye, Sussex) Mar: (1) on 6 Mar 1836 in Playden, Playden, Sussex, England to Jane Selmes (b: 1811  to Father: Simon Selmes; Mother: Ann Matson;  d: 1867 in Rye, Sussex) Their son:

i William Strand Molloy (b: 1837 in Rye, Sussex d: 1872 in Kent) Mar: 1862 in Kent to Susannah Caroline Maria Miller (b: 1841. Their children
a William Molloy b: 1864) b Henry Molloy (b: 1867) c Jane Molloy (b: 1869) d Frank Molloy (b: 1870) e Ellen Mary Molloy (b: 1872)

Jane's next 2 children - Susan Prudence  and son: Charles were illegitimate and were registered as MOLLOY. Jane later  married their father and Jane's son was then known as Charles LAURENCE until he married Louisa SMITH (m.1869, Deal, Kent) and because MOLLOY was on his birth certificate, he gave his father's name as Charles MOLLOY (not LAURENCE) and subsequently all his children were named MOLLOY.

*2nd Husband of [1] Jane Selmes: Mar: 3 Oct 1849 in Rye, Sussex to Charles Lawrence (b: 10 Nov 1810 in Robertsbridge, Sussex, England; his Father: George Lawrence Mother: Mary Read)

i Susan Prudence Molloy (b: Abt. Jun 1845 in Rye, Sussex)

ii Charles Molloy (b: 1848) Mar: 1869 in Deal, Kent to Louisa Smith

a Louisa Jane Molloy (b: 1873 in Chatham, Kent, England)

b Charles George Molloy (b: 1874 in Dover, Kent)

c Alfred Molloy (b: 1878 in Greenwich, Kent)

d Alice Maud Molloy (b: 1881 in Greenwich, Kent)

iii George Lawrence (b: 1852 in Rye, Sussex, England) Mar: 27 Apr 1873 to Elizabeth Hunter Dicken

*2nd Wife of [2] Francis Porter Molloy: He remarried 27 Mar 1848 in Saint Peter And Saint Paul, Milton-Next-Gravesend, Kent, to Sarah Ann Headley (b: 1817 in Deptford, Kent England; her Father: Joseph Headley) Their family: 

i Sarah Ann Molloy (b: 25 Mar 1849 in Gravesend, Kent)

ii Francis Porter Molloy (b: 1851 in London, Middlesex; d: in Asburnhan Rd, Greenwich)

iii Elizabeth Mary Molloy (b: 1819 in Maidstone, Kent, England; d: 1841)  She mar: 26 Aug 1838 in Milton-Next-Gravesend, Kent to Thomas Wottan Rae (b: 1816 in Gravesend Kent - his parents Father Thomas Rae (1786-1819) and mother Mary Austin Phillips (1790-1860); Occ: Waterman; he was apprenticed to Edward Stafford, (completed 09/04/1840 Gravesend, Kent, England); he d: 1864 in London, Middlesex, England) Their children:

i   Mary A Welstead (1838- ) 

ii  Morgna W Rae (1838 - )
iii Thomas Molloy Rae (1841-1863)
iv Elizabeth Mary Rae (1841 - )
2nd* Mar: Thomas Wottan Rae mar: in 1845 London Middlesex to Mary Ann Finch (b: 1814 in Maidstone, Kent her parents John Finch (1784-1866, mother Elizabeth Perrin (1784-1862); Mary d: 1881 London. Her children: 
vi  Elizabeth Rae (1847- )
vii Emma Rae (1853-  )
viii Ellen Rae (1856- )

4 William Green Molloy (b: 1820 in Maidstone, Kent, England


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