My g-g-grandfather HENRY PELVIN  the 3rd son born to PETER and LYDIA PELVIN was b: 1780 in Boxley, Kent England and bapt: on Mar. 05, 1780, All Saints, Maidstone, Kent. His occ: was as a labourer and gardener, and he d: Oct 12, 1845.

Henry mar: SARAH STONE on Oct. 13, 1799 in All Saints, Maidstone, Kent. She was b: 1780, and d: Feb 23, 1857 - they are both bur: at St Mary's Abbots, Kensington, Middlesex.


i. JOHN STEVEN PELVIN (b. Bef. Jul 1800 in Boxley, Maidstone, Kent Bapt: 23 Jul 1800 All Saints, Maidstone, Kent)

ii. ANN PELVIN (Bapt: July 11, 1802, Boxley Church, Kent; d: 1819)

iii. MARY ELIZABETH PELVIN (b; May 24, 1806, bapt: on June 22, 1896, Cuxton Church of England, Kent d: Abt. Sep 1877 Kensington, London)

iv. JAMES PELVIN  (Bef. Jul 1800 in Boxley, Maidstone; Occ: Soldier; d: 18 Sep 1849 Umballa, Bengal, India)

v. MARTHA PELVIN (Bapt: 6th July 1817, Gravel Pits, Middlesex, England; Bur: 13th June 1834 at St. Marys Chelsea, London)

vi. RICHARD PELVIN (b: Apr 28, 1821 in Gravel Pits, Kensington, Kent; Bapt: Nov. 04, 1821, Maidstone, Kent - he d; May 3, 1902 in Timaru) Occ: Soldier, farmer.

Richard mar: Aug 18, 1856 in St Mary's, Curragh Camp, Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland to ELIZABETH BEAKE  dau. of WILLIAM BEAKE and ELIZABETH SALTER. She was b: Dec. 01, 1828 in Western Zoyland, Somersetshire, and d: Oct. 15, 1914 in Timaru.
For a time after their arrival, 1863 at Timaru, Richard, his wife Elizabeth and their four children were housed in the Immigration Barracks where Richard was Barrack master before settling on his farm at Claremont where he built a stone house on Pelvin's Road.
Richard Pelvin bought land in the Redcliff district in the mid-1870's and was active with other householders in 1881 in setting up the Redcliff school. This closed in 1947 and was a social centre of the community. In 1882 Richard bought an abandoned farm of 440 fenced acres (178 ha) with a house and it was stated "From what we know of this gentleman's energy and success in the district, we need not fear of the said property ever being abandoned again." In the sheep farmer returns Richard Pelvin of Otipua is recorded as having 1879 80 sheep; 1880 228; 1881 430.
The area of Redcliff / Ikawai was never more than a settlement - there was an early hotel at the ferry crossing on the Waitaki river and a blacksmith's shop for some years east of the school. They retired to Timaru where they are bur.


i. HENRY WILLIAM PELVIN (b; Aug 02, 1857 in Dublin, Ireland; d: March 06, 1885 in Oamaru. where he is buried) He did labouring work. He mar: MARY ANN (ANNIE) WATERLOW May 27, 1882 at the home of Rev. James Clover, Rea St. Oamaru. She was the daughter of RICHARD WATERLOW and MARY GEMMELL (b: Nov 06, 1863 at Christchurch where she d: October 26, 1941 and is bur: at the Bromley Cem.) Their children.

i. CLARA BLANCHE WOODWARD PELVIN b. Aug. 16, 1882, Oamaru; d. Feb. 27, 1940, Christchurch; mar: CHARLES FREDERICK BINNS ISAACS on Sep. 21, 1905 at St Lukes Church, Christchurch; (b. July 01, 1884, Hobart, Tasmania; d. 1933) Occ: Blacksmith
ii. ROBERT BRUCE PELVIN (b. Aug. 28, 1884, Oamaru; d. July 25, 1950 Bur: Ruru Cem.) mar: Apr. 07, 1912, at the residence of Mrs Sutherland (Annie nee Waterlow, Christchurch to (1) IVY MARY DAVIS (b. December 11, 1891, Christchurch; d. April 07, 1913, Hawarden) Ivy Mary died in childbirth at Waipara, North Canterbury Bur: Waikari Cemetery)
 mar: (2) on May 19, 1915, St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Christchurch to SARAH HANNAH ESET DAVIDSON (b. 1884, St Albans, Christchurch; d: 05 Apr 1967 ChCh)
iii. HENRY (HARRY) OSWALD PELVIN/SUTHERLAND (b. April 26, 1892, Amagh St, Christchurch;  Occ. hairdresser. A Gallipoli veteran he had been severely wounded. d: October 20, 1955, Crem: at Bromley Christchurch) mar: CATHERINE AGNES ROWE

ii. RICHARD CHARLES PELVIN b: May 25, 1859, Maidstone, Kent; d: May 16, 1939 at Oamaru where he is buried) He mar: JESSIE GEDDES April 14, 1887 at the home of John Harris, Mt Harris, Waimate. She was the dau. of JOHN GEDDES and JANET GEBBIE (b 1864 at Green Island, Taieri, Dunedin; d: Dec. 30, 1936 in Oamaru) Their children

i. ROSE GEBBIE PELVIN (b: June 09, 1887; d: Dec. 07, 1918, Waimate)
iii. JESSIE PELVIN (b: Dec. 31, 1889, Glenavy; d: July 20, 1980, Auckland Bur. Manuewa Sth Auckland) mar. Feb. 11, 1914, Residence of Richard Charles Pelvin, Glenavy to LINDSAY HALL JEFFERIS  (b. Abt. 1884, Balclutha; d: Oct. 02, 1962, Auckland) Occ: 1914, Farmer, Keri Keri
iv. GEORGE ANDREW PELVIN (b: Apr. 07, 1891, Redcliff, Waimate; d: Nov. 26, 1917, Walton-on-Thames Hospital, England result of War wounds; bur: Brookwood Military Cemetery, 30 miles from London) Occ: Engine Driver, Glenavy
v. CHARLES PELVIN (b: Feb. 27, 1892. twin brother of William, dance pianist, worked on motor engines, bikes and cars)
vi. WILLIAM PELVIN (b: Feb. 27, 1892, Glenavy; mar: Aug. 01, 1917, Registrars Office, Christchurch to NATALIE STELLA MIDDLEBROOK  (b: 1892, Kimberley, South Africa; d: 1977) Occ: 1917, Farmer, Glenavy.
vii. JOHN GEDDES PELVIN (b: Sept. 10, 1893, Waimate; d. 1946, Broken Hill, NSW Australia) mar: June 08, 1918, Broken Hill, NSW to LOUISA WARD ( b: 1898, Adelaide, Sth Australia; d: 1967)
viii. ELLEN PELVIN (b: Jan: 15, 1898, Waitaki North; d: 1898)
ix. MARGARET PELVIN (b: Jan. 15, 1898; d: 1898)
x. CLARENCE CECIL PELVIN (b: 1901; d: 1908)
xi. IRENE PELVIN (b. Aug. 04, 1903; mar: DAVE HERALD.
xii. LINDA LILIAN PELVIN (b: Dec. 10, 1906; mar:June 18, 1941, Registrars Office, Christchurch to  REGINALD PORTIOUS HAMILTON (b. Abt. 1906. Occ: 1941 Farmer Coalgate)
xiii. NORMAN PELVIN (b: Aug. 08, 1909; d: 1985) mar. Sept. 07, 1893 to RITA THELMA UNSWORTH  (b: Oct. 15, 1910, 8 Herbert Street, Wellington)
xiv. ELIZABETH (NAN) PELVIN (b: Aug. 08, 1896, Glenavy; d. 1986) mar: July 12, 1922, St Davids Church, Sydenham to WILLIAM DONALDSON BRUNSDEN (b. Abt. 1889, Christchurch; d. 195). Occ: 1922, Storekeeper, Lincoln

iii. ROSE PELVIN b: Mar. 22, 1861 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, d: Sept. 04, 1934 in Timaru where she is bur: She mar: WALTER WILLIAM LANE Mar. 14, 1893 at St Pauls Church, Dunedin, son of JOHN LANE and SARAH COLE (b April 09, 1851 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England, d: April 14, 1929 in Timaru) Walter arrived on ?Adamant? 1874.Occ: Gamekeeper England; Sheepfarmer Waimate. Two daughters

i. DORIS ELIZABETH LOUISE LANE (b. Jan. 16, 1894, Waimate; d. September 20, 1984, Christchurch. Bur. Timaru)
ii. LILLIAS COLE LANE (b. Sept. 20, 1895, Waimate; d. Oct: 02, 1985, Blenheim where she is buried)

iv. ALFRED PELVIN (b: Apr. 21, 1863 at Maidstone, Kent, England, d: Apr. 07, 1921 in Waimate Hospital and was bur: at the Waimate Cemetery) Occ: Blacksmith He mar: MARY ROBERTSON BRUCE 1886 in Residence of James Bruce, Mill Road, Waimate. She was the daughter of JAMES BRUCE and ANN CALDER (b: Nov. 29, 1863 in Springburn, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, and d: May 24, 1926 in Waimate Hospital)Their children

i. HENRY WILLIAM (HARRY) PELVIN (b: July 23, 1888, Waimate Cemetery; d: Nov. 11, 1923, Rannadale Soldiers Hospital, Christchurch) Occ: blacksmith
ii. NELLIE PELVIN (b. Nov. 03, 1889, Studholme, Waimate; d. Jan. 22, 1975, Oamaru) mar: June 22, 1907, House Mr R Atkinson, 64 North St, St Albans, Christchurch to FRANK WILLIAM HAWTIN (b. May 06, 1883, Prebbleton, Christchurch; d. May 02, 1953, Waimate)
iii. BRUCE FAWTHROPE PELVIN (b: April 19, 1891, Waimate;trade cabinet maker; d: September 04, 1916, France. Memorial 26 Villers Bretonneux-France Memorial Panel 149)
iv. ELIZABETH PELVIN (b. Sept. 26, 1892, Duntroon; d. Dec. 22, 1892, Oamaru)
v. RICHARD PELVIN (b: Apr. 02, 1895, Waimate; d: Nov. 02, 1942, Waimate) mar: April 26, 1922, Oamaru to EMILY PRISCILLA KATE (QUEENIE) ORMAN  (b. Nov. 20, 1900, Chard, Somerset, England; d: April 16, 1991, 91 Scott St, Blenheim)
vi. ALFRED PELVIN (b. July 08, 1897, Waimate; d: June 28, 1916, Waimate)
vii. WILLIAM GEORGE (BILL) PELVIN (b: Mar. 09, 1899, Waimate; d: Oct. 17, 1959, Tapanui, West Otago)
vii. WILLIAM GEORGE (BILL) PELVIN (b. Mar. 09, 1899, Waimate; d. Oct. 17, 1959, Tapanui, West Otago)

v. JAMES RICHARD (DICK) PELVIN  (b: Sep. 14, 1865 in Timaru, Sth Canterbury and d: June 13, 1936 at Timaru) Occ: farmer. He mar. Feb. 05, 1890 in Catholic Church, Timaru, Sth Canterbury to (1) MARY O'GORMAN . She was the dau. of ROGER O'GORMAN and MARY KELLY (b: 1865 in Galway, Ireland and d: Aug. 06, 1892 in Timaru) Their son

i. JAMES (JIM) FREDERICK PELVIN (b: Aug 14, 1891, Timaru, Sth Canterbury; d: Oct 04, 1918, Timaru, Sth Canterbury) mar: Sept 15, 1914, Registrars Office, Timaru to CHRISTINA ISABELLA COLVILL  (b. Dec 1891, Glentunnell)
James Richard Pelvin mar: (2) on Aug 04, 1896 at the home of Mr McAlpine, Sth DunedinCATHERINE (KATE) MCDONALD  She was the dau. of JOHN MCDONALD and ALEXANDRINA MCDONALD (b: 1856 at Inverness, Scotland and d: 1924 at Timaru)

vi. GEORGE PELVIN  (b: Sep 03, 1867, Timaru; d: April 27, 1890, Waimate and is bur: at the Waimate Cemetery)

vii. FREDERICK PETER PELVIN (b June 21, 1870 at Timaru, and d: Nov. 30, 1918 in Dunedin) He mar. Jul. 25, 1900 in home of Mr Hewitt, Waimate to HELEN (NELLIE) YOUNG  dau. of GUSTAVE YOUNG and JESSIE DUNCAN (b: 1873 in Melbourne, Victoria, d: Feb. 13, 1952 in Christchurch) Their children.

i. ROLAND HILL PELVIN (b. Mar. 06, 1902, Glenavy; d. Aug. 25, 1980)
ii. STELLA PELVIN (b. Oct. 24, 1903, Glenavy; mar: January 30, 1930 to ROBERT LEWIN WYNYARD (b. February 11, 1902, Onehunga; d. 1989)
iii. STANLEY EDISON PELVIN (b. May 19, 1906, Glenavy; d. August 27, 1986 Dunstan Hospital, Clyde) mar. 1933 to EILEEN MARGARET CUMMOCK  (b. April 19, 1909, Dunedin; d. June 22, 1991, 69 Killarney St, Alexandra)
iv. GLADYS MARY PELVIN (b. Nov. 29, 1908, Glenavy; mar: January 21, 1933 to JOHN JAMES REEVES (b. 1905, Waipori; d. Dec. 11, 1976 at Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch)
v. ALLAN PELVIN (b. October 28, 1914, St Kilda, Dunedin) mar: 1940 to THELMA IRENE MARIA DENNISON (b. August 21, 1916, Waimea, Westland)

viii. ELIZABETH PELVIN (b: November 01, 1872, Timaru; d: June 17, 1961, Timaru where she is buried) She mar: on July 17, 1917 at St Mary's Church, Timaru to CHARLES HARRISON  (b: Mar. 04, 1863 at Timaru; d: Oct. 29, 1953, Timaru) Occ:  carpenter and builder

ix. ARTHUR ERNEST PELVIN (my grandfather) was b: Feb. 02, 1876 at Pelvins Rd., Otipua Creek, Timaru Downs Timaru, d: April 25, 1943 in Totara Valley, Pleasant Point) He mar:  Jan. 07, 1903 at Waimate to ROSEANNA HUMPHRIS . daughter of VALENTINE HUMPHRIS and JESSIE RODGER. She was born February 24, 1884 in Papakaio, Nth Otago, and died September 27, 1952 in Timaru.Their children.

1 ERNEST PELVIN (b: 30 Jun 1903 in Waimate; d: 12 Nov 1982 in Christchurch; Bur: 16 Nov 1982 Timaru) Mar: 1934 to DORIS MARGARER (MAGGIE) KLEEMAN (b: 25 Apr 1904 in Stratford; d: 29 Jan 1991 in Cashmere View Hospital, Christchurch; Bur: 07 Feb 1991 Private Crem and ashes interred Timaru Cem)

2 WALTER ALLAN PELVIN (b: 15 Oct 1908 in Waimate; d: 28 Feb 1943 in Featherson, Wairarapa; Bur: 02 Mar 1943 Geraldine Cem) Mar: 27 Apr 1938 in Wellington to IVY MARY JOSEPHING WILLOUGHBY (b: 04 Jan 1910 in Geraldine; d: 04 Dec 1991 in Manurewa, Auckland; Bur: Manakau Memorial Gardens)

3 HERBERT VALENTINE PELVIN (b: 28 Oct 1910 in Waimate; d: 12 Dec 1997 in Timaru Hospital; Bur: 15 Dec 1997 Timaru Cem) Mar: 22 Oct 1938 in St Peters Anglican Church, Timaru to ALLICE CRAIG (b: 23 Sep 1912 in Timaru; d: 26 Aug 1963 in Timaru; Bur: 28 Aug 1963 Timaru Cem)

 *2nd Wife of Herbert Valentine Pelvin: Mar: 14 Feb 1968 in Registrars Office, Timaru to MURIEL ALBERTA CONSTANCE SHADBOLT  (b: 19 Dec 1921 in Akaroa; d: 03 Jun 2018 in Highfield Rest Home, Timaru; Bur: 09 Jun 2018 Salisbuy Park Crem)

4 MAVIS ANONA PELVIN (b: 19 Jun 1912 in Waimate; d: 14 Dec 1988 in Public Hospital, Timaru; Bur: 17 Dec 1988 Crem. Salisbury Park Crematorium, Timaru) Mar: 27 Feb 1935 in St Alban's Church, Pleasant Point to FRANCIS HENRY* GUILFORD (b: 23 Apr 1900 in Waitohi Flat, Temuka; d: 17 Nov 1978 in Public Hospital, Timaru; Bur: 21 Nov 1978 Crem. at Timaru)

5 RONALD LESLIE PELVIN (b: 04 Apr 1917 in Waimate; d: 16 Aug 2009 in Aroha Rest Home, Lower Hutt)  Mar: 23 Feb 1946 in Christchurch to ELLEN O'CONNELL (b: 22 Nov 1913 in Waimate; d: 14 Dec 1953 in Timaru; Bur: 16 Dec 1953 Timaru Cem)

 *2nd Wife of Ronald Leslie Pelvin: Mar: 20 Nov 1954 in Baptist Church, Timaru (Div. 1980) to THELMA JOYCE SWAIN (b: 18 Jan 1931 in "Wharenui" Wai Iti Rd, Timaru; d: 07 Dec 2011 in Timaru 80Y

*3rd Wife of Ronald Leslie Pelvin: Mar: 04 Apr 1984 to MADELINE CRAWFORD RAVENWOOD (b: 28 Dec 1917 in Dunedin ; d: 10 Feb 2010 in Lower Hutt)

6 ROSE ELIZABETH PELVIN (b: 18 Aug 1919 in Waimate) Mar: 14 Apr 1945 in St John's Church, Timaru to TREVOR LEWIS OAKLEY (b: 17 Jun 1920 in Oak Grove, Allenton, Mid Canterbury; d: 01 Aug 1995 in Timaru; Bur: 05 Aug 1995 Timaru Cem)


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