Hannah Clemmance Cone
Hector Charles Cone
Helen Cone
Helen Jeaneane Cone
Henry John George Cone
Ina Ellen Cone
Iris Cone
Isaac Rex Robinson Cone
Isabel McKee Cone
Isabella Marion Cone
Ivy Marion Cone
Jacob Malcolm Cone
Jacqueline Anne Cone
James Ian Cone
Jared McKenzie Cone
John Cone
John Cone
Joseph Thomas Cone
Joseph Bramwell Cone
Joshua Phillip Charles Cone
Judith Claire Cone
Julian Malcolm Cone
Katie Jean Cone
Leah Rachel Cone
Leonie Cone
Lesley Charles Cone
Lesley William George Cone
Lisa Ann Cone
Lynda Ann Cone
Lynley Joyce Cone
Malcolm Henry Cone
Margaret Cone
Maria Cone (1) (2)
Marie Joy Cone
Marjorie Beryl Cone
Mark Allan Cone
Martin Gerald Keen/Cone
Mary Isabel Cone
Michael Natham Cone
Michelle Cone
Myrtle Irene Cone
Naomi Ruth Cone
Natham Ezra Cone
Nellie Frederick Cone
Nola Phoebe Melva Cone
Paul Charles Cone
Paul Douglas Cone
Paul James Cone
Pauline June Cone
Pearl Evangaline Cone
Peter Charles Cone
Peter Murray Cone
Phillip William Cone
Phyllis Adele Cone
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