Other NZ Guilfords     

Src: Alexander Turnbull Library Lithograph by E. Noyce

Lancashire to Sydney 1841 - Capt. Davidson - "Larne"; to Wellington 1866 

James & Rebecca Guilford     Below - their children:

(1) James & Mary Guilford  Their Family:

Charles James Holt; Sarah Jane; ; James Stuart; Catherine Margaret; Frances Henrietta; Maud Adelaide; Ivy May; Francis Henry Gordon; Ethel Florence;

(2) John Sydney & Fanny Guilford   Their Family:

John Sydney; William Henry; Rosanna Frances

(3) Sarah Ann & Ernest Dorant  Their Family;

Sarah Ann; Emily Florence Joyce; Rebecca Harriet;  Alice Frances; Ernest James Annesley;  William Henry

(4) Frank Henry & Frances Guilford

(5) Joseph Guilford


London to Auckland 1880  - "Dunloe"

Edwin Clarence / Louisa Guildford Their family: Charles Edwin / Margaret Guildford; Louisa Elizabeth May Guildford; Walter Oscar Guildford; Nathaniel Alexander Guildford; Francis Otto / Mary Guildford; Kathleen Mary Guildford

London - Melbourne - Port Chalmers "Mary R Rae"

George Guilford - Bannockburn Gold Miner


London - Australia - New Zealand "

Arthur Louis Guilford - Alias "Carlton Max" Stage performer