Ebenezer & Mary Griffin Index


Ebenezer and Marys Griffin's 36 Grandchildren

Ebenezer and Marys Griffin's 12 children

Theophilus Griffin (1856 - 1941)
Arthur Henry Woodger mar. Elsie R. M. Gardiner

Ada Eva* Woodger

Alice Griffin (1858 - 1938)

married Richard Arthur Woodger (1853 - 1926)

Ambrose Griffin (1861 - 1862)
Ambrosine Griffin (1863 - 1865
Henry Victor Rowe mar. Gwendoline Vera Reyling

Edgar William Rowe

Eva Rowe mar. James Ellis Wilson

Oscar Trimble Rowe WW2


Ada Mary Griffin (1964 - 1945)


Henry Rowe (1863 - 1947)   


Eva Griffin (1867 - 1869)

Doris Evangeline Hodson mar. John Kerr

Ida Gladys Hodson mar. Walter Sydney Scott

Albert Francis Hodson (WW1) mar. Mary Evelyn Noyer

James Arthur Hodson

Kathleen Alice Hodson

Eva Hodson

Edgar Raymond Hodson

Reginald Roy Hodson mar. Haidee F. O. Holmes

Bernard Andrews Hodson mar. Myra M. Forbes

Elsie Edna Hodson mar. James Leitch

Eric Arnold Hodson mar. Margrieta Hilda Drake

Keith James Hodson mar. Jean Miller




Eva Griffin (1870 - 1938)   


James Hodson (1868 - 1944)   






Arthur Griffin (1870 - 1956)   (WW1)   


Helena Maria Adlam (1874 - 1963)






Roslyn Doreen Hicks  mar. Frederick Ernest Cory

John Howard Hicks mar. Olive Emily Stone

Rex Newlyn Hicks mar. Ena Gwendoline Payne

Edgar Hicks

Ruth Woods Hicks mar. Gordon Green


Rebecca Griffin (1875 - 1953)


Howard Hicks (1872 - 1919)



George Griffin) (1877-1966



Albert Edward Griffin (1879 - 1955)   (WW1)


Daisy Perkins (1881 - 1941)


William Lewis Griffin

Edgar Ronald Griffin


Edgar Ebenezer Griffin (1880 - 1951)   (WW1)


(1) Matilda Lucy* Wybourne (1886 - 1976)  

(2) Winifred Healey (1890 - 1942)

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