Stage Coach, Ngarauranga Gorge, Wellington
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Something I had to come to terms with when researching the family, was that the Prosser brothers were a business - they worked in tandem and seldom in isolation except for Joshua who was the successful and renowned horse trainer and stayed based in Porirua. The rest of the brothers - John, James, Samuel, William and to a lesser extent Thomas (or it may be that he was not centre stage but worked on the periphery supporting all and consequently, was not often written about) ran their accommodation linked by passengers transport hand in hand up and down the country and even sister Elizabeth's husband was a hotelier for a time, also.

They often did not remain in a place long - they would first renovate a hotel and get it running successfully... then sold out taking that opportunity elsewhere to make a living for their large families - their women must have had a hard life adjusting to what at times must have been uncertainly, to meet the demands of their spouses activities, customers and servants and care for their children. To survive, the brotherhood had to keep up with changing times - when trains opened up a province they had to change their tactics and move their accommodation base elsewhere (all hotels had stables and their skill was for the horses and net-working passenger transport.)

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