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Andrews Mary Ann   
Cory: Gilbert & Charlotte Eliz. nee Haines
Ericson John Frederick mar. to Charlotte nee Kidson
Griffin Arthur;     (1) + (2);   
Griffin Clarence Harry   mar: to Zena Dolly nee Newsham  mar. (2) Lilian Ford nee Pilcher
Griffin Ebenezer
............Watts  Noel Reeford Watts
Griffin Eva (dau Arthur)
Griffin Eva (dau of Ebenezer)
Hicks:: George & Mary Ann 
Hodson - Eva nee Griffin and James Hodson
Hodson Immigration
..........Hodson - James Arthur
..........Hodson - Eric Arnold
Photos of the Past

Click photos below for charts of Ebenezer and Mary Ann Griffin's Children.

Arthur Griffin

Edgar Ebenezer Griffin

Eva Griffin

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