Cone family of Suffolk
Link to Rendham Church
Link to Laxfield Church
Bullocks of Suffolk
Link to Cratfield Church
Link to Dennington Church
The Will of Edmund Bullock of Cratfield
Sharon Tuer at Aldham Church
Sharon Tuer Enters Aldham Church
Link to Aldham Church
Link to Whatfield Church
Link to Aldham Church
Link to Whatfield Church
Descendants of Susanah Cone and Lemon Juby
Descendants Florence Cone and Albert Clark

William and Sarah CONE
STRAND family of Suffolk

Family of William and Sarah CONE

Voyage on "Bangalore" to New Zealand
Link to "Illustrated London Times"
Link to ships regulations
Surgeon's Medical Diary
Link to ship's list, Bangalore
Link Australian Archives - Canterbury Pictures
Link to the National Archives, Wellington
Link to Barbadoes Street Cemetery

Caroline ADAMS, William's 2nd wife
Link to ship's list "Sir George Seymour"
Link to Ferrymead Heritage Park
Alexander Webb

William Cone, eldest son of William Cone
Properties owned at Ashley
Isabella's parents, William and Hannah Parish

William Cones's son, Frederick
Sarah Cone - her Barnard family
London Cholera Epidemics
Thomas Charles Barnard, watchmaker/jeweller
Charles Thomas and Elizabeth Barnard
Emma Barnard and John Burt, Rangiora
Link to Pleasant Point
Link to Waggoners

Fred Cone and Sarah Barnard; their family
Frederick Edward Cone and Mary Duncan
Albert Charles Cone and Elsie Marion Burt
Wm Alfred & Elizabeth Burt, Elsie's parents
William Cone and wife Charlotte Minnie Smith
Maria Cone and Francis Charles Guilford
Frank Guilford, his life
Henry Guilford and Mavis Anona Pelvin
In memory - Tribute to family
Fred Guilford and Ruth Batcheldor
Lillian Guilford and James Scarlett
William and Ann Guilford
John and Ann Guilford
James and Catherine Guilford
James and Emma Guilford
Henry John and Jane Guildford
William and Mary Benbow of Waitohi
Benbow family
Thomas Cone marriage to Helen Drummond
"The way it was.." by Ron Cone
Thomas Cone and Hannah Ruth Snell
"Mary Houghton - The Time of my life
Doug and Bertha Wright

George Herbert Cone and Eva Hayman
Rex Cone - My Cone family
The Hayman family
Sarah Ann Cone and James Meikle
Emma Kate Cone and Robert Mitchell Davie
5 Davie Generations
Alexander and Agnes Watkins
Bert and Gwen Davie
Mark and Sarah Lienert
Mary Davie and Bob Scott
John and Edith Davie
Helen and Arthur Greenwood
Stan and Avis Davie
Katie Davie and Sam Scott
Joseph Bramwell Cone and Edith Maud Goss

William's son George Cone
Clarence Cone writes about grandfather George
Cone Newspaper cuttings
Family of George and Ellen Cone

George Herbert Cone and Agnes Emma Palmer
Lesley Wm Geo. Cone and Annie Thompson
Clarence Frederick Cone and Edith May Hand
Ina Cone and Charles Hamilton
Elsie Agnes Cone and Percy Breckon
Doris Melva Cone
George Edward Cone and Doris Creed
William Richard Creed, Coachman
Link to Cobb coaches
Frederick William Cone and Helen Bowie Wilson
Link to Ship's list "Joseph Fletcher"
Fred and Helen Cone's Family
Isabel McHee Cone and Albert Edward Cree
Interview with Phyllis and Evelyn Cone
William Barbour Wilson, Christchurch nurseryman; (1); (2); (3); (4)
Myrtle Irene Cone and Edward Claude Steer
Agnes Christiana Cone and Ivan Henry Barker
Ellen Sarah Cone and Charles Walter Elliott
Isabel McKee Cone and Albert Edward Cree
Edith Amelia Cone and James Cunningham
Cunningham family
Link to ship's list "Silistria"

William Cone's daughter Sarah Ann
Thomas William Pursey, Sarah Ann's husband
Bartrum family
Ships list "Stag" 1852
Bartrum "Stag" illustration

Ellen Matilda Pursey and Joseph Alfred Tuer
Elsie Amelia Tuer and Edward John Phillips
George Alfred Tuer and Isobella Adamson
Arnold Pursey Tuer and
Tuer family history
Victor Albert Tuer and Minnie Roundtree
Vera Josephine Tuer and Redvers Geo. Withers
Annie Louisa Pursey and Peter Iverach
Iverach family history
Emily Ann Pursey and Moses Thomas Waters
Leonard Albert Waters and Ellen Emma Cooke
Cilla Pursey and Oliver Dimmack Catchpole
Catchpole family

Henry Cone
Link to Australia's first convict fleet
Link to convict ship "Guardian"
Link to convict ship Neptune
Link Sydney report Neptune arrival

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